What's your experience with cock rings?

  • bigspurt - 2 years ago

    I have been using them for several years. Here's what I have learned.
    1. Size Matters. Mine when, I'm flaccid, are not really noticeable. I have two different sizes. 1 7/8 ID silicone "O" rings that can be put on alone or in plural. The more you wear the more "pushed out" you are from your body. My other ring is a 2" ID steel ring. Not sure where I got it. I think I just found it in my garage. It's heavy and I like that sensation .
    2. I do find that they enhance my erections. as you swell they begin to restrict the outflow of blood. When experimenting I discovered the fact that if you get really hard and veiny , it's too tight.
    3. I want to find a "Tear Drop" to try.
    4. Back to "O" rings, they are available from commercial "O" ring supply houses and cost much less than those sold by "adult" venues. These do not stretch and if necessary could be cut off with scissors if necessary. Refer to the industry standard chart for size. I bought: sales@oringwarehouse.com

    Size Material No. of Pieces Price EachSubtotal
    -328 70-durometer Silicone, Red, FDA
    Compound: 1200-70 35 $0.29 $10.15
    Order Total$15.45

  • Tom - 4 years ago

    Where's the option for I'm wearing one now? ☺

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