Why aren't you buying AirPods?

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  • Roger - 3 years ago

    I'd buy some if I could find ANY. So odd for Apple to release and backorder 4 months later.

  • iDontGiveA - 3 years ago

    Not paying that amount for Bluetooth headphones that can only be used with Apple devices only.

  • Thad - 3 years ago

    Yeah, another lame attempt to whitewash the truth that these things pretty much suck by saying 'runaway success!' I am tired of corporate America faking success to create the herd mentality that we all must have something. Frankly, these, like the Apple Watch or new touch gimmick MacBook Pro, don't seem all that useful or interesting to a normal guy like me.

  • DEMojica - 3 years ago

    People wearing them looks like dorks!

  • gazmac - 3 years ago

    Got Beats Solo 2 for xmas. My daughter got them brand new half-priced on gumtree. Pair flawlessly with my iPhone 7 Plus, control volume via left cup, takes calls, turn sound off and on by pressing centre of left cup. Easily turn off power with small button on right cup and love the deep base, which I know is not to everyone's liking. Because Solo 3 is out you'll be able to cheap offer in the 2s (officially retail at £269 in U.K. but most stores are selling for much less). I have now entered charging hell - Watch, phone, wireless keyboard, wireless headphones (my partner has monopolised use of the iPad as the 'Netflix-in-bed' device so she looks after charging that now.

  • Peter - 3 years ago

    Got a pair just before Xmas - Use them at night to listen to music while I drop off to sleep, when I have airplane mode turned on (i.e. wi-fi and phone signal off) with just the bluetooth switched on. As I rest on my side, I use one at a time, and swap them over when I turn over. They would often refuse to re-connect whatever I tried, for example, ensuring both were connected before I removed the unwanted earpiece - they seemed to work OK during the day when wifi was on - have others had problems swapping a single earpiece when wifi is off? Could only recover AirPods by re-setting the phone, not so good when I am trying to get to sleep.
    I also notice that although articles about bluetooth radiation levels keep reinforcing how bluetooth levels are only a tiny fraction (a few percent) of the radiation level of wifi/phone signals, the SAR rating (standard measure of radiation used to compare mobile devices) of my iPhone SE is 1.17W/kg and for the AirPods are 0.466W/kg or over a third of the radiation of of my phone. This seems worryingly high to me, especially as I often have them in my ears for long periods of time,

  • Richard Holyoake - 3 years ago

    hi i got my AirPods yesterday and i love them, yes controlling them with Siri can be a little long winded but that will change in time. they are a great piece of design and are a joy to use and sound great too.

  • T.S.M. - 3 years ago

    Headphones are much better/safer for your hearing. I would buy air pods though if they weren't as expensive. You can find high quality Bluetooth headphones for $30 and less on Amazon, and probably eBay too. If air pods become way less expensive I'd buy them though. They're charging case is much more convenient by all means. I can safely store that in my bag/purse.

  • Dan - 3 years ago

    No volume control....
    unless u use Siri.
    For me that's the deal breaker

  • Victor johnston - 3 years ago

    I already have a pair and love them!

  • Jimi - 3 years ago

    I have never been a fan of Apple headphones. The EarPods feel like razors in my ears, so I will never use them. Also I am a huge fan of JayBird bluetooth headphones. I just bought a pair of the Freedom headphones and I am extremely happy with that purchase.

  • Hugh - 3 years ago

    I purchased and received my AirPods a week ago. They are fabulous. Using them with my Apple Watch feels like I time traveled to the future. Should have added and "already purchased" answer to your poll.

  • Sandra K. - 3 years ago

    I am waiting for BeatsX since September. I don't like cordless.

  • Draugminaion - 3 years ago

    If I ever go for earphones again it will be these, AirPods are the same shape as EarPods, which are the only in-ear that work for me so far. I hate wires, I hate the ungainly wobbly contraptions with giant earmuffs wrapping my ears with broody heat. The powerfull magnetic cancer coils in those big muffs are probably bad too.

  • Ivan - 3 years ago

    I dont want to have two small microwaves sitting in my head. Completely unhealthy + subpar sound quality (to say the least). Will stick to Shure SE846 and AK240 as an ultimate portable audio setup.
    *apple lightning to 3,5mm adapter (DAC) sounds like crap.

  • w - 3 years ago

    already have headphones

  • eezacque - 3 years ago

    Another obsolete product from a tax evader that doesn't care about customer service.
    Christmas is over: we don't need overpriced decorations.

  • Kim - 3 years ago

    I adjust volume and skip songs all the time, and need buttons on the kable or earpiece to do that.
    I could never buy the Airpods because of that. Otherwise I would.

  • Aaron Sheah - 3 years ago

    Travel on the Tube a lot, need sound isolation, got the PowerBeats3 instead.

  • Draugminaion - 3 years ago

    Don't need them, I listen in the car, plugged in (lightning, so that I can charge & listen with 1 plug), some airplay at home.
    I want to need AirPods though.

  • Eric - 3 years ago

    I already have great IEMs (ie80).

  • Frank Batting - 3 years ago

    Wait,wait, - so i grab the B&W P7 wireless, PureGreatSound, dont drop out of ear, Love them.

  • Teddy K. Nielsen - 3 years ago

    Will wait for second generation.

