Should parliament have a vote on Article 50?


  • S Whitby - 6 years ago

    People done the voting , and voted out enogh said.

  • leon - 6 years ago

    The fact is that the referendum was set as a final deal but the whole fact is the majority is wanting sovereignty back and independent freedom the thing is no one sees that its apparently because we are all racists' yet its not that people are blind to see the press attacking our minds rant over

  • J.T. - 6 years ago

    The referendum bill stated clearly in its briefing that it was only consultative. That's what Parliament understood when they passed Cameron's ill-advised internal power play.

    "This Bill requires a referendum to be held on the question of the UK’s continued membership of the European Union (EU) before the end of 2017.

    It does not contain any requirement for the UK Government to implement the results of the referendum, nor set a time limit by which a vote to leave the EU should be implemented.

    Instead, this is a type of referendum known as pre-legislative or consultative, which enables the electorate to voice an opinion which then influences the Government in its policy decisions.

    ... The UK does not have constitutional provisions which would require the results of a referendum to be implemented”

  • J ponder - 6 years ago

    63% of voters think parliament should have a say ... Exactly the same percentage of the population who DIDN'T vote to leave the EU, but are being disenfranchised by a little Englander minority

  • Jonathan Daly - 6 years ago

    Ian Bell-end, you were lied to. You were gullible enough to believe it. You're a daft cunt.

    Chortle, chortle.

  • MARGARET PIZZEY - 6 years ago

    Brexiteers were demanding back our Courts, our laws, and our parliamentarians deciding our future.

    This ruling by the judges (of the English Courts) has said that the government must take all decisions before the elected members of parliament for approval before committing to Article 50. Surely this is what all Brexiteers were demanding?

    The ruling of law by English judges (not the EU Courts) should be exactly what was demanded.

  • iain bell - 6 years ago

    The Referendum literature that was sent to everyone's house by the government at a cost of £9million stated that if the vote was to Leave then the government would exercise Article 50. All the Treaties surrendering sovereignty have been exercised under Royal Prerogative, a legal construct which states that the government represents the crown in Parliament and in certain circumstances can act without reference to Parliament. Now the government wants to act on the will of the people as expressed by the vote, the remainers are, without irony, stating that moves to end the surrender of Parliamentary sovereignty to the fascist antidemocratic federalist EU, which has the explicit stated aim of putting an end to Parliamentary sovereignty permanently, have to be put to the vote of a sovereign Parliament. It is legal masturbation of the highest order by elitist scum. The fact that the outcome of the exercise of Article 50 is unknowable because it would then entail entering into a 2 year negotiation period with the bunch of anti democratic fascists who populate the higher echelons of the EU, has been ignored by the imbecile remainers. They want to the government to tell them what their negotiating position would be before they go and commence negotiations with the EU. This is so they can try to prevent a full "Brexit means brexit" outcome, which is what was voted for. I mean nothing like showing your cards before you go in. The remainers really are vile berks of the highest order...

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