Best of CBB Live 2016

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  • Dans hofmans - 8 years ago

    I too was at Sydney and it certainly got my vote. I have to agree with the Drew Tarver ep as Donny Garry. Great to see that character on the bang bang tv show also. Baltz provided some amazing content too. Tough call to be sure.

  • DubipR - 8 years ago

    The San Diego Comic Con episode with the kid detectives finding Scott's golf bag of dildos kills me.

  • Nicola Pearce - 8 years ago

    Special mention to Big Chunk Bubbles, Calvin Redding and Justin Hoffman.

  • Amanda Andonian - 8 years ago

    Drew Tarver as Donny Gary still cracks me up every time I hear him sing those insane songs!

  • Rob - 8 years ago

    "This is a skittle" and "It was a watch dog" are the hardest I laughed. Can't be beat, imo.

  • David - 8 years ago

    Pamela from Big Bear in Minneapolis! Big Chunky Bubbles in Portland! Donny Gary in Atlanta!!

  • Steve - 8 years ago

    Oakland ep. Skip Dribbles basketball comedian!

  • paulymeatballs - 8 years ago

    Boston 10pm is already great with Scott , Werner and Big Sue. They're all on top form . But then the timekeeper arrives!

  • Eric Weaver - 8 years ago

    I'd recommend Big Chunky Bubbles (5/24 #1) and John Lennon's helicopter business (8/26). Donny Garry (which is real great) is 5/11 (probably my favorite episode overall).

  • Joe Lewis - 8 years ago

    If you haven't listened to the Boston 10PM show, do it, and you'll know how to vote! How can you not love the Timekeeper? (The Donny Gary ep with Drew Tarver is a close second personally, and shoutout to the UK Nottingham and London shows because I was at those live)

  • Taner - 8 years ago

    If you haven't listened to Australia eps, I saw Sydney episode live and it was truly a C+

  • JB - 8 years ago

    Just stopping by to remind everyone that the 10pm Boston episode is the one where time keeper crushes with the entire bit about the watch tower

  • Steve Bush - 8 years ago

    Tim Baltz and Neil were incredible on the live shows this year. So funny.

  • Lewis Redfearn - 8 years ago

    Best show on the Internet

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