Now that it's going to be President Trump, I ... (chose as many as apply)

Posted 2 years.


  • pigpen51 - 2 years ago

    I predicted a Trump victory a few weeks ago, based upon the amount of anger I saw in people against not just Hillary, but on both sides of the aisle. So I wasn't surprised all that much. I don't think that Trump is going to turn things around much, but I am hopeful that his SCOTUS picks will at least keep things from getting out of hand any more than they already have. And on the day after the election, I went out and bought ammo.

  • David - 2 years ago

    I'm nervous. This could be a good thing or a nightmare. I already see him enbrassing the dino republicans. Who he finally appointments for his staff will be the first telling sign of what is to come. Have the feeling what we all keep praying for is going to be far from what we get. Myself, I'll continue my investment program..... Guns, ammo, silver, food, liquor, & tobacco.

  • StevefromMA - 2 years ago

    The first rule for a President is don't start WWIII. Clinton as President scared the hell out of me as she hates Putin and loves war and is really a neocon. Trump admires Putin, not good, maybe, but he's a lot less likely to get us all incinerated.

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