If You're a Bernie Sanders Supporter, Who Will You Vote For?

  • Matt F - 6 years ago

    Voted for Trump here in PA and he won the state lol I voted for a change and I got it ;)

  • John R - 6 years ago

    I am so tired of being called a spoiler. The democratic party is not automatically entitled to my vote. I changed my party affiliation from green to democrat only so I could vote for Bernie. I suspected that the primary would be my only shot.Instead of blaming all of us who vote 3rd party, perhaps the democratic party should examine why the candidates they put forward alienate so many voters. Give me a candidate I can vote for and I will vote democrat.
    Finally, I want to address this ridiculous logic that you should vote for Hillary because Jill can't win. Jill can't win if we don't vote for her. This is absurd circular logic.
    Regardless, go vote. The country will get the president it deserves.

  • Michael McIllewyn - 6 years ago

    The best thing any Bernie Sanders supporter can do to ensure that his ideas make it to the White House is vote for Donald Trump.

    Now that you are sufficiently outraged, hear me out.

    If Hillary Clinton is elected (and let’s face it, this is definitely a two person race), then she is sure to get reelected in 4 years. Eight years from now, chances are high that Tim Kaine will run and get elected for at least one term.

    How old will Bernie be then?

    And if she doesn’t get reelected, it will be because of public outcry against her policies. We all know who that means gets the office then, and it doesn’t have a “D” after the name.

    And as far as the next four years goes, we really cannot trust Hillary to do anything she has promised Bernie she will do. She has a long history of, at a minimum, being deceptive to put herself in the best light, or to get what she wants, or to move forward on some as-yet-undisclosed long-term goal. So anything she has promised Bernie (or the American voter) that she will do is about as likely to arrive as the rescuers in Benghazi. I shouldn’t have to list the examples, I think from what was seen at the Democratic Convention that the average Bernie supporters are smart enough to figure it out for themselves.

    On the other hand, if Donald Trump is elected, we have a shot at actually getting Bernie in 4 years. Not a proxy, not his closest doppelganger, but The Man Himself.

    I don’t think anyone but the most staunchly blind supporter of The Donald thinks he will do well enough in his first term to win reelection. And I don’t buy Hillary’s rhetoric that The Donald will be a disaster for America. He doesn’t have the support from Democrats OR Republicans to get anything of note through Congress, and without the support of Congress he will be a lame duck. Let’s not forget, before we worry too much about the Supreme Court, that those nominees have to go through Congress, too.

    I could go on and on about this, but I think the average Bernie supporter can sort it out on their own, rather than fall for the fatalism of a woman who has proven that she will say or do anything just for the power that being elected will give her.

    If you want to REALLY get this revolution for change started, then Hillary is the wrong choice. Four years is a small price to pay for the entire future of this nation, don’t you think?"

  • Dylan - 6 years ago

    I am a nineteen year old male from Ohio. As a student here, I found Bernies message of hope and hard work inspiring. His message of fighting corruption, bringing jobs back to the US, and taking our country back from the Wall Street elites energized me. For quite sometime, I had considered what I would do if Bernie lost the primary. The only thing I knew, is that I would NOT vote Trump. Several months passed and I was chatting with a friend on the eve of the DNC. At this point, I decided my hate for HRC was too strong to vote for her; Id vote third party. As I was aimlessly scrolling on Twitter, I see that Wikileaks had gained access to top Democrats' emails. They had rigged the primary against Bernie. I thought, "if they didn't care about my voice or vote in the primary, I need to about against them in the general." I began to consider Trump. Over the course of several weeks, I began to watch Trump rallies, listen to his message, and continue reading up on the latest leaks. After much consideration, I decided that voting for trump is the only logical thing to do. The DNC rigged the primary. Hillary took millions from Wall Street. Hillary advocated for a no fly zone in Syria. Donna gave questions to HRC. The DNC was even making jokes about stuffing ballot boxes right in front of Bernie supporters. All of this lead me to the decision to vote against government corruption. To vote for a candidate that would put Americans, not Syrians or Saudis, first. I am attracted to Trumps anti free trade and anti corruption rhetoric. I'd encourage others to do the same.

