Should the 49ers offer refunds to PSL holders?

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Posted 2 years.


  • Low Bounty Contact - 2 years ago

    Free market principles at work buyer beware. The shining bobble has lost its luster so be it. Sakes alive you bought from the Yorks you knew what they were about. Better luck next time and stay away from those Edsel's. Find a better product next time.

  • Tony Shermoen - 2 years ago

    A distinct difference between the wealthy and the rest of us: Jed York has a work experience position (internship) and does a terrible job. Most people would have been relieved of their position long ago, however he has been able to keep it and is probably paid a higher salary than the typical intern.

  • LD - 2 years ago

    #littleboyyork must go

  • David Frye - 2 years ago

    I have to admit that the way the seats were sold to us was an act of fraud, the team prior to Harbough after 2002 was junk, then they hire Harbough and the team gets good and now they can sell PSL's to fans and fill a new stadium. There would be no way the stadium would have had the season ticket success if Singletary or Nolan were the coaches.
    Now the seats are sold the product turns back into junk, does that look like out right fraud to you?, it does to me. I think the York's are into the 49ers for the money only, they do not care about building a decent team, they are supposedly 65 million under the salary cap, I'm sure 3/4 of the NFL teams would give their left kidneys to have that situation.
    I will not declare what I intend to do with my PSL's, I think the best situation would be for the Seat Holders at the time of being invoiced in the spring would be for EVERYONE to withhold payment, until the York's do something to ease our financial pain.
    I think a "Concerned PSL Holder" Should create a web site for us so we can communicate and select a strategy for these Pirates, right now we are all separate voices, getting nothing accomplished.

  • Unhappy PSL Holder - 2 years ago

    Jed are a complete loser. Couldn't handle a Harbaugh. What value have you ever delivered in your life? Just riding mommy and daddy's coat tails. You are worse than a wet dish rag. May this reality drive you to insanity. Redeem yourself and earn respect by convincing mommy and daddy to sell the team to folks who care about football, the fans, and the Bay Area.

  • Rafael Torres - 2 years ago

    The only reason most of us bought our season tickets was we thought Harbaugh would eventually take us to a Suberbowl win. Once York fired him and kept Baalke it felt like a slap in my face and the yorks cared about was money. The sold us the SBL on a lie. I wish walking away would hurt them, but not sure if they would even care. I definitely haven't spent a dime while inside there empty stadium this past season.

  • Andy Shrove - 2 years ago

    I own 4 SBLs in the corner, 200 bowl. I'm out unless there's a complete housecleaning of the nature that steve young described.

  • Chris C. - 2 years ago

    Everyone keeps overlooking this key reality: Those who bought PSLs forfeit them if they fail to purchase season-tickets each year--in which case Jed & Family can sell them again. So the Yorks have no concerns with a poor team and empty Levi's: Worst case the collect double on the PSLs, even if the second sale has to be at a lower price. For the same reason, the Niners are free to raise season ticket prices regardless of performance, since current PSL owners are "locked into" having to renew their tickets each year.

  • Not a happy PSL holder - 2 years ago

    Ever since they fired Harbaugh, the team's morale and swagger went down. I bet from York and Baalke point of view, they thought Harbaugh was a mediocre coach. YO Baalke and YORK you guys are idiots. I wish I never bought my PSL seats. I've been a season ticket holder since the team was playing at Candlestick. As a 49er faithful fan, I would like to see Baalke FIRED and JED YORK demoted. But YORK'S mom and dad won't do that to their spoiled kid. To the York's, wake up and smell the coffee and hire a NEW GM please. I have no problem refusing to pay another dime for my PSL seats. You failed to produce a winning product therefore can we get a refund. If you do not make changes that us fans like to see. I guarantee MORE PSL holders will refuse to pay too.

  • Pricedout - 2 years ago

    As the long time original faithful season ticket holders were Priced Out of the Elite Levis Stadium after years of dedication, I have no sympathy for those psl opportunists who were never truly fans anyway. The only thing the Yorks care about is money. They don't care about the fans or the team.

  • Jim Eastbay - 2 years ago

    Concur - Lets start a movement here. I will also DEFAULT on my SBL and REFUSE my SEASON TICKET. Let em try to come after me - I don't give a crap! NOT ONE MORE DOLLAR FROM ME JED!! SELL THE TEAM YOU SNOT-NOSED TURD !!!!

    If you agree with this sentiment or are a SBL holder yourself - Please respond here with your support.
    1. DEFAULT SBL !

  • bow - 2 years ago

    Raider fans voted 'NO'

  • Unhappy PSL Holder - 2 years ago

    I also have a couple of PSLs...I want to get rid of them and not renew but that only helps Jed even more, he gets to resell that PSL! plastic flasks everyone..dont pay $$$ for drinks

  • David D - 2 years ago

    I own 4 SBL's on the 40, row 8. I've already informed the Niners that I will default on my SBL's before I will be forced to buy 1 more ticket for the 49ers. I actually told them when Gabbert was still the QB, and nothing Kaepernick has done since has changed my mind. The 49ers gouge on tickets, on parking, and worse, field a team that's not worth the gas money to drive to Levi's Stadium. While I never expected that the 49ers would make the playoffs every year, the product is massively defective and I would encourage all SBL owners to refuse to be held hostage by a management team that has no idea how to run an NFL team. SBL OWNERS UNITE - REFUSE YOUR SEASON TICKETS

  • Trent wenzel - 2 years ago

    Look Jed voted!

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