Do Delaware schools need more officers in them?

  • pj - 5 years ago

    hi people

  • GJ - 5 years ago

    The problem with the school situation is that our schools have been handcuffed from dealing with and complicit in handling problem children. Teachers cannot address the issue unless administration is willing to address the issue. The administration won't deal with it so the result is poorly behaving (sometimes criminal) children are allowed to remain in the classroom and expose normal children to violence and anti-social behavior. Having more police officers in a school is an absolute contradiction in what needs to happen. Problematic children should NOT be allowed to detrimentally affect the school. If they are dysfunctional, misbehaving, violent, anti-social, the legislators and administrators of schools need to deal with that issue. Police in the schools are reactionary and will not deter violent, misbehaving children from being a problem in the school. Nor should police be expected to baby sit children who are uncontrollable.

    Police in the schools is not a solution.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    More police in schools is not the answer. In a lot of schools, incidents that should be handled by staff are now given to the SRO (school resource officer), and many of these result in arrest, not internal discipline. There is less "violence plaguing our streets today" than there was 40 years ago. Kids are safe in schools. What happened at Howard, thankfully, is the very rare exception.

  • Gerald miller - 5 years ago

    No we need officers on the street and in the neighborhood.

  • Stephanie L. Kennedy - 5 years ago

    I think that more officers are needed. They should have been more before the death at Howard. The youth of today some not all, need policing. With the violence plaguing out city streets today. I know that I want to feel that my son is safe in school. I know that it's not the schools job to discipline children, but the way that some of our children are being raised , Raises the question of the parents. I just read that a 14 year old BOY was caught with a loaded handgun and had several warrants out on him. 14 years old, come on now! Do I have to worry that someone like that is sitting next to my child at school. I will tell you BRING ON MORE OFFICERS, I AM ALL FOR IT!!!!!!!

  • Bruny - 5 years ago

    Due to the severe violence that is plaguing our schools and our children we need to give them a sense of protection not only from bullying, but from all those individuals who are terrorizing our families and our children. Parents, and grand parents need a piece of mind and assurance that our babies are protected. This is not a Black, White or Hispanic issue this is about safety in our children schools. This world has some crazy things going on and we need to prepare properly.

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