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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • vicky lynn - 3 years ago

    What a shame! Wouldn't give Dixie Chicks a spot on the show. They are a disgrace to Country Music. Beyonce out of place and she needed some clothes on. True country fans turned it off while they disgraced America again.

  • JoAnn - 3 years ago

    love the Dixie Chicks but that song was awful. With so many younger children watching does Beyoncé really need to wear such horrible revealing clothes ? Why not set an example when you have the chance ? So girls watching think that unless they show their bodies like her they're not worth a whole lot and what kind of message is that?

  • Mrs. Moore - 3 years ago

    They did a magnificent job. I loved it . I love country and r&b.

  • Mrs. Moore - 3 years ago

    They did a magnificent job. I loved it . I love country and rb.

  • Becky Rainey - 3 years ago

    Beyonce and Dixie Chicks were not worth watching!!! Can't believe they were invited to CMA!!! Lets keep it country, Dolly could have used their spot to read her acceptance speech!!! Very digusted how they were thrown in the mix!!! Both are a disgrace to America!! We needed more of George Straight, Dwight Yokum, Reba, Martina, Chris Stapleton who was such a gentleman saying HE WOULD HAVE GIVEN HIS TIME TO DOLLY! HOPEFULLY THIS WON'T HAPPEN IN FUTURE!!!

  • Lisa Delirenzo - 3 years ago

    Dixie chicks are awful and Beyoncé belongs on a tribute at the Cma's like mustard on PBJ ...such an insult to all the true country artists that SHOULD have been in those spots. Ruined the show

  • Lanalynn - 3 years ago

    Best performance ever on cmas kept it country with zazzy Blues you go girls ! An exceptional collaborative effort of two different worlds colliding loved it

  • Bethany - 3 years ago

    That was AWFUL !! Shame on CMA !! Beyonce and Dixie chicks gotta stay away from country music!!
    What a disgrace!!

  • Alfred Russo - 3 years ago

    Unfortunately though very talented and definitely sexy, Beyonce really shouldnt do country.

  • Nancy Mcwatters - 3 years ago

    I thought they were an awsome and lovely representation of glorious femme tres jolis. I loved their show it was a beautiful show of solidarity. We must demand to be seen. Vote!!!

  • Martha Pope - 3 years ago

    She should have stayed home!!!!

  • Hi - 3 years ago

    Horrible performance and the outfits were hideous.
    Try putting on clothes that don't show your lower body, have some respect because you have children who will see the performance

  • Leigh crutchfield - 3 years ago

    The Dixie Chicks are still not relevant. Singing another political song- they didn't learn a lesson the first time.

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