Will The Spinelli Recast Be Permanent?

  • Shaz - 5 years ago

    I erred. "Damien Spinelli" is the character portrayed by actor Bradford, (not Brandon), Anderson. GH writers and/or producers are crazy to think anyone else could realistically replicate his performance.

  • Shaz - 5 years ago

    I still don't like the LuLu replacement, she's a dud. Brandon made "Spinelli" his own. A recast actor won't have the naivete and quirkiness and heartfelt emotion that is the essence of "Spinelli."

  • Donna - 5 years ago

    Really think it's a stupid idea to try to replace someone like Spinelli.. He's one of a kind kind of person and his personality and movements and the way he is you can't just replace it with another person that's just him. Don't like that idea at all. I'm getting a little tired of too many changes and the storylines. I've been a fan of GH for many many many years it's not the same anymore I'm not very happy with it.

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