Is There A Market For A Luxurious Cadillac Truck?

  • Dr. James Tranthem - 2 years ago

    Sadly, Cadillac division of GM has lost vision as well as gumption for two automotive units - the EXT pick up truck as well as the El Dorado sport luxury car. Bringing either of these two units back now would keep aggressive European and Asian markets in check.
    I have owned an EXT 2013 for six years - best, biggest truck I have ever owned. Everyone loves this truck and I want a new one. Merecedes will have their X pick up in US by 2020 - will we be ready?

  • Averill - 2 years ago

    What happened to the Cadilliac EXT? So many people want this truck. The only problem with the EXT was it needed more legroom and back seat flex ability and comfort. More like comfortable Captain seats. Even please please please bring this truck back!

  • Len - 4 years ago

    Cadillac as well as Lincoln has in the past built pickup trucks, and did not have much success. I'm sure the marketing people @ both companies learned that pickups can have different trim levels that would accomplish this segment as Denali and Platinum trim levels have. Mercedes on the other hand will learn by bringing to market a unibody version of one of there current SUV platforms. Totally different concept. Germans either don't understand the American pickup truck buyer or simply think these vehicle's are a waste of energy in more ways than one. Globalist are probably looking to tax the hell out of these American pickup trucks with there C02 whip.

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