Grade the <i>Walking Dead</i> midseason finale:

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  • Sam Joyce - 3 years ago

    Best episode of the season since the 7/1. So many naysayers, the easiest answer to that is don't watch it if you don't like it. This season has been slow and some episodes have fallen short, to be fair however, that has always been a problem with The Walking Dead. The quality of the episodes has varied greatly over the whole series but I for one am not going to give up on the show, last nights episode seems to have the core group "back on track" and a lot of progress was made. Most fans I'd bet do have some tolerance for slow moving episodes and "set up" episodes but there are some that have no patience and demand that their craving for constant action be fulfilled immediately. The desire for instant gratification says more about the fans that need it than it says about the show. While a lot of fans have found this season to be frustrating so far, maybe that's exactly how we are supposed to feel !! This time period has been frustrating for the characters as well, hopefully the second half of the season will move forward more effectively. Do hope that going forward they do not follow the comics as closely as they have been this season.

  • Patricia Lacasse - 3 years ago

    Finally they are going to fight back. They can do it. Glad to see Rick and Daryl back.

  • Jcscott125 - 3 years ago

    Easily the strongest episode of 7A. Unfortunately, that's not saying much.

  • Kimberly Hopper - 3 years ago

    After all of them kinda being apart in their heads, and literally being apart from each other, it felt good that they were all back together. The final scene was not someone watching the Hilltop, theyou were watching Father Gabriel at Alexandria. Standing up like he was kinda makes him a really easy target! And of course they make him likeable before becoming said target. Typical TWD.

  • Makayla brown - 3 years ago

    Just kill negan already, What is the hold up.

  • Pudntain - 3 years ago

    This show just sucks. How long can it be stretched out. Time for it to end...

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