Have you ever played with a Ouija board?


  • Lourdes - 4 years ago

    On a high school (catholic diocesan school) retreat in the 60’s some one brought a ouiji board and we all took turns “playing”. I sometimes wonder if that’s what led to my “sinful years”, I thank God I am back in full communion and now in my late 60’s striving to lead a holy life.

  • D - 4 years ago

    These boards are a source of pure evil. I was a child at a birthday party and we were playing this "game"....we all had our eyes tightly shut while attempting to levitate one of the girls who was lying on the floor while we all had only 2 fingers under her. When I opened my eyes, she was levitating off the floor at least 2 feet up. I immediately became terrified and started screaming at which point, the girl fell to the floor. I started crying and needless to say everyone else made fun of me. I NEVER touched that game again and I always do best best to invoke the protection of my guardian angel.

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