Flash vs Deadpool Rap Battle

  • Liam O'Brien - 3 years ago

    I have to give the win to Deadpool. Don't get me wrong, I love The Flash. The delivery was great on both sides, I loved it. If this were a Death Battle, Flash all the way. Rap battles: Deadpool. He's funny, enthusiastic, he can break the Forth wall. I have to give the win to Deadpool in a flash. He was up against Deathstroke, Spider Man. His vocabulary was perfect. Source rap battles get Deadpool spot on.

  • Michael - 4 years ago

    Deadpool's lines are always good sarcastic and all

  • Justice - 4 years ago

    Idc what these votes say cuz people just voting for they favorite character. Flash WENT FUCKING CRAZY and honestly only Deadpool's 1st line was good. Please dont go by these votes and go by who u think won

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