Who would you vote for?

  • trump - 5 years ago

    trump is my daddy

  • Aussie Rhoo - 5 years ago

    Come on Good People Live and let Live

  • roy - 5 years ago

    Mia...if I could do the double thumbs up to you would that make you feel awesome? Right now I wouldn't waste my energy. Fully agree with Dave! Hillary is the man for the Job!!

  • Bartle Doo - 5 years ago

    The news channel 'RT' literally stands for 'Russia Today', and according to a quick google search, it is funded by the Russian Government. I'm sure they are very serious about being impartial when it comes to the 2016 US election. *wink wink*

  • Mia Brown - 5 years ago

    @ Dave.. Matey - I was pro Clinton all the way , UNTIL I read the wikileaks emails archive, UNTIL I heard the tape where she clearly cited that they needed to interfere in a palestinian election.. https://www.rt.com/usa/364628-clinton-rigging-palestine-tape/ UNTIL I researched and read and read, and realized that the likes of the saudi's, and other nationality delegates proved to be connected to isis etc all handing over millions of dollars to the clinton foundation cannot be a good thing.. I ask you , why would ANY foreign government invest in another country's election ? for their OWN purposes. Furthermore, Buddy. who I voted for in THIS country has no relevance to who I think would be under the most amount of legitimate scrutiny , as POTUS, and therefore the LEAST dangerous asshole to be leading a government.

    As far as I'm concerned , NONE of this bullshit will affect the election over there, but, what I do believe honestly is that if clinton gets in.. that is the last time ever that any civilian will ever get close , to unwinding the hold that the major banks, and power mongering entities have on the future of our world. She is their puppet ALL THE WAY. All the crap that they do, and all that opportunity for change will have seen its last puerile light of day.. and god help us all.

    Oh.. and .. I do reserve the right to say " I told you so ".. said in the sweetest possible voice.. while muttering " asshole " in your general direction.

  • Gav - 5 years ago

    Trump: Everything that is wrong with US culture

    Clinton: Everything that is wrong with US government

  • Dave - 5 years ago

    All you people like @Mia Brown stating Clinton has committed crimes - can you please provide the links to where this is true. What crimes has she been convicted of - please show us the proof. You are all disillusioned deciding on hearsay and Trump PR - sucked in like the stupid Conservatives in the USA.
    I bet you voted for Hanson?

  • Dave - 5 years ago

    Seriously after all we have heard about Trump's and the 3 debates over 50% want to vote for Trump. Now I know why Hanson got into power. Australia is turning into a redneck nation of uneducated popular-poll reactionists.

    HIllary may have been stupid in creating a private email server but has been found not guilty of any dishonesty. She has experience as 1st Lady and as Secretary of State. Donald has experience in ripping people off and making millions from his father's legacy - come on people, do some research!

    You all really have no idea what affect Trump would have on our economy and the world. Already the economists are saying the stock market will plummet of Trump wins so you all want to lose 1000s from your SUper do you??

  • jemma - 5 years ago

    I would rather vote for somebody who has been a First Lady a Senator, and Secretary of State, than an absolute nobody whose only credentials are a so called "builder" (who went bankrupt), who refuses to show tax returns, uses filthy language and is an absolute disgrace to his country.

  • John - 5 years ago

    Make Mexico great again!

  • Grayfox - 5 years ago

    Trump was right.
    This vote is rigged.
    I started a private browsing, blocked all cookies from being made and voted 100 times for trumpet
    Trumpet never said which side was rigged after all trumpet cant handle the truth so he will do what ever it takes to win.

  • bobbo - 5 years ago

    You get the government you deserve

  • Suz - 5 years ago

    Well thank f**k you Aussies aren't in charge of deciding who the next U.S. president will be!!
    All you troglodytes claiming that a vote for Trump is a vote AGAINST "corruption, the system, banks, etc" - you all need to do some research beyond the media and wikileaks cause that rotting orange turd IS the system and big business at its WORST!

  • bobbo - 5 years ago

    You get the government you deserve

  • Hillary for prison 2016 and beyond - 5 years ago


  • TLO - 5 years ago

    I still believe in Baba Vanga's premonition that the first Black President of the U.S. will also be the last and i find all of her premonitions, warnings, conspiracy theories throughout her life very credible afterall almost everything she has ever predicted has so far all come true. Not only that but she predicted it all before her death in 1996. Personally i support Trump because he is not a politician he is a business man and we need a business man to effectively implement fair and just policies and ones that are not about ones own career but the flock that they lead. I trust Trump more than i ever would and could Hillary and to be quite frank in regards to global security, National security, trade, and foreign relations I would believe and trust Trump to be more transparent, honest, ethical and not to sugarcoat things or dress ugly scandals and various other predicaments up in in fake and beautiful wrappings when its all messy and two faced back room bargaining and dealing going on.

