Are you done watching 'Walking Dead' after the brutal Season 7 premiere?

  • annoyed librarian - 5 years ago

    I order DVDs for a mid size library and won't be ordering Season 7 because it is too violent to meet
    our selection criteria, which means I won't be ordering Season 6 either. I guess I'll just toss Seasons 1-5 now because why have only part of a series? Bummer! It was such a great show. Why did you have to go ruin it??

  • Kitty - 5 years ago

    I am done done done! They went way too far. I don't think the show can recover from the Glen death.

  • dustin - 5 years ago

    All you people saying your gonna stop watching cause that shit wa un called for..give me a break yo! The walking dead has stayed true to being real like from the start..yea it was uneasy to watch , very hard and it had my stomach turning and as awsime ruthless of a character in negan is and he was played very well..that disgusted Feeling that hatred u hve for him..thats how u should feel and they made that happen with this episode..there will b someone like that if the world goes to shit hell there are people like that in the world we live in if people stop watching youll miss out on that great feeling when rick or maybe maggie (u never know they dont always follow comic). Finally kills negan...and you wouldnt feel that "fuck yeah!" moment without that episode wothout that Brutality So stop crying

  • elsie - 5 years ago

    I watch horror flicks for a thrill..but I was so sickened in my own living room by the violence of a much liked character, that I almost threw up...and have had freaky dreams ever yup. Time out from 'reality'...Im gonna go back to monsters and leave the real human monsters in the dust. Btw...I really liked Denny and sam and deans cant ever watch reruns the same again. Thank a bunch.

  • menaceman - 5 years ago

    Anyone that wants to justify that kind graphic violence may have already taken a bat to the head. You can get your point across without showing so much. I'm not saying you don't show any of it but there is a line and the show crossed it. As a fan we accept that people that we get emotionally invested in will die. But to show that kind of brutality is uncalled for. It was like watching family members being murdered. It was a classless move and signifies the beginning of the end. Whether or not it is based on a graphic novel or not movies are made every day that don't completely follow the book their based on. There is NO excuse for that kind of shit on prime time television period. That scene would have taken an R rated film and turned it to an Unrated version. Why that is all right to show that on regular television is beyond me and 100 percent wrong. Too bad Walking ruined a good thing.

  • TWD ex fans - 5 years ago

    I have been a fan since the beginning. Turned my sister onto it, and she, her daughter . After the absurd brutality and sheer enjoyment shown by Negan, we are done with the show. When we sit in horror while watching human on human violence to this degree, it is no longer entertainment. The fiction has now crossed into reality and is no longer a form of escapism. Having these events take place in a comic book is one thing. Putting them up on a screen with sound is a form of realism too powerful to stomach. Too had a good thing it's gone too far.

  • Rachael - 5 years ago

    My husband and I have been fans of this show since the
    moment he found out his fav comic was being turned into a show. I find it down right hilarious that people wanna stop watching the show because of some emotional last moments of Glens life and some extremely gory scenes in a ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST show yet they obviously found some other disturbing scenes cool... 12 yr Carl shot his mother to keep her from turning, a very young Lizzy kills her even younger sister to watch her turn and THEN Carol shoots Lizzy in the back of the head while telling her to look at flowers! I get that those scenes were shown but the emotional part of those were in my opinion way worse then seeing some brains and on the same level of emotion. But they needed us to feel what Rick was feeling and not showing us and just implying it wouldn't have accomplished that. We need to see why Cocky Rick appears like he's giving in to Negan. Glen dies the same way in the comic, eye popping out and all and even Steven Yeun (Actor who plays Glen) said he didn't want HIS comic book death gave away to someone else because it was so impactful. Honestly Negan words are much harsher in the comic and was actually a lighter version considering we didn't hear threats of having a train ran on Carl! I just think people have to understand this show is following a comic book and this was probably the most impactful part of the comic so far, it was the 100th issue and I'm sure they wanted the episode to be have the same strong impact on us. I wish this show was on hbo or showtime so we could hear Negans fav eff word and this wouldn't be an issue ... but really ure watching THE WALKING DEAD... if u was watching Greys anatomy and this happen THEN u can be upset!

  • Brenda - 5 years ago

    I haven't fully decided if I am going to stop watching. The next few episodes will determine that. If it continues in such a sadistic way, then I won't watch.

  • Brenda - 5 years ago

    I haven't fully decided if I am going to stop watching. The next few episodes will determine that. If it continues in such a sadistic way, then I won't watch.

  • Laura - 5 years ago

    I wish I could unsee what was done to both Glenn and Abraham. The words that came out of Glenn while looking at his love, Maggie killed me. After watching this my "want" for watching the show diminished. I have watched it religiously since the beginning. Man's inhumanity to man is not something I enjoy watching. I will have to rethink whether or not to stay with the show. This just took it to another level. Call me a wimp, I'm cool with it.

  • thats a wrap - 5 years ago

    I didn't even get to watch this episode. I was pretty much done after the first half of this season. After reading about the brutality of this episode I'm glad I didn't watch . Yes, it's "art", just a "tv show", but many viewers have created connections to these people. It's one thing to off people in a more subtle way, but to show the beatings the way AMC did is disgusting. I actually wonder how much reduction in work efficiency the working class men and women will have in the coming days/weeks after watching something like that. It's close to losing a loved one in real life, but watching it happen in the most gruesome way. The world has enough violence, we don't need to see this level of brutality. Here's hoping that people can finish grieving - wipe their minds of what they've seen - and get on with their lives. I'm done with this show. And based on the polls and the comments, they seem backwards. More comments to stop watching the show than those that think it was awesome.

