Team Chelsea or Team Sharon?


  • Dina - 8 years ago

    I hope Adam is alive and he gets back with chelsea !!!

  • Susan - 8 years ago

    Would prefer a new love interest for Nick. Neither Sharon or Chelsea. Brings in more characters. Instead of same old characters . Chelsea is for Adam.

  • Gail Gallant - 8 years ago

    Do not put Nick back with Sharon .
    Sharon seems to get her own way at all times.Nick needs to have a happy life for a change.

  • Tammy J Gifford - 8 years ago

    Nick needs someone new stop putting nick back with that sysco!!!!move on from her. And also in r eality no judge in the world would give other people visiting rites to that baby

  • donna - 8 years ago

    Please please don't let Nick and Sharon get back together. I couldn't take it. I probably wouldn't watch the show again ! And I have been watching for years. Let them go on with
    other people. Also please please let Phyllis and Jack get back together. They are great together ! Love the show !

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