Do you think Kennedy Fried Chicken should be allowed to remain open?

  • Corey - 5 years ago

    Does Market St. really need ANOTHER overpriced Italian restaurant?

  • Moba - 5 years ago

    We are gonna eat chicken not Italian.

  • Barbara Dorsey - 5 years ago

    The law is the law. If they can produce the lease they have a legal leg to stand on. I am not buying that the low income need to eat out too. Really? There were times when money was damn tight for me and going out to eat ANYWHERE was out of the question.You learn to stretch a dollar. Also, doesn't anyone have a problem with Kennedy Fried Chicken. Its a rip on KFC. That owner doesn't look Irish to me.

    I was just there this week in that area and it is like a new city. These changes are LONG overdue. I lived in Wilmington and raised 3 kids there 15 years till the conduct of my neighbors drove me out. Hated to go but...lets hope for a comeback.

  • Yolanda B Clarke - 5 years ago

    Great people.. Let them stay.

  • Yolanda B Clarke - 5 years ago

    Great people.. Let them stay.

  • Janis McElrath - 5 years ago

    Why can't it just be yes - without stipulations? They are a staple on Market Street. They are affordable for the clientele that frequents their establishment. The new ownership should have had the decency to extend an invitation to stay!

  • Tina Plotkin - 5 years ago

    The proposed restaurant sound like it will help to improve the neighborhood; however, is there another space it can take so that the chicken restaurant can remain?

  • Carol Banks - 5 years ago

    Absolutely yes. Having been there 25yrs, Buccini should have extended the invitation to Kennedy Fried Chicken, Owner first. Or house both Restaurants by doing a another renovation of the construction plans of the building. Its only fair and good business practise to do this. The new restaurant is a bit pricey & lower income folk cannot afford to eat there. Consider your ways Buccini Associates. Provide for the low income folk as well as "well to do" folk.

  • Mike Rowe - 5 years ago

    For a business like BPG who is most likely the leader in the revitalization of downtown Wilmington, this is a bad move. Yes, you want more people and businesses to occupy the buildings, but forcing a successful business to close against the owner's will is simply bad business for them and bad for the city. So what if the $100K+ households may not care for such a restaurant? Others do including those pay to who work in the area. Any presently successful operation located in the city should be included as an integral part of the redevelopment and repopulation of the city and at a reasonable lease rate.

  • John Darrel Harris - 5 years ago

    I believe this is only the first phase, I am betting the whole Eastside from the the Christiana to the Brandywine will be swallowed up and all those people will be displaced as well

  • shy - 5 years ago

    The low income Needs food as well.. There's enough bars and high costing foods in this location, its not all about the privileged. However, market street is boring and dry anyways, this area has no culture, and it depends solely on the fiat ( in lieu of lawful money) the hardwork and sweat and tears of the under priveliged ...

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