  • BAWel - 5 years ago

    My husband and I have watch this since day one. We are huge fans! After watching the season seven premiere, we will continue to be huge fans. Here's why: we loved both Glenn and Abraham, however, this is the zombie apocalypse. This show has been gory from the very first day it was filmed. Often in very overt and shocked no ways. This episode needed to be disturbing and shocking on a major level to set up Negan and the severity of his psychotocic behavior. It had to be shocking! There are 15 more episodes and I think those who say "I'm done" aren't true fans. Just hang on and see where they take this! Saying you're done because of the violence is just idiotic. It's been violent the whole time. It needed to be this way to establish Negan. We are so sad to see Glenn and Abraham go but still excited for this season and any more that follow. M

  • PincoPallino - 5 years ago

    Yes, it was too much. It was unnecessary brutal. It was torture porn done for the shock value. That's TV today. I didn't want to see Glenn's eye popping out - and I didn't. I skipped that part. I will die not ever seeing that. Thank you, but no, just no.
    What I don't get is the hate spreading everywhere. People are telling me since years Game of Thrones is soooo good. For me it's torture, nudity, disgusting sex scenes, meaningless and brutal deaths. So what? Nobody complains.

  • Nick - 5 years ago

    Somewhere along the line as we got to know and love all of these deeply developed characters, the Walking Dead became less and less about survival after a zombie apocalypse and more about living in a world surrounded my merciless and evil survivors. After the last episode, I'm done.

  • AJ - 5 years ago

    We have watched TWD for years. It's what we look forward to all week! And for season 7 we have been dangling for months! And I couldn't be more disappointed. It's understandable that main characters will eventually meet their end but viewers don't need the gore to that degree. Not only did I decide it was THE WORST VIOLENCE FOR A CABLE TV SHOW but even my teenage boys said voluntarily they were out and won't be watching anymore. Viewers want an escape not horrific emotional trauma.

  • Just watched - 5 years ago

    sad but really it's a business decision...kill off 2 characters to pay for Negan's salary and so far he seems to be worth every penny. They really didn't have to pick Glen and could have killed off another non-main character and gotten the same effect.

  • Tony - 5 years ago

    You people are ridiculous. Glenn and Ricks group took knives and rammed them into sleeping skulls last season. Negans people they BRUTALLY killed. Where was your butthurt then? If you're gonna call Glenn and Abrahams death brutal you better go back and recognize other brutality. This isn't "the days of our lives" soap opera. Stop the crying, it's a zombie apocalypse....Brutal death will happen.

  • No thanks - 5 years ago

    I knew the premiere would be brutal. I decided not to watch it because I didn't want to see that kind of sickening violence I felt at the end of season 6. After reading the reviews and seeing a brief YouTube video clip of Glenn getting his head bashed in and his eyeball popping out from the socket I'm so glad I didn't watch it and that I didn't pay $45 to buy the season 7 pass on iTunes. I understand killing zombies or the bad guys but I refuse to watch the gruesome and drawn out death of two loved characters. Just thinking of the 2 min clip I saw makes my stomach churn. I love Rick and the gang but I'm sorry I am done. Our world is going to shit. If i want to hear about violence and unnecessary killings and hatred I could just watch the news. Bye TWD.

  • Walking Dead Fan Aruba - 5 years ago

    To begin it is a post apocalypse series it was sad that 2 characters were killed, this is why its called the walking dead get over it, there are millions of fan of the zombie genre that watches the series, i will.never stop watching the walking dead, the ones that dont like it go.back to watching barbie and cartoons, the movie and tv industry has run out of ideas to produce movies or series, so stop criticising and enjoy the walking dead cause for millions of fans The walkind dead is like art.

  • Stevo1 - 5 years ago

    Even if I change the channel, I am paying AMC thru Comcast by my cable subscription. I am cutting the cable tomorrow.

  • Stevo - 5 years ago

    You reversed the poll results.

  • Dr Z - 5 years ago

    Just my 2¢, but I'm also of the opinion that this episode went too far with the graphic violence shown during Abraham and Glen's skull bashing. First, almost ALL of the skull bashing were shown, and second, the length of time dedicated to showing their deaths went on longer than it should have.

    With that sad, I should premise my opinion by saying that I love a lawn mower or chainsaw to the face as much as the next guy. As a long time (I'm in my early 50s) horror/gore fan, I've seen just about everything under the sun when it comes to gore. Movies are much different than long running TV series. In movies, there really isn't much connection to any of the characters, good or evil. With a TV series, that's not the case.

    TV series become successful when people feel a connection to the characters, writing, dialogue, direction, special effects, and story arc. I've often found that brutal violence upon any characters that people have gotten to know over the course of a series is best served, and even more effective when at least 50% of the actual violence isn't shown on camera, but left to the viewer's own imagination. Brilliant directors like Hitchcock realized this early in his career. By having the camera panning off the actual victim and keeping the audio of the killing going, it's usually more powerful when the camera shows the reactions of the OTHERS in that scene who are seeing the brutal killings occur. Seeing the fear, pain, horror, and dread in their faces, while letting the viewer's own mind to decide just how brutal it is, is often much more fulfilling to both the viewer and the director who has to create the ULTIMATE horror while not actually showing ALL of it.

    I've probably watched each episode in the series at least twice, but I'm gonna pass on watching this one a 2nd time. It wasn't an entertaining episode. To the contrary.. it was arguably the most disturbing scene I've ever seen on any cable TV series. It left me feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable, which isn't something I like to go out of my way to experience.

    I'll still watch the show, but I'm saddened to say that the director really blew it with the way he envisioned the executions. Take a tip from a master like Alfred Hitchcock, sometimes LESS is MUCH more powerful than showing more. My grade: C-- (and I'm being generous since the episode HAD the potential to be one of the most powerful episodes of the series).

  • Nosnar - 5 years ago

    Never see so many pussiesin one spot. It's a fucking television show based in an apocalyptic world where forever decomposing carnivorous creatures live to tear flesh from bone as they gorge themselves on guts. And you guys are seriously whining about this episode being "too gruesome." Get the fuck over it. Real talk there us no such thing as "too gruesome" in TWD.

