What Should The Rangers Do With Joey Gallo?

  • Brenda Zincke - 5 years ago

    To correct myself Coolbaugh is hitting coach and not pitching coach.

  • Brenda Zincke - 5 years ago

    Baltimore hired Coolbaugh away from our minor league staff to be their major league pitching coach. Gallo would have benefitted from him. Joey has to have patience. He can work the count, walk, etc. but he gets desperate because he knows he's on a short leash and has to get a big one.

  • Carl Castro - 5 years ago

    Rangers need to give him good batting insyructions (help) a guy with this kind of power needs to be given a lot of help guys with his potential dont come by often . the rangers batting coach did not give him special assistance. Get rid of the coach.

  • John L - 5 years ago

    Gallo needs to talk with Chris Davis. We had this same conversation a few years back about Chris and he seems to be doing fine with Baltimore. Honestly, Davis is the kind of guy who would gladly help Gallo. I can't see giving up on him yet. And, Napoli would be a good guy for Gallo to spend time with.

  • BMAC - 5 years ago

    Trade value is too low to get anything of significance. Sign or trade for a dh/1b type. Let him play and see what he's got. Worst case scenario lh power bat off the bench. Not a bad weapon to have even if he does strike out half the time.

  • Ben - 5 years ago

    Do Not pick up nap. He seems to have a good year every other year Not two in a row. Leave Profar at first to keep working on his hitting. Matter of fact where was our hitting coaches turning the playoffs, I guess they had done their job for the year. The same goes with our pitching coach. Too bad They didn't step up during the post.

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