Which image would you like to see as a High Quality print for Halloween?

Option image
Option image

  • tvindy - 15 years ago

    Halloween Night is clearly the best. It's more colorful and has a wider variety of characters. Halloween is not just about zombies.

  • Meg - 15 years ago

    Couldn't you at least have the losing design printed on a t-shirt of one of the ghoolies in the winning print?
    a picture inside the picture kinda thing?


  • Sherrie - 15 years ago

    Zombies rule!!! They are perfect. You just gotta pick this one!

  • Manny Jasus - 15 years ago

    Definitely the Zombies! The blue tones definitely lend themselves to the scary, creepy origins of Halloween . . . and not to the commercialized neo-bright-colors of our big-box-store-bought costume obsessions :)

  • Pete Nezovich - 15 years ago

    I could have easily chosen the other one, tough choice, two nice ones Len!

  • Robert Taft VIII - 15 years ago

    If you are doing high quality, I think the Halloween night would look amazing because it is so much more colorful.

  • Toni Armstrong Jr. - 15 years ago

    I would vote for the zombies if at least one character were female. I love the blue tones and how wrong can you go with zombies.

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