Should the next TATA Chairman be from the Parsi Community?


  • Meherangiz Parvaresh - 7 years ago

    Parsis Company shd have only Parsi governing authorities to spread Good Thoughts, Good Words n Good Deeds in our Nation.

  • nergish - 7 years ago

    100% from Parsi only. one step further good if he is from TATA family. Mr. NOEL TATA MAY be good choice as he is doing remarkably well from other company like WESTSIDE . Under no other circumstance out of Parsi zone. There are few but very commendable Bawas are there.

  • Shrookh Dinshaw - 7 years ago

    It should be a policy that only a Parsee should be a chairman. Sucession planning should be made accordingly. Further, it would be great to see Tata's giving importance to employ Parsis based on their merits. Best wishes.

  • Zeenobia - 7 years ago

    With all due respect, let us move ahead and forward from RNT. As we all know everything comes to an end. When JRD handed over the baton to RNT there was a major strike in TMotors factory. RNT took it up. Times have changed today. The values of the company are not compromised. It's just that the board did not appreciate C Mistry touching things that RNT started - Nano & Docomo. What's the percentage of passenger vehicles on the streets? How many Tata car's do we see on the streets? Parsi or non parsi is another argument. The primary thing here is to move on

  • Daizy Shapur Homavazir - 7 years ago

    Yes,it would be very nice to see Mr Ratan Tata back on the seat.

  • Rohinton Kadva - 7 years ago

    Tata Trusts, who own two-thirds of Tata Sons, have said that Cyrus Mistry deviated from the core values as known to and defined by Tata Trusts. This being the guiding criterion for the Chairman of Tata Sons, it stands to reason that the next Chairman should be the senior-most chairman of Tata Trusts. The Articles of Association of Tata Sons should be amended forthwith, or else history will keep on repeating.

  • Keki Panday - 7 years ago

    Parsee legacy must remain with parsee

  • Shireen Elavia - 7 years ago

    We need a good Parsee to head the Tata group.if no one else let Ratan Tata continue

  • Shireen Elavia - 7 years ago

    We need a good Parsee to head the Tata group.if no one else let Ratan Tata continue

  • Rustom Irani - 7 years ago

    In my opinion Tatas should be headed not only from our community but from the Tata family only. The culture, ethics of an organisation which is run by a family is best understood within. There is a very thin difference in being transparent and naked. Let us have a person from the family else as we have seen in TCS and many more Tata firms that our own educated Zoroastrians are without a job as other communities are ruling Parsi created companies.

  • Farzin - 7 years ago

    to select good chairman you do not require religion to play a role and select and individual from the community. one can select a chairman from any religion, race, age and gender

  • tehemton - 7 years ago

    1. names of directors 2)all allegations , has it been de-bunked. 3)study by "MINT" is it biased YES/NO. 4) IF ratan tata is good why did he leave (rules can change). 5) cyrus tabled some facts or myths , was it discussed in public. 6). the whole BOARD MUST RESIGN AND have new election by shareholders.


  • Aspy Bharucha - 7 years ago

    Many are not known with correct picture. Cyrus is not DISMISSED from the relevant post. He must have been briefed by the Board members during the meeting who took the decision. Ratan Tata is NOT the ONLY on Board. There must be unanimous decision amongst the Board members to disowned Cyrus from the responsibilities of the Chairman post. Nothing wrong. It is Cyrus who has taken wrong steps ... actions ... to get the popularity and writing nonsense in press and briefing the media. He should have gracefully accepted the decision of the Board who have taken decision with the majority amongst them. I was of the opinion very first when Cyrus at the age of 41 was chosen as Chairman of Tata Trust that this man cannot deliver and walk with the ethics of the TATA in general. The guy born with golden spoon in his mouth could not know well of TATA's culture. Remember, Mulgankar who rose and retired as Chairman of then TELCO [now Tata Motors]. JRD has selected and put him as Chairman when it was noticed that Mulgankar knew well at TELCO from bottom to head.... Mulgankar was initially a Foreman and rose from the cadre to the Chairman and retired gracefully. He must have acted within norms and ethics of the TATAs and keeping in mind must have taken every decision to suit the company culture. Here in case as what is reported, Cyrus did not. Trust the Press and Media could look out of comments from other members of the Board and balance the story in right perception and reality.

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