  • GiGi - 5 years ago

    If enough people stop watching the Walking Dead, then it's bye Felicia for it. *Lmao* It's wasn't the gore that'll keep me away it's the fact they killed off Glenn. Fine if he dies in a zombie attack but I don't believe people would be this evil during the apocalypse. (Ya I'm optimistic)

    So many other people you could have killed and I would still watch. Just cause the comics did it doesn't mean TV had too. Honestly Negan is boring, crazy yes but super boring besides that fact. Love Daryl but it's his fault Glenn dead. At least I still have Supernatural 11 seasons, might need to get some tips from there writers.......... All you die hard fans will just have to read the books, if it gets canceled.

  • Disappointed - 5 years ago

    Didn't need to show the gore of Glenn's eye popping out. This premiere was disappointing and a little too brutal with the bat beating people's heads in. You are also running out of original characters which is the main reason we watch.

  • Over it RIP - 5 years ago

    Was a great show, but this was too much for prime time. Could have done it without pushing it this far, absolutely appould that the show went this far, took a great show for many to a great show for a few.

  • GTaylor - 5 years ago

    I love this show and I can't say that I will stop watching. I've read all of the TWD graphic novels and I had an idea of what to expect with this episode. I knew it would be brutal but I wasn't expecting it to be as brutal as it was. Glenn's murder was basically panel for panel translated from the comics to the tv shot for shot. It's a lot easier to get away with that level of graphic gore in the books but in a tv adaptation, I feel that it should have been toned down a little as I felt physically ill watching this scene. I realize that they had to take drastic measures to make the audience who have not read the comics understand who Negan is and what he is capable of and they definitely got that point across but it may have been a bit too much for the casual audience. The episode set a dark and depressing tone for the current season. I can only hope that it picks up and the mood shifts in the coming episodes because they a lot of source material to play with for this season and oppurtunity for some much needed character development. I guess we will just have to wait and see how things play out (those of us who are not giving up on the show, anyway)

  • Gmrgirl - 5 years ago

    Did you haters forget that this is from a comic book? I'm dumbfounded that there are people that would actually stop watching this show. You do get emotionally attached to these characters but everyone dies. Irl and in the show. Nobody lives forever. It makes me want to watch more of the show to see how rick and the rest of the group gets their revenge.

  • Martin - 5 years ago

    Done watching. They went to far typical americans. There was no need for what they showed and made me extremely angry. Ive watched seasons 1-6 bout 5 times all the way through but this is going in a totally different direction. Zombie apocolypse not brutal unneccessary violence like that. If thats how americans would act then im glad im not one of them.
    I knew glen would die as he did in the comics but the way they did it theyve really crossed a line!!

  • Greg Williams - 5 years ago

    It is one thing to suspend disbelief over violence committed on zombies. They're dehumanized. But you cross the line when you intentionally hurt your audience emotionally and physically. It is a trust you do not break. The violence depicted was purely gratuitous. When you portray such brutality between humans in a prime time series, you are gambling that your effect on people is not harmful. There is no question that during the show and days following that the gruesome bludgeoning will linger in the minds of people. If you think that this violence is thought-provoking rather than sickening, you are rationalizing the motives here. All in all, the writers, producers and director went for shock value rather than plot development and honesty. It was cheap. It was base. It was possibly the beginning of the end for what over the past six seasons was a a good solid series.

  • Hell no. - 5 years ago

    I'm done.
    This was my favourite show out there but it literally has ripped my soul out.
    It's not the fact of how Glenn and Abraham were killed its the fact they're dead all together. Gore is something we're used to on TWD but taking Glenn after him pulling through last season? Too far, I'm out.
    I mean Glenn, really? After everything? He was literally there from the beginning, one of the most useful characters and now he's gone.
    Damn, I'm so down from this, it sucked the life outta me.
    R.I.P Abraham
    R.I.P Glenn

  • stan - 5 years ago

    I'm done with the show. To much violence and darkness for me to continue to give my attention. The premiere of season 7 was to much.

  • ZombieFan - 5 years ago

    I'm a huge Walking Dead and zombie fan, so I'm used to gore, so it didn't bother me. Young kids shouldn't be watching the show anyway.
    To me Negan is too much of a pantomime villain. Is it the script or the actor? I'm not sure which. Scenes with him are too long and drawn out which eases the tension. I'd like to have seen someone different play Negan. The Governor was a better villain and I wasn't his biggest fan.
    Abraham getting Lucilled completely overshadowed Glenn's death for me, which was sad as he deserved a much bigger death than he got.
    I don't blame Daryl for Glenn's death. I spent most of that scene dying for one of the gang to do something, but only Daryl did which fitted his character.
    I wish Rick had bit out Negan's throat like he did with Jo from the claimers. It was sad seeing Rick Grimes so cowed by the end.
    I just hope Carol goes back to her killing ways and Morgan uses his new skills, because Negan doesn't know about those two yet. They could help defeat Negan and his band of thugs.
    Glad next episode will focus on the Kingdom and King Ezekiel and his tiger. That should cheer us all up a bit. Watching that episode was so depressing. Haven't even got over Tyreese's death never mind the latest guys(:

  • Moondance - 5 years ago

    Come on people!! For me the show was great. Thay had to do what they had to do. Im a fan until the end no matter what.

  • Lysirae - 5 years ago

    I am tired of people saying they won't watch anymore. I will admit I felt sick. I've never felt sick to my stomach before watching a show, but I realized today that it's not because of the gore & violence. Seriously I see it all the time in shows. People getting throats cut open, being hung, stabbed over and over,beheaded. Heck, the other day I was on snapchat & a story came up about a guy cutting his gf head off with the baby in the room. The article showed a picture with the remains left over. This stuff is everywhere. People are acting like they've never seen it before. You only feel it so much because it happened to characters who have been in our lives for a long time. We felt the pain. The Walking Dead is a depiction of what would really happen in a apocalypse. If you think it would be any different you're living in a fantasy. Just like Negan said at the end " I bet you thought you were all going to grow old together, sitting around a table at Sunday dinner and live happily ever after. No, it doesn't work like that Rick." If you don't wanna watch it fine,but stop making a uproar you're going to ruin it for us die hard fans.

