Would you eat the Neiman Marcus Thanksgiving Food?

  • Brittany - 6 years ago

    I know that's thanksgiving meal ain't shit cause they didn't even mention macaroni....you can have Thanksgiving dinner without Mac and Cheese.

  • EvieE - 6 years ago

    Let me tell you something, that Neiman Marcus Thanksgiving meal looks like a feast compared to the horror meal I've suffered at the hands of my white in laws. I'm sure that Neiman Marcus meal can't compare to a home cooked Thanksgiving meal from our parents, aunties and grandma's, but I bet it was at least prepared by chefs. When I couldn't get to my family's for Thanksgiving, hubby and I had dinner at the in laws, there was twigs and berries in the stuffing, the sweet potatoes were just that...sweet potatoes, no cinnamon, no sugar, no marshmallows, just boiled potatoes, unseasoned string beans heated up in a microwave and a dry ass turkey. To add insult to injury, I heaped my plate with regular mashed potatoes because it's really hard to mess those up. My feelings were hurt when I tasted it only to find out it was mashed cauliflower, so yeah, I'd eat the hell out of that Neiman Marcus meal.

  • Cappadonna - 6 years ago

    For those prices, the complete Neiman Marcus Thanksgiving Meal must come with its own set of slaves, including that little boy with the fan from Underground. This is fucking with Black people. Colonizing Big Mama's Table.

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