Should Mercedes discipline Lewis?

  • Cyddo - 5 years ago

    LOL race card

    Grow up

    Remember 2014 & 2015?

    lewlew is shit. Deal

  • Dzeep - 5 years ago

    Mercedes, in particular, Toto Wolff are playing favoritism, with as much discretion as possible and under the table. And it is NOT Lewis Hamilton who is favored.

    The notion of a black driver (and all he brings with him) leading this German team is making a lot of people at Stuttgart uncomfortable.

    Shame on them. Toto Wolff needs to be unmasked. And Lauda is not that far behind.

    Wolff, Lauda, Marko…. are all made of the same cloth. Sad to say, but I believe that they are racists

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