  • Q - 5 years ago

    All of you people we mustn't use that stop watching this crap sad and pathetic lot of the society just because you're satisfied by this to this sick twisted fantasy doesn't mean those of us who are not should follow suit because we decided had enough this is lunacy that doesn't make us pathetic or weak or sad or any of your other insults you just proved how childish you die hard fans really are so you enjoy your Psychopathic Paradise from me I'm done

  • S dog - 5 years ago

    It was too much. They were trying to be shocking and push the envelope, but it was too much. They didn't need to show glenn on his knees dying basically brain dead with a big dent in his brain. We didn't need to see that and no one expected that much. We want the story and some gore and bad assness.
    I'm not done with the show but I didn't appreciate that as a loyal viewer. Could've just shown one wack or him closing his eyes then sounds. The eyes and brain guts and the skin stuck to the bat was over the top and very disturbing. Them being humiliated and with no hope rick broken one again this time to slave mode was ridiculous. They should've been able to do something. SOMETHING.
    I have no problem with gore on zombies and bad guys and even on good guys, but not to that extreme. It's not something our brains are supposed to experience. It's traumatic. Yes it's a show but that was traumatic.

  • C. Phillips - 5 years ago

    Too much violence for tv. you call this entertainment. what about all the kids watching? I started losing interest after Hershel was decapitated. HE DESERVED BETTER. Good entertainment is not exstream violience ,gore. Losing interest. Good Bye!

  • D S - 5 years ago

    To everyone saying they will stop watching:

    Bye, Felicia. No one you don't know cares. The people you do know probably don't care, either. Just stop watching. No need to tell everyone why...

  • Aaron C - 5 years ago

    Someone above said - "Why would i want to watch a group of people be humiliated and tortured over and over by some cartoonish villain?"

    That's exactly it. Just another poorly written cartoon villain. At this point, we're just punishing ourselves. After all the stupid gimmicks Gimple and Kirkman have foisted on viewers over the years, I've finally decided this is just too far. It's not the gore that's bothering me, it's the utter lack of any sense of good storytelling. This is just abuse of the audience, and I'm done being a willing participant, and frankly, I'm a little upset with myself that I let it go on after the fake Glenn death and after the ridiculous cliffhanger. It's a shame, because I actually thought there were some episodes in season 6 that were really well written (finally). But Gimple just can't get out of his own way and thinks he's creating another Breaking Bad here.

    So I'm out. Removing from the DVR. Finally. But if I could give Scott any advice on my way out, it would be for him to leave the important moments to his best writers, because clearly he's in over his head. The last fifteen minutes where everyone was picking up the pieces was totally squandered on bad writing that had zero authenticity. I feel sorry for the actors, who deserve much better than what Scott has to offer.

  • Me - 5 years ago

    We have been binge watching this series for months now. The end of season six was disturbing with the point of view of the victim, and then the fade to black with the wracking sounds that continued would have been all that was needed. This first episode was way over the top in the way it was portrayed, too brutal and unfeeling. My spouse and I are done with the series as it can only get darker from here and we have no interest in gratuitous violence.

  • EBDBB&B - 5 years ago

    I am fine with how the characters went out, little pissed off at Daryl for getting Glen killed but thats the show. The way they went out is fine with me too but you can get that exact same impact without showing so much. The show has progressed with the gore they show and we've been on the fence about continuing to watch. The graphicness in this episode may be what pushes us over the limit. Its an issue with TV and society overall but these are incredibly talented writers and film staff. They could have still built Negan up the way they did without such graphic violence. Resorting to this level tells me I gave them too much credit.

  • LS - 5 years ago

    It was horrible, I had to look away. My stomach couldn't take it. It was overwhelming and upsetting. I will no longer be watching this show. I found it to be the worst thing on TV and can't believe AMC allowed to air that. Disturbing!

  • Disgusted - 5 years ago

    This went too far. Totally unnecessary. Show is no longer about zombies. My wife and I both regretted watching the episode and decided that it was out last. I was a very loyal fan until now. The show has turned into poison for the mind.

  • Tuner - 5 years ago

    This episode fed on the inner sadistic impulses lying within the personalities or subconsciousness of every human being, and that a third of the respondents here have chosen to end their association with this magnet towards madness is a bit of good news in the assessment of the nature of man. Throughout the history of mankind there has been the existence of gratuitous violence of man on man, with an almost competitive creativity to render physical pain and emotional suffering on others.

    Those who continue to be drawn to this visual trauma, no longer a "fun zombie fantasy" but a recreation of the very worst real-life characters from our sad human history, are themselves promoting their own descent into the lowest state of human existence. With all of its technological inventiveness and pursuit of pleasures, mankind still has a genetic thread of pure sadism that will show itself whenever it is allowed to be manifested in a power structure led by tyrannical leadership.

    Genghis Khan, offered this reflection on the pleasures of life: “The greatest joy a man can know is to conquer his enemies and drive them before him. To ride their horses and take away their possessions. To see the faces of those who were dear to them bedewed with tears, and to clasp their wives and daughters in his arms." The Mongols slaughtered millions, razing entire cities and towns, with ever-increasing inventiveness. The last Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad was executed by being rolled in a carpet and kicked to death by horses.

    In 1442, Vlad III and his younger brother, Radu, were handed over to Sultan Murad II, then-ruler of the Ottoman Empire. The young men were held hostage to ensure their father, ruler of the principality of Wallachia, remained loyal to the Ottomans during their ongoing war with Hungary. Sound familiar in TWD's latest plot? Well watch out for Carl in the future. Vlad III went on to become Vlad the Impaler, invading villages and stuffing his victims onto trees and limbs in a gory display of intimidation for others.

