For Westport Residents Only


  • RCRose - 7 years ago

    While crooked Hillary may have more experience in all the wrong places, a fresh untainted President who is not afraid to disclose the corruption in Washington is what is needs to restore order and confidence in our democratic system. The Clinton's are far too tainted and owned by the pay to play interest to run this country democratically and without continuing the overwhelming corruption that exists. Time to clean house and remodel our government and Trump is the best for that job!

  • Roger Kaufman - 7 years ago

    Theres only one way to go...away from an inexperienced and unqualified support of the candidate with a lifetime of dedication to education, equality and human rights.
    Far from perfect, and limited by the realties of our broken political system....the choice is clear to thinking people with their senses of value intact.
    Lets "get it together" and elect a President who truly supports -and has worked for the progress we so desperately need...not orchestrate a disaster.

  • Karen Gilbertie Roche - 7 years ago

    Grew up in Westport now in fairfield

  • Jane Yolen - 7 years ago

    Ex-Westporter here.

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