Which is more dumb:

  • EvieE - 5 years ago

    I hope before those morons who want to boycott Hamilton post their tickets online with the barcode showing. I'm not trying to wait another two years before I get to see it.

  • Sierra J AKA @momsdragwitswag - 6 years ago

    WTF Once again the WHITE WRONG WING, feelings are hurt because theater, which is the most pro-liberal, Pro-LGBTQ form of arts we have in America, booed their little Pency. AWWWW is you mad, well that's what the fuck you get. Prejudice is this country is real and you Whiggers made it clear in this election that yall have no plans in changing that. So don't be pissed every time we remind you of your mistakes. White Trash Mutha Fuckas can't even afford tickets let alone access them but yall homeless looking asses outside fake boycotting. Question: Are you really boycotting or are yall standing outside salty because you weren't invited to the party??? "WHITE TRASH: THE MEG OF AMERICA" (Drops Mic)

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