I support stocking a designated Wild Trout Water


  • David Kestenbaum - 7 years ago

    I have been fishing Hot Creek for thirty years. The stream has been devistated by the drought. Very few anglers even bothered to fish Hot Creek over the last year or two because of the lack of fish. The trout that were stocked are diploid fish and will reproduce in the stream and hopefully restore the stream to its past glory.
    A little known fact is that the stream had previously been stocked, both on the ranch and in the public water until about seven years ago. At the end of the season the hatchery would dump its excess fish into the creek and a former ranch manager many years ago, before Kevin and Bill, stocked on the ranch. So, the creek has never been a pure wild trout fishery. After a year in the stream a native strain stocked fish will behave wild and except for the clipped fin is almost impossible to tell apart from the native ones. The stocked fish off-spring will truly be wild. I for one am very grateful the the DFW for stroking my beloved stream.

  • Zino Nakasuji - 7 years ago

    I've noticed the decline, especially the past two seasons. Not enough run off to clear out the system for good spawning to occur.

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