Do you believe Andre Price should be charged?

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  • Pamela - 6 years ago

    This is my opinion about the whole situation is a ???? story to read but the truth of the matter is you going take your son life over a boy I can't call him a man because he's not what the fucked you expect he's young if he wants to go out in cheat that's all on him instead of worrying about that your focus should been on your kids .a man comes a dime a dozen You know some people would love to have kids but hey can't but god blessed you with two kids and your dumb ass going to take your child life behind a man I hope they give you the needle And don't say you are sorry you didn't say that shit when you killed your son you are a poor excuse of a wanna be women. And for the father he should go down to don't let him get a free out of jail card she told him what was what but he didn't pay it no mind at all he should have told somebody but he didn't so to me he's guilty to Rip little ????

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