Who do you think should win the award for Biggest Hypocrite of 2016?

  • john Gilmour - 1 year ago

    Nigel Lawson should be on your list,as should Dyson.

  • Derek Smith - 4 years ago

    How about Hillary with the "Super Predator" comment and slamming poor folks and then sucking up to them during her presidential campaign? This must be a liberal news outlet with hypocritical liberal authors and so-called journalists. Too funny! Hypocrites tend to point the finger and accuse others for being, as such.

  • Kassander - 4 years ago

    It is a very strong field and a choice was hard to make.
    Trump & Farage almost got my vote. But then I thought what effect would their winning a ballot held in UK have?
    Not a lot on Trump, and Farage's rudder is shipless.
    So it had to be May.
    A PM brought to the position by the method used for so very many years by the Tory party - she 'emerged', unelected even by her own Parliamentary party colleagues, never mind the rank and file membership.
    So fragile is the Tory party, split from top to bottom, riven with divisions, that it's ready to fall apart like a chocolate orange.
    A blow against May could be the successful bouncing bomb which would start the crumbling of the neo-con dam behind which are the icy, life-sapping waters of a neo-liberal world into which we are being dragged by May and her gang of Thuggees.
    I voted for (against) May.
    Do consider joining me.

  • Steve Rogers - 4 years ago

    All these bastards are doing their best to kill the poor, but the biscuit has surely been taken by Trump and Farage for the damage done to their nations' constitutional settlements. What a pair of absolute shits.

  • Fiona Greig - 4 years ago

    As a Scot, my vote would go to Ruth Davidson. As I can't do that, Daniel Handsoff the NHS has emerged the loser.

    As to Rooth da Mooth? "Scottish" and "Conservative"...two words that are poles apart. Then her "remain" stance pre-Brexit, collapsing like a mcds ice cream in a barely warm day...expecting SG to come up with an exit strategy, whilst fawning at May's backside when she says "Brexit means Brexit"..."...hard Brexit" and, the stunningly inapt "...red, white and blue Brexit...".

    Would that be à la francáise, Mrs May, or May not?

  • K Brow - 4 years ago

    All shameful points/attitudes but May is leader of my community and is murdering it

  • e w - 4 years ago

    well it does make you think i think that the sleights of hand are hard to compare but d h could actually cause deaths soon so he got my vote

  • Thomas Sutcliffe - 4 years ago

    It is a very strong field this year, but I consider that with all due disrespect to Dan Hannan that Trump/ Farage are ahead of the rest.

  • Bob Harrison - 4 years ago

    Daniel Hannan is almost as hypocritical as Jeremy Hunt who co-authored a book calling for the NHS to be privatised before he became the Secretary of State for Health ! Fox amongst the chickens or what.

  • Robert Greenhalgh - 4 years ago

    Calling the Sun and the Daily Mail hypocritical is tautology: they are by to their very pith and core hypocritical it is time to give others a chance to shine in this contest!

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