    Are the millions of viewers purposely desensitizing themselves to the slaughter of innocents, such as the brutality and beheadings wielded upon the poor Yazidis in Kurdistan by ISIS. Is the forced surrender of Rick's group into submissive and compliant workers a reproduction of ISIS conquering territory and forcibly converting captives into loyal warriors?

    If all that seems foreign to the viewer, just remember in our own culture, we had government-approved treatment of human beings by whipping, shackling, beating, mutilation, branding and imprisonment during our years of legal slavery. Negan's referral to individuals in Rick's group as his "property" is reflected in real legal terms of American slavery.

    Even the most "civilized" societies in human history have a history of sadistic treatment of their fellowmen. Hitler's genocide is the most documented. The Tower of London contains creative instruments for stretching, twisting, crushing anyone out of favor with authorities. The Vikings plundered European villages savagely, bludgeoned their victims or carried them off as slaves.

    How long before this program sinks further by including sexual torture, such as witnessed in the Bosnian civil war, or in Rwanda & Burundi, which frequently included a pattern in which Tutsi women were raped after they had witnessed the torture and killings of their relatives and the destruction and looting of their homes. Many women were killed immediately after being raped. Women were individually raped, gang-raped, raped with objects such as sharpened sticks or gun barrels, held in sexual slavery, or sexually mutilated.

    Yes, TWD can still sink lower, but is that where viewers really want to go? One must seriously question his own psychological state to include this experience under the category of Entertainment. It's difficult to believe that this exposure does not scar the emotional development of children. I, for one, will not

  • Roger Sterling - 5 years ago

    My first reaction was similar to many of the response posted here: Just stop watching the show.
    Upon deeper reflection however I feel that the arrogant writers, producers and sponsor of this program deserve a more severe punishment for their total disregard for common decency.
    When Janet Jackson's breast was exposed the FCC, in short order, tightened their indecency rules.
    Personally, I lost no sleep, was not aroused, nor offended in the least by Janet Jackson's breast.
    What kind of society do we live in? Seeing a body part of a member of our own species is considered an offense, but seeing a member of our own species brutally beaten and murdered is "Okay".
    I say we hit them where it hurts. Boycott their sponsors.
    I dvr the show so I have no idea who the sponsors are. Perhaps a list is available online.
    I suggest that the many of you who objected to this awful episode and know a sponsor or sponsors, please post it on this site. Write to the sponsors and tell them you are boycotting their products/services.

  • Skip - 5 years ago

    The writers could have shown a little more class and left the brutal killing scenes of Glenn and Abraham to the viewers imagination. Watching another human being, especially a popular character that everybody likes and identifies with suffer such a cruel act could of been presented to the audience in a less graphic way. My wife wanted to stay up and watch the season premier but she was not feeling well so she went to bed instead. I'm glad she did. Last april her daughter was murdered by thugs with baseball bats in the Chicago Southside, if you don't believe me just google it. Murder victim's families need to heal and not have tender wounds reopened by such horrible scenes such as what was shown last night on AMC.

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    They've taken it too far, sick and disturbing. I was on the borderline of not watching when most of the violence was directed at the already dead zombies. Now, the violence has shifted in a very sadistic disturbing way to fellow human beings. Done watching, removed from my DVR and recording schedule. The path the show is taking is fuel for more violence in the world. The writer(s) of this material must have issues.

  • Sharon - 5 years ago

    It was simply cheap, unworthy, pornography. No excuses. There have been times during the many seasons it has felt worth the bad to get to the good, but this episode was strictly for the sick to enjoy. I'm going to have to read a lot of Thomas Paine now.

  • Cat Leeds - 5 years ago

    6 of us meet every Sunday night to watch Walking Dead together for a few years now.
    We broke up last night, and all wish we turned it off before the disgusting deaths by clubbing.
    This was entertainment for sickos.
    No one expected this level of violence. Even this morning I can't get it out that trash out of my head.
    Sad & disgusting. My daughter was the only one with the sense to leave, she felt sick to her stomach.
    I'm going to suggest we meet for Westworld.

  • SuckMyNuts - 5 years ago

    I won't be back, not after that graphical outrage for ratings and the un ceremonial death to two of our favorite characters at the hands of a very bad actor who needs to go watch the Shining 15 times to understand psychopathic. And lets be real, can we be real, HOW MANY post apocalyptic fools would follow a man like Negan? Were there not 100's of his followers in the back ground and NONE have or had morals or values, NONE could take him out with 1 shot..lets see, bullet vs. man with baseball bat. Doh. The Zombie special effects and some of the gore scenes always made sense and fit story and DID leave us to fill in some of the graphical blanks, no longer. They could have taken some creative license and stepped away from the comic to keep it really a good show for a long time. COULD have being the key word.
    THIS scene was an insult to the viewers, the only fan base who will keep watching are the desensitized youth who think this sort of pointless violence and B rated gore, is -yo dude cool- and have no concept of what good story is. So, I am not a fan of comics but was a huge fan of this show. For seasons now I have waited to see if they would actually somehow pursue a story line that would go beyond, Rick n family are heros, Rick and family try to carve out an existence, Rick and family meet with another -tribe- of survivors and war ensues and well-do it again, and again and AGAIN. Reflecting now, its just about adult gangs though I really could FEEL some of the characters, Carol having been one of my favorites, as well as Glen and even Dayrl. There was no actually seeking a solution to whatever caused this, no cross country adventure in seeking help/cures/causes to the zombie outbreak at least with some characters. It had been my number 1 fav show, even through the episodes that were not that great. But last night ..for me, the Walking Dead and their cast are now resting in peace, I have better things to watch on my Sunday nights. AND THEY SHOULD HAVE PUT UP more than the standard warning about disturbing material for this particular episode. I really think like another poster posted, that we can expect to see some real life emulation with the bat and barbwire murders.

