Do you use all of your vacation days?

  • TanyaW42 - 4 years ago

    Yes with an asterisk -- we have the option to get paid for one week instead of taking the time off, so I take the rest of my vacation and personal days and cash in that last week!

  • SilverBackSurfer - 4 years ago

    Fuck no Vacation time??? I feel horrible for whoever doesn't get any vacation time. I'm pissed I can't get more than two weeks at my job. These mother fuckers be on that bullshit ugh wheres my MLK Fan at while yall spread that good word. I have to fight my SO to take her vacation days, i'mma play this episode for here in the car.

  • FalconsDiva - 4 years ago

    No vacation days left behind

  • T. Smoke - 4 years ago

    Hey Rod and Karen! It's been awhile since I wrote in, but know that I'm still listening, laughing literally out loud, and jamming and humming fcuking with black people on the daily. I had wanted to write in when Rod gave that stupid @$$ troll the biz ni ey (in my Scrappy voice) about how I came to a complete stop at my desk when he said what he did about Karen and was ready to find him and whoop his @$$!! Anywho...just wanted to say that I love you guys and although I haven't listened to this episode about using your vacation days, I wish one of the choices for the poll had been HELL YEAH, because HUNTY I takes alllllllllllllll my days!! These clear people get enough of my time when I'm here and I be DAMNED if I don't take some time for myself. Do y'all know I take a "sick" day and schedule a spa day?! Sick days don't specify what kind of sick you are, so I just chalk it up as a mental health day, because if Kanye hasn't taught us anything other than blonde ain't for everybody, it's taking care of our mental is just as important as taking care of our physical. Karen and husband:-), you guys have an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year! Oh one last thing....Rod, I saw that black Santa associated with Baron Davis and as little baby Jesus as my witness, BRUH, that's you, don't let him tell you otherwise! Do we need to start a petition?! Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, love you both!

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