Do you have a policy regarding deceased customers?

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  • Ellen Masteller - 3 years ago

    Protocol for Deceased Member/Water Customer Instruction (For Internal Use ONLY)
    Someone within the office staff is designated to check obituaries.
    Once we establish a member has passed, then we send a letter to the estate at the last known address of the decedent seeking information on appointment of Personal Representative and outlining that we need the following in order for service to continue:
    a. Death Certificate
    b. Personal Representative needs to come into the office with valid picture ID (Driver’s license, Military ID or State ID) and proof of his/her appointment filed with the court (Estate Letter of Administration)
    c. Complete an Estate Application & Water Customer’s Agreement in the name of the Estate.
    d. Provide a Federal EIN (Tax ID) for the Estate.
    The Deceased account will remain intact. The designated office staff person will add the “Estate of” in the salutation section of the account profile in front of the deceased person’s name and in the in care of section add “Personal Representative & Persons Name”.
    Membership will not transfer until there is proof of new property ownership (Deed copy) beyond that of the Estate.
    If any person is living on the Estate property, the office will need a copy of the signed Lease by the Personal Representative as the landlord in favor of the renter or tenant, and then a completed rental application & rental deposit pursuant to our normal policy will be required.

  • Virginia Manley - 3 years ago

    We check the local newspaper for obituaries. When we find one, we mark our calendar to send a letter 30 days later to the survivors listed. We give them 30 days to bring in the new deed, or probated will, with other required paperwork to start the new account. If we do not get the updated paperwork, we turn the account off 60 days from the date of notification.

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