  • Dave Martinez - 6 years ago

    I was at the DNC, when I was told by a HRC delegate that "Bernie supporters are all losers, we do not need your vote or any other loser's vote" okay fine, Bernie Write In Vote in California. Good luck to ya HRC but here is my middle finger as support. It does not mean you are #1, but it could mean you are a #2.

  • Kelly O - 6 years ago

    A vote for any third party isn't a wasted vote and no if you vote for Jill Stein it's NOT a vote for Trump. If Hillary actually genuinely cared about democracy she wouldn't have rigged the primaries and screw over the STRONGER candidate that clearly would have been the nominee where it not for the rigging Hillarys goons all throughout the he political system did. The ONLY PERSON TO BLAME FOR TRUMP WINING IS HILLARY HERSELF. She's the weaker out of the two during primaries. And she RIGGED the primary. Therefore SHES to blame. Not third party voters!!! SOOO Sick and tired of this fear based political games. The lesser of two evil bs. Besides where has this fear based politics or lesser of two evils gotten us over the last 30 or so years? The fear and lesser of two evils system has fed us and has made our worst fears come true thinking they wouldn't due to the lesser of two evils system. Voting for the lesser of two evils is STILL VOTING FOR EVIL!!! That's why I voted for Jill! We need serious change from this corrupted to the core plotical system!!!

  • RP - 6 years ago

    This is my first time voting for the President and in the primary I chose Bernie. His message really resonated with me and many young voters here in California.
    When it came to the general election I decided to vote for Gary Johnson who is opposed to US involvement in regime change in the Middle East.
    Although I don't agree with Johnson on every issue and I know he will not become president in 2016, I think it's important that we stand up to government corruption.
    If you do not vote for Hillary in the 2016 election, you are sending the message that corruption is not acceptable and that cheating in politics is not rewarded with American votes.

  • Suzanne Williams - 6 years ago

    I switched to Jill Stein and my husband and I both voted for her. I don't believe we will flourish as a nation if the gov't corruption continues. We need to address climate change now. We need to bring back the majority of wealth to the middle class so we can help the lower income people as we did in the not so distant past. Hillary needs to be put up on charges for murder and money laundering. She mishandled classified government information to the point of allowing it to get into unclassified people's hands. This means that under the constitution it is treason to do so and anyone that does it can no longer hold a government position. Trump doesn't have any political savvy and knowledge of world leadership or diplomacy. No one is perfect but I wouldn't vote for him.

  • J - 6 years ago

    If you vote for anyone other than HRC in a state where she has the potential to lose, you are Trump's supporter more than people that voted for him- so keep that in mind.

    Please don't call yourself a Bernie supporter if you vote for anyone other than HRC, because if you still support him than you will still listen to him today.

  • Bust - 6 years ago

    If you truly support Sanders and you vote for HRC you missed his whole message. Jill has my vote

  • Robert - 6 years ago

    Follow the money and the key policies. Clinton has been bought by multi-nationals, big banks, the defense industry and foreign governments; Trump not – even Republican elites and corporate funders turned against him. Clinton supports multi-national corporation-controlled “free trade” agreements; Trump, Sanders & Stein are opposed. Clinton advocates droning Snowden, creating a no-fly zone over Syria, supplying more arms to Al Qaeda in Syria, threating Russia, and surrounding China with a missile defense shield; Stein and Trump support negotiating with Putin. Clinton policies have directly led to the needless killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Syria; Trump was adamantly opposed to these policies, even criticizing Republicans over the attack on Iraq. Clinton influence peddling extends to cheating and slandering Sanders in the Primaries, provoking violence at Trump rallies, and control of the Justice and State Departments and the “free” press which now intimidates its own reporters to political correctness. Her election would at best lead to outsourcing more jobs, supporting international banking profits, bailing out banks with taxpayer dollars, and lowering living standards; at worst to WWIII. Even Stein said Clinton is more dangerous than Trump. Please vote Trump for a safer world.

