Which business card to you find most appealing?


  • L - 6 years ago

    3 is crisp and clean. Relevant

  • Annie - 6 years ago

    I just showed the options to my husband and he agrees with me on #3. He said that on a business card, you want your name, what you do, and how to contact you prominent. (He's a retired lawyer, so knows a thing or two about business cards). I think the first one makes me wonder why there is something on the right that is blocking me - oh yes, it is fabric. Then secondly, the first one also seems to block me on the left, making me wonder why - oh yes, a sewing machine. The fact that your phone number is sort of hidden to the left of the sewing machine needle, just doesn't work, for me. But, the choice is yours and I'm excited to see what YOU decide! What fun! And how exciting!

  • Annie - 6 years ago

    Love the 3rd one the best! Has an abundance of creativity. The first one, who has so far received the most votes, doesn't seem the best to me because the sewing machine needle area to the left is not noticeable right off the bat - it sort of fades into the border - you have to look for it to see that something else is on the card, and oh yeah = a sewing machine needle! The third one gives the viewer everything at once! Love it!
    Good luck! I did VistaPrint for mine a while back, and loved the results!

  • Betty Anne Guadalupe - 6 years ago

    Like 3

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