  • ExFan - 5 years ago

    I am done watching it, officially, along with Talking Dead, removed from DVR forever...the moment Glen's eye was popped out, (still in shock over Abraham's not so gray matter) I was power remoting my way to the weather channel. I did pop back in on the show to see what was happening in 2 minute increments, my remote holding trigger finger loaded. So now they have left us with is Rick n Dayrll n Carol and the cool black guy with the cheese stick who's name I can never recall (all who will be having more psychological meltdowns over this..yawn, lather rinse repeat-its old.) and a few of the originals. The show is done now and the producers can, well, suck MY nuts. I have no use for viewing anymore over the top graphics to appeal to people who cannot follow and enjoy story, the stoners and drunks. OOOOH wait, they are going to save the series with a black dude in dreadlocks and a tiger? And let me guess the Tiger will eat negan. No thanks.
    But for you die hard fan boys and girls...stay tuned, I hear next week they will be clubbing live pound puppies, seals and welfare moms and babies in 3D.

  • John - 5 years ago

    I'm not done watching, but the theme of the show has veered off course as the comic book did. It's no longer about surviving the zombie apocalypse. It's about surviving what it turned people into. You would think people would want to work together to rid the problem. Some of what we seen made no sense either. Why would Negan not kill the the leader of the other groups? That's what you would think most people would do. He tried to get someone else to kill the leader of hill top instead of doing it himself but chooses to address Rick directly? Why? And why would he kill Glen for Daryl loosing his cool instead of killing Daryl for Daryl loosing his cool? I'm not done watching, but the story is making less sence and steering off course.

  • VIC - 5 years ago

    Calm down! It is absolutely a tragedy that so many people would stop watching. Dont you want to see Rick Grimes fight back. How he fights back. How he saves Darryl. If he saves Darryl. Get over it!! Its amazing TV and in the end its just a story. A very very very GOOD one.

  • Ronnie - 5 years ago

    I think I'm done. It's not the gratuitous gore that's turned me off (i don't mind that else i wouldn't be watching 7 seasons in) but the bad writing and unrelenting grimness of it all. Why would i want to watch a group of people be humiliated and tortured over and over by some cartoonish villain? Torture porn doesn't interest me. It's been clear for awhile now that the writers dont have anything else to add to this story but these repetitive plot lines. All they can do at this point is ratchet up the gore and death, which isn't enough to keep my attention. I'm also confused as to why everyone seems to see this stupid Negan guy as anything different from the Governor. He's just more open about being a psycho (his dialogue is laughably bad too!).

  • Krystal - 5 years ago

    Im done watching but not just because of the violence. I cant put my finger on it exactly. The humiliation and the same shit that keeps happening. Whatever it is it put a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe Ill come back next season or maybe its just time to throw in the towel in this one. The story line had become uninteresting to me.

  • Susanne - 5 years ago

    Terrible, will no longer be watching.

  • Walter - 5 years ago

    You people that are going to stop watching now are a bunch of wussies. Give me a break.

  • Brittany - 5 years ago

    I have been a Walking Dead fan since before anybody knew Walking Dead was a show on AMC. I am so absolutely disappointed with how the writers chose to start off this season. I'm completely sick to my stomach. I know it's just a show and I realize they need to do the unexpected to keep us drawn in, but what happened here is unnecessary. We live in a world that is constantly becoming desensitized to death and violence. If we need to see something as gory as what we saw in this kickoff, all we have to do is pay attention to what's happening around the world. There's already enough Gore and violence that can be seen by paying attention to the war that's happening right now. I respected Glenn's character and if he needed to be killed it definitely could have been done differently. Glenn's eyeball popping out of his head is not how I wanted to remember him, it was wrong and done in bad taste. Needless to say, I am done with this show. The writers did an excellent job with the first 5 Seasons, but this is too far. If I get an itch to know what's going on I will just ask someone thats still watching it, but I don't think I will get an itch after this episode I'm so good on Walking Dead

  • Quinn B - 5 years ago

    Most of these comments are bloody hilarious and also pathetic, you're gonna stop watching because it got to violent? Jesus christ the show has been violent for ages.
    And you call yourself a fan and now you're abondong it after a two main characters were killed? Sad and pathetic

  • Quinn B - 5 years ago

    Most of these comments are bloody hilarious and also pathetic, you're gonna stop watching because it got to violent? Jesus christ the show has been violent for ages.
    And you call yourself a fan and now you're abondong it after a two main characters were killed? Sad and pathetic

  • JT - 5 years ago

    Although it's more authentic as to what it would be like in times like that. All it did for me was make me want to Abraham everyone that will continue watching it. Garbage for garbage.

  • Rose - 5 years ago

    They went too far this time. This used to be my favorite show and I would be so excited to watch it every week, until now. This episode was too much. They killed my favorite character in the most horrific way possible. I liked Glenn more than Rick, and that's saying something. He had been around since the beginning and was the most caring, loving, funny (in the first few seasons, then he became more serious) tough badass guy in the whole show. He had the biggest heart. This episode even made me hate Daryl. If they had to kill Glenn, they should have done it in a more heroic way, or in a way that really showed who he was, like saving Maggie somehow. But no, they slaughtered him so..visually. It was so bad my family and I couldn't even finish the episode and just took it off. Awful. Now I won't even recommend this show to anyone, when before I would be telling everyone to watch it, I was a HUGE fan. I'm so disappointed and will not be supporting this show anymore. What also made me upset is that they gave Abraham a funny ending line, and didn't make him look that bloody compared to glenn, and yet made Glenn's eye pop out of his head and made glenns hand twitch as he was laying on the ground even though he was more of a main character!!! Glenn was the one who kept me watching the show. So angry, sad and disappointed. Goodbye walking dead.

  • Apoc - 5 years ago

    Killing Glenn like this was my final straw, it's a main character with depth he deserved an honorable death. I'm also just so tired of these coward villains. I mean the governor was more of a badass than Negan, Negan came off as a coward probably a lonely never married accountant using the apocalypse to make himself feel like the man he never was or will be. Or maybe his penis is just to small and he has to talk everyone to death. I was hoping for a badass villian with the actor they got and what I get is a coward with a god complex. I'm done with this show with the exception I will watch the death of Negan just so I can watch a coward villian die.

