Will Edwin Encarnacion re-sign with the Blue Jays?


  • James S. - 6 years ago

    Morales was signed to replace EE. The Blue Jays have alot of payroll tied up in TT, JD and RM for the next couple of seasons. Could EE be signed and Smoke/Morales be traded to help plug outfield corners? I doubt that the Blue Jays would be willing to give up Stroman or a high LVL prospect to compliment that deal. I think they are smart to see where Cecpidis lands and the terms of his deal before moving forward. We also have to remember the current CBA has to be dealt with before anything. No player will sign until MLBPA gives the green light to resume contract signings. It's leverage my my friends and the union will use every tool at their disposal. Can't blame them. Alot of money on the line.

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  • Matt - 6 years ago

    They recently signed Justin Smoak to an extension. He is only a first baseman and DH. He will get at bats at both. They signed Morales to play DH and first base too.

    Last year they had Smoak at first base/DH and Edwin at 1B/DH. Morales was signed to replace Edwin.

    Signing Edwin would simply make no sense considering they already have committed to two guys that already only play first base.

  • Ken - 6 years ago

    They should, but will not. Shapiro was brought in to trim payroll and help navigate renovations of the Rogers Center. Blue Jays Brass hired him because of the work he did in Cleveland and too Progressive Field

  • Joe - 6 years ago

    They should resign but won't because rogers is a cheap filthy rich monopoly run by fucking liberal nitwits like John Tory and Teds idiotic kids

  • John Tush - 6 years ago

    Good point. His flatulence does help him gain an extra .01 seconds down the first base line.

  • Dave Arse - 6 years ago

    So very true, I was on First Base line and I could hear him. One smelly bastard

  • Shawn butt - 6 years ago

    Encarcion has incredible power and the jays should resign him but the issue with him is that he farts too much.

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