Who has your vote to win the game?

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  • Cherie - 3 years ago

    It appears this poll is fixed for Shelby by the author of this article.

  • linda - 3 years ago

    Something really fishy about this poll and story

  • ROYRESCUE - 3 years ago

    Many Love the Game (Big Brother), The Game Loves No One! Fans that don't get their way always CRIES FOUL! Big Brother has some of the biggest CRY BABIES. It is just a GAME. Get over yourself, go out side help the needy, volunteer at a food bank, visit a retirment center in the poor side of town. Visit the childrens wing at the Hospital. You will be brought back to earth quickly. God Bless y'all

  • Caleb Brody - 3 years ago

    Danielle is a hideous excuse for a human, she and Kryssie are vile!

  • Dawn Farrington - 3 years ago

    Hahahaha..Shelby did NOT win the HOH...BB did! 1000% She hasn't looked at one player (Head ALWAYS down picking her hair) she didnt even LOOK at the pics..just took the cards one face at a time & put the cards (ALL RIGHT) in their places!! NO Dam way could she have done that WITHOUT BB's help! Your delusional IF you truly believe that shes THAT GOOD! Janelle one of the best Comp players in BB 's history made BB's history doing it in only 18 mins...Shelby does...not...come close to Janelle..She's an absolute DITZ! She...claims...shes playing dumb to the hg's..but in the Live Dr's she acts just as dumb when she KNOWS she doesn't have to put on an act! Last Friday in the Live Dr's she claimed it was TUESDAY!!! she doesn't even know what day it is lol....and MAKING Jason feel SO guilty that he got the CP & Literally hysterically cried about it for an hr...When Jason of all people came in wiped away her tears--hugged her...when..Her Own alliance...ran away from her putting her down!! None of the Plastics deserve to win!! NONE!

  • Meg Price - 3 years ago

    Trouble is there has been so much voting fraud that a really great season has been tainted. People openly posted directions for a way to get UNLIMITED votes- and other have signed up for a free week, voted a week, canceled the free subscription, and used a different email to sign up again. The votes are a sham and that is a shame because if that had not happened then this would have been my favorite season for a long time! CBS should recognize IP addresses in order to spot this- then it could be fair.

  • Cherie - 3 years ago

    Pam, are you really Scott?

  • Pamela Check - 3 years ago

    Alex and Shelby are actually my favorite players. I would like to see Alex win, she's been playing the game, she's a hard player. She strategies more than anyone else I've seen, and at least she try's to do the best that she can. I don't see her trying to cheat at anything. And Shelby, God love her, I'm so proud of her winning the HOH says volumes about her, and in record time! I believe that someone who actually plays the game should win over someone who doesn't play.

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