Do you wish downtown Wilmington businesses were open or open more hours on the weekend?

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  • Jason - 4 years ago

    First off I would like to point out that these comments are made by outsiders who don't live in the City of Wilmington. Downtown Wilmington Business's Don't close early because the area gets bad at night usually that area is a ghost town after dark. The hours that they have now actually hurts the city of Wilmington because it forces local residents to drive further to an outside business which takes from the city's revenue. Longer hours would bring in more foot traffic which will then create more jobs and with the uprising of all the new condos that are being built in the city right on and off market street These residents will be forced to drive distances for something they could have easily purchased on market street if the stores were open later. Crime is this area is nowhere near as high as say the west, north, or south sides of the City but that is for another discussion overall the hours they have now suck and should change

  • Juan Garcia - 4 years ago

    Totally agree with "Delaware Native"....

    Change is desperately needed, and the disease is spreading throughout the outskirts of the city...

  • Delaware Native - 4 years ago

    I remember over twenty years ago when I volunteered at the Historical Society in the afternoons. Every day before the Society closed cars would park out front and the inhabitants of said cars would sit their boom boxes on the trunks, turn them on and start their party. Fear set in, because I had to walk across the street to parking lot. Nothing ever happened but I stopped volunteering. Workers at the Society who started in the mornings told me about the drunks and homeless who were asleep on the benches nearby"every day" when they came to work. I remember over 50 years ago when I would ride the bus from New Castle to Wilmington, alone, to go to a movie or shop. It was a wonderful place to go. It is so very unfortunate that it has become what it is today. Being given the awful name of "Murdertown" is something that I never would have expected the spectacular place that I use to go to alone. When I was a child my parents would take us to Wilmington at Christmas time. The stores went all out to decorate and it was magical for a child to see all of the animated decorations. I also remember those great sale days at Wilmington Dry Goods. My parents took us to the market and I can still smell that wonderful aroma of the peanuts cooking in the vendor's machine. The lunch counter at Woolworth's was also one of my favorites to visit and the Playhouse. It will never be like that again.
    I know someone who lives in the lower part of New Castle County, in Smyrna to be exact. Recently they got a notice for jury duty. The court in Wilmington must be out of their mind if they think that someone who moved from there would be willing to return for jury duty. It is a woman and she would be in a state of fear through the entire episode. If they want people in surrounding areas to be on a jury they better either provide transportation or move the court to a safer place.
    I have read that the Governor and other politicians enjoy the safety of the Grand Opera House for their events. Well if you want people to visit Wilmington you better give each and every visitor a body guard to walk along side them. There is a murder or assault mentioned every day on this website and their is nothing gets any better.
    Only one group should accept the blame for this and that would have to be the politicians who control the government in the city of Wilmington. The city of Wilmington needs term limits like every other community in the State of Delaware. If you want to do something about the awful state of affairs in the town you need to start with the YOUNG PEOPLE. Ask them what they think the solution is, you might be surprised at what they recommend. Surely they can't all be bad, but it looks like they will turn that way if nothing is done. The way I see it politicians show up for work on a daily basis, put in their time, collect their paychecks, do nothing and go back the next day and do the same thing all over again. There is on politician on the SOUTHSIDE who definitely has been there too long and needs to be gone. Why have them at all. Nothing gets better. Might be better for everyone to leave the town and for it to become a ghost town rather than to spend millions to revitalize something that died long ago.
    I say, "Vote OUT THE DEMOCRATS" They have ruined out state.

    As Mr. Trump might say, MAKE WILMINGTON GREAT AGAIN.

  • Dianna Morgan - 4 years ago

    Yes, I do, but with the high crime rate in Wilmington, I'm not risking my family's lives to shop there. And unfortunately, I do not see it improving now or in the future.

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