  • Chip - 5 years ago

    USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia have funded ISIS to create instability in this region to create this migrant crisis. (((They))) are deliberately bringing all these refugees into Europe to dismantle the White European majority population. Ever notice why there is not a single western country that is strong on immigration all the while been overrun by immigrants ?from different backgrounds and values that are undeniable incompatible with ours? It's all part of plan to destroy societies and take control. Black community in America in 1940s/1950s Flourished all be it under oppression. Compare crime, wealth, employment statistics of then to today. I know you will all say well we abolish Jim Crow, implement Section 8 so of course they are better off now right? Wrong. Welfare has fucked them, no fathers around to raise families they have been devastated. Whites in this country have been demonised by every (((media outlet))), academic institution, (((Hollywood))) tv show or movie. Look into the Frankfurt School, and how and (((who)))is behind the push of this Cultural Marxism. They pray on young impressionable teens/adults and try to indoctrinate them with these bullshit ideologies. On the left they promote rebellion and angst and self-hatred of your race and make you believe that you are righteous voting democrat. They manipulate the Christians on the right with all the abortion and anti-gay shit.

    At the current rate of legal/illegal immigration( not forecasting for more possible conflict in Middle East) the White population in America will be a minority in 2044. This is when the shit will hit the fan. blacks and Mexicans will form a voting block and vote in their interst(which they can't be blamed for, of course you would, unless your white then it's racist). The (((media))) will manipulate them by pushing a narrative of slavery etc. look at what the white man did to you in the past and now is your time for payback. you will then see increase of welfare and government dependency all the while giving the government more and more control (ie Communism/Socialism). This is when they will really crank up the master plan and take all civil liberties and all your income and their will be nothing to do about it(especially if the 2nd amendment is lost).

    This has been their plan all along. It's an elaborate plan that has been used in civilisations for hundreds of years. If you have read this and still don't realise/understand why Trump has risen in popularity and are shaking your head saying how could anyone vote for him, this is why. You will never see the Media say this is why Trump is popular because they are vehicle used to execute the plan. No wonder they have tried to destroy Trump every chance they get through sex scandals (one of their favourite methods) and complete character assassination. By now if you haven't given up reading this rant you probably wondering who is behind it all. I hate to say but it is a group of predominantly Jews and Christian race traitors. If your not on board with the JQ than they will continue this world domination and nothing we can do about it. When you go to vote in Tuesday please vote trump, if not trump Vote Gary Johnson.

    Another thing to consider is SCOTUS appointment. Currently 3 of the 6 judges are Jews. The replacement for Scalia, put forward by Obama administration is Jewish aswell hence why Republicans have blocked it in the senate. 4 out of 7 SCOTUS being Jew is way too over representative of 2.2% of the population. If Democrat win and gain control of the houses you can bet your ass it'll be another Jew appointed and you can say goodbye to your 1st and 2nd amendments and say goodbye to you, your family and your children's future.

  • sAM - 5 years ago

    Dont know why so many people want a career criminal running their country...

  • ... - 5 years ago

    anybody that votes for Trump obviously isn't planning on living in the U.S any time soon. How could you have him run the most powerful country. He couldn't even run a bath, let alone an entire country.

  • Ros - 5 years ago

    If I had to choose between a crook and a sleeze, I'd choose the sleeze any day.

  • Kaz - 5 years ago

    You should have a third option - "anybody else". The two worst candidates in the history of US politics.

  • Simon Watson - 5 years ago

    It's such an unfair ultimatum. Vote for hillary or you'll get trump.

  • Scott - 5 years ago

    Why are people pretending Hillary is this bogey-man? All politicians are dodgy, just this election cycle scared everything into thinking Hillary is somehow worse than any other candidates or presidents we've ever had before.

    You must honestly be joking if you think Trump is the lesser evil, because you "know where he stands". His controversies are honestly much worse, and they're in the limelight. People are only for him because they think they know about all of his dirty laundry before the fact.

  • Mr mr - 5 years ago

    Vote against the media and entertainment industry.
    Vote against the banks and other global corporations. Vote against political corruption and American manipulation/destabilization of the Middle East. Vote the vulgar sexist Trump in, because that's all he is. Hillary and the democrats represent far far worse.

  • Mark - 5 years ago

    Trump is a lunatic but I could not bring myself to vote for Clinton. she is as dodgy as they come. I don't envy the Americans, its a bit like choosing which shit sandwich you want to eat.

  • Mia Brown - 5 years ago

    if Trump gets in - he will be under a microscope unparalleled in history - and he will welcome it. That's a relief at least, that he won't be able to fart, without it being reported.

    If HILARY gets in.. her first act will be to bury any crimes she has committed and stitch up the likelihood that anyone gets access to that information OR is able to prosecute for that information ever again..

    I'd rather not take that risk. I'm horrified at what I read in the emails that have been released.

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    The lunatics are running the asylum !!!

  • Jordo - 5 years ago

    Make America great again

  • Sam - 5 years ago

    Hillary for Prison 2016!

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