  • All Wrong - 5 years ago

    Definitely done watching this show. In short, I understand having to kill a beloved character to get the sense of "No one is safe" again and keep the show as a thriller, but the character that Glenn was, the good things he did, not killing someone that tried to kill him, helping people.. he deserved a better death, like Merle's for example. This was just horrible. My last picture of a favorite character is his eye popping out of his skull and leaving behind a wife and unborn child.. this is not even entertaining. They should have made his death meaningful and epic, a hero's death, something to really inspire fans and the characters to rise up at a later time. This was just meaningless gore and mutilation of a beloved face. At least Abraham got to say something tough and in-line with his character. This was wrong. I know it's just a TV show, it's not real. I'm mostly sad that I'm crossing this off of my very small list of shows that I follow every season, it was great while it lasted.

  • Kim - 5 years ago

    I enjoyed it and all good things must come to an end. Thus episode and Glenn were my final decision makers. I hope the rest make it.

  • Loralie - 5 years ago

    Ahhh...Yup, I believe so! Obviously, we've seen actor's killed on TWD over the past 6 season's. When Beth and Noah died most people were truly saddened and angry. Althought, they didn't say I'm done with this program! It was the way this was filmed. What they showed was extremely graphic, heart wrenching and IMO unnecessary. Ya know, often it's what you 'don't see' that truly create's a frightening picture.

    I think what has people most upset is not just the death of two main characters. Rather, its the complete absence of humanity seen in these brutal murders. I feel the premier has also left viewers, with a strong impression of where the story will be going from here. Meaning; it's not the last time we're going to see over this dark, over the top and graphic type of killing. After all the sadistic, soulless "people" who just murdered Glenn and Red now control the group's fate!

    This episode may very well represent what a post apocalyptic world will be like. With that said, its no longer a fun "zombie program" for me anymore. Not, when they felt the need to graphically, slaughter the characters! In all honesty, I believe it was probably a fairly accurate reflection of what the human race would become! That's not something I'm interested in watching. Its too real considering the world we live in.

    The killing of the walker's is to be expected. It would also be unrealistic if bad intentioned people were never killed. But, season 7 E1 made a very big impact on alot of fans. IDK it think when your favorite program leaves you with your stomach in knots, tears rolling down your face and you actually wish an actor harm (not me, I've just read several crazy threats!)... Perhaps, it's time to find a new favorite show! I don't even like to think about how desensitizing this type of unnecessary violence is.

    Take care and Enjoy Everyone. Sorry, but It's just not by thing. Real life's already too violent and disconnected as far as I'm concerned.

  • Samuel Valdez - 5 years ago

    Thank you u for 5 good years may the end of this show and your careers be coming to an abrupt end sooner than you would have hoped.

  • daryldixon681 - 5 years ago

    I admit that the show went to far with the actual beating of two people with its Gory images. I do not support or approve of this kind of violence. But I will say that it has not changed my mind about continuing to watch the series. And while fans who love the show are abandoning it because of these two deaths is their choice. But I will say that the deaths was needed to establish Negan as the Ultimate threat. He has lived up to what he said he would do if anyone of ricks group got out of line. I do eventually want to see Negan lose power and face his own demise. But for now we will not see that kind of thing as he Negan has just now entered the show. I do believe that by season 7 ending he will be dead. but for that rick and his group WILL have to come up with a new strategy to deal with him, and his men. But how costly that might be is unknown. I am sure that Negan will not hesitate to kill more of ricks group. What rick and his group need to do is round up everyone at hill top, and Alexandria and show that they will no longer be subjected to his reign of terror. Negan has roughly 40 men at his command, but numbers doesn't mean crap when you have skilled shooters. Anyways I am a fan of the Walking dead to the end

  • Cindy - 5 years ago

    I think im done. It's notnthe deaths that are the problem. I kinda already figured who was going to die but It's the way it was executed. Just too much. I almost got sick watching. I have seen all kinds of horror movies and sick stuff but this was a whole new level. Usually it doesnt bother me but hours later I am trying to sleep and can't and I still feel sick. I really may vomit. When you get physically ill from watching a tv show that's when it's time to shut it down. Im done.

  • MG - 5 years ago

    Used to love this show, but i guess I'll have to go back to watching George Romero 90 minute zombie movies for my zombie fix. Yes, we all know Negan was going to bludgeon someone, but the way they filmed it is too much/graphic. In Dawn of the Dead (for example), the zombie kills were gruesome, but you expected it. In Walking Dead, we expected the human-vs-zombie narrative and understood the kills that were a result.

    When one of the main characters is killed, they deserve better than to be filmed in the manner that Glen was. He was on this show too long (6 seasons) to go out like that (visually). I will probably not watch anymore of this season, and if I go back to watch the other (previous) seasons (1-6), every time I see Glen, i will have that last image of him (eye popped out) burned in my head. I definitely will never watch this episode again.

    Yes, I believe Scot Gimple follows the comics too much, as comics can get away with gory-over the top sketches, etc...But he fails to adapt the storyline to be suitable for tv (IMO).

  • mark harrison - 5 years ago

    Uk viewer..That was the most violent tv programme ever shown on british television. It should not be shown again in its current form and both fox and sky broadcasters should be roundly criticised for what they have done in allowing the boundaries not just to moved but smashed.
    I have watched the series from the start , so i am aware of its content but this has gone so far over the mark. This level of violence belongs in the cinema not tv.
    If the writers and producers wanted to cause controversy and a ratings spike, they have it.
    Goodbye to T W D from me.

  • El Chapo - 5 years ago

    S'mashing, sickening, suspenseful, filled with stomach turning, emotionally disturbing excitement from the very beginning to the very end. TV MA ppl, only cause it is on a channel with commercials, doesn't mean this channel needs to hold itself back, in fact I condone this level of entertainment, so long as it has its warnings, and warnings should be taken seriously, specially if you have children that could watch it. I made my wife shut it while she was 30 behind on the show from me, because the baby was in the room!

