Which team will win Friday's NCS Open Division football title?

  • Honolulu John - 4 years ago

    See? I told 'ya never bet against DLS. I can't believe anyone thought that Freedom could hang with DLS. The coaches at DLS get 150% out of their players and THAT'S the difference. I've never seen Freedom play but they didn't look like they belonged on the same field with DLS. They might very well be a good team but DLS will make you look bad in a hurry. And that's what happened tonight. Now what does the CIF do about placing DLS in D-1 instead of the Open game because they were thinking Freedom would win this game? Oops! Back to the drawing board thinking DLS was having a "down" year. They might loose in the Open game to Mater Dei (or Bosco) but they'll know they were in a hard-fought battle against the team from the North that haunts them. Can't wait to see that one!

  • Travis - 4 years ago

    Don't ever slight DLS. The light came is n during the bye week and now here we are.

  • John Pedemonte - 4 years ago

    As usual, I would never bet against DLS with that coaching staff. At this level coaching is important. Equal talent will not beat DLS. It has to be superior talent at all positions because of the extraordinary coaching by the DLS staff. Good luck to both teams but I'll be very surprised if Freedom can pull this out. It'll be a shame that Freedom doesn't move on, but talk to Folsom about that. As we all know, it happened to them twice with a QB named Jake Browning, and surrounded by excellent players.

  • AJ - 4 years ago

    Same hype for Folsom a few years ago. De la Salle torched them twice. De la Salle might have to work a little harder with Freedom. Looking forward to this game.

  • Veer Contrary - 4 years ago

    DLS is very young.

    Regardless, look much better now than the Servite game...

    They'd beat Bosco because they're more one dimensional and DLS will run on em

    Mater Dei looks silly good

  • Gary - 4 years ago

    Normally, I would hope De La Salle would win. DLS has represented NorCal so well in state championship games - winning 7 of 10 including six at the highest level. But this year, DLS would be a long shot against the winner of the SoCal final between St. John Bosco and Mater Dei. So, I am rooting for Freedom. It is time for DLS to lose to a NorCal opponent. Go Falcons. And bring some trick plays. You may need them.

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