Which player's contract is the best for his team?


  • William - 6 years ago

    From players perspective, Melancon. Big bucks and 2 year opt out

  • Bob butter - 6 years ago

    The giants bullpen is still a withering pile of foul stench. Melancons deal does not change much.

  • Jason C - 6 years ago

    Giants deal with Melancon by far the best deal of the winter meetings and possibly of the off season. Better stats and way less $$$ than Chapman. If the Giants had him last year they win game 4 and who knows where the season goes from there. He's a proven winner and his stats speak for themselves. All of the major winter meeting signings where good deals but in measuring wins and where each team is at hands down Giants best deal!!!!!!

  • Ross - 6 years ago

    The desmond deal is awful if they actually use him as a first baseman as reported. His value there is much less than at many of the other positions he plays. The closers will play 65 innings a year if healthy so paying them excessively isn't likely to pay off. Fowler will be an everyday center feilder with a little pop in his bat, and a little speed in his step. Probably going to be the fowler contract that is most cost effective.

  • Shawn butt - 6 years ago

    Desmond by far. The other three fart way too much.

  • Seth Robinson - 6 years ago

    Aroldis was the biggest as long as the yanks can produce runs

  • Nick - 6 years ago

    No way Fowler was a good signing he s not worth half of that. It ll turn into one of the worst contracts.

  • Steve - 6 years ago

    Fowler fits the win now, without mortgaging the future propect wise mentality that Mozeliak has espoused for the past several seasons.

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