  • Independent Voter - 6 years ago

    Casting a ballot for the lesser evil in a corrupt and failing two-party system — which only promises more of the same — is the very definition of a wasted vote. In contrast, every vote for the Green Party is a true investment in the future. Embrace the 5% rule.

    A majority of Americans are disgusted with the political farce we are enduring. They are desperate for a principled alternative to the predatory bipartisan establishment, and seek a positive path out of the two-party trap. Investing your vote in a 5-percent victory for the Green Party can make it happen.

    Declare your Independence from the corrupt 2-party oligarchy!

  • John Riley - 6 years ago

    I voted for Jill Stein. I was and am a Bernie supporter, however I cannot bare to vote for such a corrupt administration. For those that are writing in Bernie, that is a throwaway vote. We will not even know how many they are because the states do not count them unless there is a need.

  • Earl - 6 years ago

    Early mail-in voting in Oregon ... I wrote down "Bernie Sanders." While it's risky because of the Supreme Court seats in play, when I said "Bernie or BUST" I meant it. HRC will probably take Oregon, anyway, so it's a low-risk long-shot that keeps my integrity intact.

  • Emily - 6 years ago

    I voted for Jill. I believe in her platform and really want to see more party options moving forward. I won't continue to vote for the "lesser of evils". Hillary and the DNC are corrupt. I love Bernie but I cannot and will not follow the dem party anymore. May god have mercy on all of our souls. We're all doomed.

  • KM - 6 years ago

    The only reason to vote for Stein is to make her party a legitimate 3rd party ...IF...she can get enough of a percentage to do so, otherwise it iS a throwaway vote because she can,t win. As much as I hate Hillary....and I do....at least Bernies still working for us behind the scenes....he,ll have a tough fight but at least hes there for us. As far as a betrayal goes....Bernie didn,t betray us...he had to do what he had to do....common sense alone will support that....its a way to still be heard because he knew he couldn,t fight the machine ! I fully understand wanting to get a legitimate 3rd party going but if enough of those votes pull away enough of Hillarys votes, not only will we never hear from Bernie again...we,ll be under Trumps thumb....so my question is...conscience or no conscience can we all live with that for the next 4 years ? Trust me when I say, it is taking everything in my power to vote for Hillary...rather....I,m looking at it more as....keeping Bernie alive and fighting for us ....he is the ONLY reason I would hit that lever for Clinton.

  • Christine - 6 years ago

    I love Bernie Sanders. He is the most inspiring, honest, progressive candidate in my lifetime. Regardless of the outcome we must stay true to the platform and push for change at all levels of government. Corruption must end and we can all be a part of the change. Let's turn this horrible act of robbery by Clinton and the DNC into a powerful lesson and turn our anger into positive change for this country. We the people with Bernie can do it.

  • Tessa Hutcheson - 6 years ago

    Definitely not voting for Clinton. Sick lying individual and DNC disgusts me! Voting Stein or write in.
    Wasserman-DNC = corrupt lying cheats. Vote them out!

  • Michael Corby - 6 years ago

    Fully suspect we will never know the absolute depth of corruption that tainted this election cycle. Bernie Sanders was the revolution. Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are just revolting. They deserve a hellish sentence equal to the level of fraud they perpetrated on the American public.

  • Dustin Barnes - 6 years ago

    Bernie betrayed us all by endorsing the Wall St. ,Corporate, lobbyist candidate. Vote Jill Stein! She carries the torch for true progressives now.

  • drez - 6 years ago

    No point in writing in bernie sanders its a throwaway vote. Do as Bernie Sanders implores and vote HRC.

  • ET - 6 years ago

    i voted early in CA wrote i Bernie. 2 days later learned he is an officially accepted write in candidate.

  • A H - 6 years ago

    Wont vote for Clinton or Trump. Wrote in B Sanders name and proud of it

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