    Either way, my mind went to very dark places, as I believed the show had killed all of the characters. I believed it so deeply, I feel the show would've been better if it went that route, now Rick is back to square one with his whole team, and more will die, and Maggie will have her revenge, possibly dying to reach it. The team should've been separated completely, and seasons pass by and they finally find the revenge they have been looking for. This is a way Degan could've been brainwashing the rest of the army. Daryl with Killers and scouts, the girls with other wives and biker's crows,just a massive town. While Degan has been scouting Rick and his team long enough that he knew how to have control over him, Degan shouldn't have been so sadistic, He got punched in the face, which was pretty awesome, but if the show was going to take the toll on us the way it did, then someone else needed a super sudden death which shocked us into an instant moment of death. A part of all of us died when Glenn was hit for the first time, as there's no coming back from a hit like that. "I will find you".

    I hope the season stays with a competing amount of intensity as tonight's show had. The first offering should be weak.


  • Trufan - 5 years ago

    My kids love this show and I'm a big fan but that was a little too much... We will no longer be watching.. Thanks

  • Brian - 5 years ago

    That's right Dirk. Guard them when the exposure isn't necessary. Drafting for the military and experience in war is a completely different scenario. I bet we'd tend to align better on the social conversation about real war.

    Entertainment is they key focus here. It's the fact that this level of brutality in what they watch for entertainment is becoming normal to our kids is the concern I have. I didn't say my children had any problem watching the show. But I'm thinking whether or not I should have a problem letting them watch under the context of entertainment, or if we sit this one out. We'll see how the next couple of episodes play out.

  • Battle_Phoenix - 5 years ago

    Loved it. Yes, it was sad and Gory but what did you honestly expect with a show about zombies? I loved all of it. Walking dead fan from the pilot to now and forever.

  • c stefenoni - 5 years ago

    I was a fan of the this show. And now i'm not. the end.

  • Meza - 5 years ago

    Been a fan from the start. But killing the living in a syco way was too much. Love ya Glenn! Dont we have enough problems with the REAL world. Wont watch or buy blue rays no more. Its sad ill miss watching Norman Reedus.

  • True 4 life fan - 5 years ago

    Ppl need to get over it this show needed some action after last season with them just playing house and not much action.... Just like they say on the after show NO ONE IS SAFE... EVERYONE WILL EVENTUALLY DIE!!!! If you know there not gonna DIE then it's not gonna keep you in the edge of your seat then you really will grow old of it real quick!!!! Great episode but I think the could have made it a little bit longer

  • Disappointed - 5 years ago

    Horrible in a way that far exceeds anything shown before. Obviously people who watch a show about zombies are willing to accept a lot of gore and violence, but this was far beyond what was necessary to make a point. Can't believe I have to point out that the taste level has now plummeted so far that it is impossible to watch and pretend that there are any redeeming features to TWD. It is just schlock now.

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    Ridiculous. I was a huge fan of the show but this was just too much. Showing one of the main character's eye popping out of his face while he gets beaten down with a bat is just unnecessary. Kill him if you have to but people don't need to see that much detail. Doing it to the zombies is fine but my family did not need to see that. Sickening.

  • Dirk Nowitzki - 5 years ago

    I don't have a problem with the gory premiere. Its not real and if Brian's high school aged children can't watch it without being influenced, then he has bigger problems than what they are watching on tv. Hell, we send our kids fresh out of high school to get their arms and legs blown off by roadside bombs in the desert and we are going to complain about a make believe show?

  • Brian - 5 years ago

    A huge number of high school kids watch the show. They talk about it at school. This was too much gore for them to experience. We're not guarding them enough. This was "R" rated violence for sure. My kids like the show and don't want to be left out. I cope it gets less brutal so they can continue.

  • Manuela Laranjeira - 5 years ago

    I've been a fan from the beginning but no more.. I feel so down right now. I cried on season 6 when I thought Glenn had died, but today it was different. The season premiere was a failure not because Glenn died but because Negan is too much of a psycho. Made me feel bad. As another fan wrote "This is beyond misery and I don't need it. We are bombarded by this kind of violence in the news and TV. Ease up a bit writers." I totally agree. It is sad that TWD got to this point. So many great actors on it.

  • Trob - 5 years ago

    I am done with the show !! I've been a fan from the beginning but no more.. it crossed the line ... it was way too much gore and it was unnecessary ...

  • Anon - 5 years ago

    It's not because they die, it's how. It was not necessary. Enjoy watching the show but I won't be watching.

  • Nope fam - 5 years ago

    I'm done with TWD. Shit hurt my soul

  • Was a true fan - 5 years ago

    I loved this show.
    I do know that it is a television show but I was vested in these characters lives and their future. I understand that the brutality us fake but the feeling is real. Father son relationships are real and so parents to a growing baby is real and so fragile and raw...I can take gory zombie scene but not a friends made to watch friends beaten to death...or a almost new father telling his pregnant wife that he'll find her while his head gets bashed in I front of her...or a father having to make a decision to hack off his sons arm to save him or his friends...and his son having to be strong and tell him to do it... It's too much and it's doesn't need to be this raw to make it good. This is beyond misery and I don't need it. We are bombarded by this kind of violence in the news and TV. Ease up a bit writers.

  • Amilcar - 5 years ago

    Love the show. Sad Glen and Abraham are dead. Now the show is back on track. The show was becoming dry. TWD needed this. I'll watch the show until they get cancelled.

  • Deven - 5 years ago

    I will always watch this show not matter what. And people come on it's a tv show... Really you're not gonna watch it? How many people die in movies and do you walk away from the movie just cause a character died??? Didn't think so. Suck it up lmfao.

  • True Fan - 5 years ago

    No! Never. I am a fan of the show until the end...I might not agree with some of the decisions made, but none the less. Love!

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