What Can Improve Camaro Sales?

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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • Ron - 3 years ago

    In 2014 the camaro's front end styling started to lose its appeal. The 2016 front end styling got ugly. The 2015 mustang front end is much nicer. This chevy guy will keep his 2012. Sleek styling wins over aggressive styling if you want higher sales.

  • Stephen - 3 years ago

    I didn't know how well these cars handled and their significant updates they made in this generation. I thought they just had different tail lights until a friend told me. That's bad marketing. Then I went to buy one and the lack of rear seat headroom and legroom stopped me from purchasing. I've been in subcompact cars with more room. That's poor design. If I wanted a 2 seater I'd buy a Corvette.

  • Jim - 3 years ago

    I find that the major problem is that the cabin is too tight, particularly the width. I have a 2012 45th Ann. SS and the cabin is spacious. I'm only 6' tall 175lbs. and I cannot feel comfortable. It's a shame because the new generation is a mechanical marvel! In Chevy's zeal to make a lighter platform they forgot they need to get American bodies to fit. Note: I'm Chevy all the way.

  • Henry - 3 years ago

    It needs to be in world class racing such as the Corvettes are in ALMS. I watch Corvette Racing (TV & track) in the ALMS series so I purchased a ZO6 this year. Funny I own four Camaros (Gen 1, 2 & two 3s) and have no wanting to purchase a Gen 6. Had a Gen 5 and enjoyed it the least. I do miss watching the Stevenson's Camaros.

    Drag racing is ok but it's not worldly enough for the Camaro's image. Oh ya, by the way I'm an old drag racer.

    You asked ...............

    Regards, Henry

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