Who won the final presidential debate tonight?

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  • April C - 5 years ago

    So Hillary wins the first poll but not the one under it. The one under it says 68% believe Trump did well in the debate, enough to win the election. The reason why these 2 polls are so different and opposite is because the PAID Hillary supporters only answered the first poll. The 2nd poll shows the truth winner of the Debate.

  • dilloncail - 5 years ago

    I don't understand how Hillary is winning this poll and especially winning it by such a large margin but then there's a poll right under it that says "Did tonight's debate help Trump's chance?" and he's winning by a large margin. Something isn't right here and I think there's been tampering with the polls, maybe the pollster switched their names after much of the voting?

  • Judi Mores - 5 years ago

    It's immaterial whether Trump or Hillary won this debate. When one is a practiced liar/politician, the lies flow easily. The two answers I wanted to hear from Hillary was WHAT would she do if Russia flew over the no-fly zone, and her answers totally skirted around the pointed questions. Typical politician diversion. Trump scored a few hits but shot himself in the foot about accepting the election results; at least ALL of the news media said he messed up. I don't believe one word the press releases. The newscasters put THAT faux paz front and center. What they DIDN'T mention is Ted Cruz's request for an investigation into a man that visited POTUS 49 times. What is pertinent about this is that this man was accused of election rigging, and spent time in prison for crimes.

  • Russell Tetzlaff - 5 years ago

    Hillary will most likely win. Its really a shame that once again we the people will suffer from the special interest machine that backs the person that will benefit them the most. I just found out my health insurance will go up over 30% next year. Last year it was 26% more than the year before. I did in fact lose my doctor, and my insurance. My family of 3 didn't see my $2,500.00 savings as promised. I am so tired of being lied to. But I feel its my right to vote. So, I will not write myself in, I will vote for trump. He may be a crude speaker but he has experience in business, and fave it, this country is the biggest business around. If you vote for hillary, you deserve what you get. I can asnt stupid enough to vote for Obama the second time around. If you have an ounce of integrity you have to admit that Obama did a rotten job the past 6 or years. Its a matter of honesty. I'm afraid that 65% of the people voting for hillary would vote for Hitler as long as they saw a D behind his name. You all should be ashamed. But it's in Gods hands now.

  • Nikki - 5 years ago

    Trump did amazing job! Go trump 2016

  • Chris Hanes - 5 years ago

    Abortion makes me sick, Hillary stands for the mindless slaughter of the most innocent human lives. Legal murder makes me sick, stood up for by the wolf in sheeps clothes.

  • Oliver Twist - 5 years ago

    It was a good debate, Clinton showing her true colors as always as someo e with no soul. Trump bullshits and lies but Hillary straight up lies. They all lie you can see it through Hillary's terrible act, and Trump just spouts off but at least he has something real about it.

    Honestly I don't think either of these candidates are 100% fit to actually LEAD any country, but rather they'll be molded by the establishment and policies already set in place, at least Trump will. No true change, just the continuation of the agenda. Truly sad.

    Where is the next JFK? What's with the dumbed down leadership huh? I would like to see corruption exposed all around the world and these despicable people brought to justice, and not the unfortunate scapegoats.

  • Brian Lewis - 5 years ago

    Online polls are meaningless. Only scientific polls matter. But, in any event, who won or didn't win this debate is immaterial. The decision has already been made. Trump did better, but was still often incoherent and rambling. I'm sure he's got his base all fired up. But, that's just preaching to the choir and isn't enough. He didn't win anyone new over to his side and made some major gaffs which will only solidify the growing opposition to his presidency: using the word "hombres" and refusing to say whether he would accept the results, for example. The next 2 1/2 weeks will just see him further lashing out as he sinks into the abyss. He knows he's lost, which is why he's already planning Trump TV, which will likely be yet another Fascist, right wing media outlet, light on facts and heavy on conspiracy theory and racist-tinged dogma.

  • Victoria - 5 years ago

    The Hilbots are out in force tonight... Their internals must be off the charts scary... That is the ONLY explanation for the desperation they are showing by throwing out lies about Trump... Getting their media army to basically openly admit they are no longer real journalists, blocking reporting of wiki leaks and now hacking the who won polls on many sites... We can smell your desperation they our computer screens and you Hilbots reek!

  • Rich - 5 years ago

    Reagan wrote Donald a letter encouraging him to run for the highest office. That's all I need to know. I loved Reagan. If he believed in Trump 25 years ago, then we should recognize that because he was a great leader.

  • Baski - 5 years ago

    Felt Hillary was answering the questions while Trump was trashing her. She attacked him only when required. Trumps language looks like unprofessional. Mitt Romney was way better. Very interesting election. Both mediocre candidates with Clinton slightly better due to her prior experience and her command over language. Whoever wins let them make the Country proud. Trump has to do more work !

  • MidwestTwister - 5 years ago

    Hillary won it. This poll is rigged! Rigged, Rigged, Rigged I tell you!

  • Raul Garcia - 5 years ago

    If Hillary is so concerned about Trump not respecting women, why didn't she defend Monica and other women that her husband Bill took advantage of when he was president?

  • J.Mowers - 5 years ago

    ReaganFan you Hit it right on the head. It's a shame we couldn't do better in this great counter of ours!!!!
    Bring back the 90's expansion and a real conservative. I'm sitting this one out. He's actually worse than she is. Maybe they can run it as a Pence/Ryan ticket! I'd vote for that!

  • Michelle - 5 years ago

    People wake up!! Trump is a flake!!!

  • Rich - 5 years ago

    Yes, he speaks his mind. If I was acting stupid, I would hope someone called me stupid. Trump will call whoever stupid if they do something stupid. Yes, we as Americans ultimately want someone to call you out on what is right or wrong. Trump will do that.

  • Julie - 5 years ago

    Trump lies i believe these women look at his history married three times and his current wife was not born in the states. He made Atlantic City go Bankrupt. He not good with other people money

  • ReaganFan - 5 years ago

    TRUMP will not get my vote or any decent Conservative's vote. Disgracing the image of Ronald Reagan should tell us all we need to know. It is a sad day for America but this panty-waste bored Casino Personality will not be my president or represent my Party! God save us when Hillary Clinton is the president. He just handed it to her! PAUL RYAN 2021!!!!

  • gail - 5 years ago

    We need someone who is honest and sincere. Donald Trump showed both these qualities. The movement that he began is the voice of the average american who is fed up with 'politics'. He has said from the very beginning that he will speak the truth. We want this.

  • Rich - 5 years ago

    Nah, I see fake smiles from her. 30 years of experience means nothing when improvements are not made. I really do not like politics so I'm ready for a major change. I'm ready for someone who sticks up for America and American values as Trump definitely shows. We need an iron fist. Why not have a successful businessman?

  • Tom - 5 years ago

    He should have hit the Godzila harder.

  • Jake V - 5 years ago

    haha....yeah, if you can call that 'winning'.

    How exactly did she win?

    Was it the investigation she was able 'beat'? Ha.Ha.

  • Dean - 5 years ago

    Trump wins? Wake up people trump tells it like it is. We have nothing to lose at least 4 more years of the same lies and bullshit. Or take the chance for something better. I say we can't afford not to.

  • Jack Miller - 5 years ago

    Sadly, HIllary won. In the words of Bob Dylan - It's all over baby blue...

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