  • EagleMountainDave - 3 years ago

    I'm waiting for the W2 / second generation. In case the controls can't really be improved with this version, it's a better investment to let time prove it out. The current lack of active noise cancellation is an issue as well. You'd hope for a way to engage ANC on demand, between the iPhone and the W1 chip options. (A mixer to adjust for how much external sound comes through is almost a requirement for joggers/bikers who need to hear road noise.) Finally, the quality of the mic seems to leave room for improvement, for example compared to the Bose QC20 buds, and that would likely require a hardware improvement.

  • Veki - 3 years ago

    I think all of you forgot that Bluetooth 5.0 is coming out.

  • Charlotte - 3 years ago

    Don't like that they stop working if only 1 ear piece is in _ mamy times i have to tale one out but i want the content to continue playing in the other ear piece. Waiting for second iteration to see if overall quality improves and to see what happens with my primary issue.

  • be_kul - 3 years ago

    For me, they are too expansive and too easy to lose: I lose the "normal" in-ear-headphones constantly, so "don't fit my ear" would also be a valid answer. And I often in places without (or with expansive roaming) internet connection, so Siri's need for internet connection is a no-go.

  • Emil Koulinski - 3 years ago

    Day one purchase for me. They are every bit as good as I expected. Not a single problem for the past 11 days since I've been using them. Works great with the iPhone and Mac & my Apple Watch. Just what you ill expect from Apple!

  • Shawn McBee - 3 years ago

    Bought them on day one. I bask in the light of the glowing reviews, as they resonate with my own experience, for the most part.

  • Drew Bradshaw - 3 years ago

    I am more excited about BeatsX

  • Joseph B. Borgo - 3 years ago

    Haven't bought yet because I wear hearing aids. I also own a pair of Bose QC35 wireless headphones. I am intrigued by the possibility that the AirPods might have an even better Bluetooth connection than the QC35s, so I may eventually purchase a pair when they are more readily available.

  • Zeke - 3 years ago

    I rarely use headphones of any sort. I own several sets (Bose QC25, JBL, Sennheiser, etc. - all are wired models, obviously), but would rather listen through speakers. If I'm away from my speakers, I do just without. I do use my Lightning-wired pods (which work great!) for phone calls sometimes.

  • Joser - 3 years ago

    I don't want any unneccesary radiation that close to my brain.

  • Alex - 3 years ago

    Bought Day #1, can't stop using them. The best piece of HW since years.

  • Vladimir - 3 years ago

    I don't use ear/headphones at all :)
    But those are interesting to try.

  • Riley - 3 years ago

    Compared to other fully wireless earbuds, these are almost "cheap"

  • Jack Hickman - 3 years ago

    I did order them. Delivery on Feb 7. I can never find them in the stores, so.....

  • Dusty - 3 years ago

    I have two cochlear implants and am deaf without them, so like GrC above with hearing aids, the AirPods won't do anything for me.

  • Phil Sakellaridis - 3 years ago

    I have a set on order have to wait til mid Feb 2017 (thats a joke). But when i go into my local Apple Stire they tell me they just received a shipment and they sold out in about 20 minutes. How on earth can Apple keep sending stock to the stores and make online customers wait months for delivery. I think Apple online store is a mess!!!!

  • Jaymz - 3 years ago

    Basically, the main reason is that I have an iphone 5s, ipad air 2, macbook air. I have bought very good Sennheiser Momentums, which sound amazing with all of those. Even if I would upgrade to an iPhone 7, which I probably will soon; I already own a pair of very good earbuds, next to my Sennheiser HD 25's. So the question isn't why I won't buy them... but why would I? Why spend (a significant amount of) money on earbuds that are easy to lose, might not fit well...just to lose a cable which doesn't bother me? And Siri? Never use it. Even easier: why spend money on a downgrade? Wirelessness is not a feature enough on its own. Fit and sound quality are the main criteria for -any- headphone/earbud...

  • Ethan Wheeler - 3 years ago

    I'll buy the AirPods as soon as their available at my local Apple Store. The last time I checked it won't be available until February 8th.

  • Josh - 3 years ago

    Every single Apple headphone has been horrible fit/sound. Don't have a lot of hope for these. Aside from that the closed proprietary wireless format seems bad. But I might consider a Klipsch version.

  • Snarfer - 3 years ago

    No noise cancellation

  • azentropy - 3 years ago

    Multiple reasons listed
    1) too expensive
    2) yet another thing to have to charge
    3) no controls
    4) too easy to lose (see David Pogue video review as that is totally me).

  • GrC - 3 years ago

    Because I wear hearing aids

  • Steve - 3 years ago

    I ordered a pair and have no idea when they will arrive. I like the small size for travel and my daily commute using public transportation. Apple is still saying mid-February for delivery, but they often deliver things MUCH earlier than the stated delivery date.

  • Guy - 3 years ago

    Not available in local Apple Store or elsewhere. Waited at the store to get one on release day- was sold out before I could get one.

  • maciej o - 3 years ago

    I am using Jaybird Bluebird x2 for quite a while now and they are simply better, Siri as well as other controls, sound quality, battery life, water resistance. Will most likely give a go to a second gen of air pods.

  • Java - 3 years ago

    Radiation worries. What if this causes cancer.

  • Dominique - 3 years ago

    I have a pair of Bose QC 35 headphones.

  • Marcus - 3 years ago

    I can't get my hands on them

  • Olof - 3 years ago

    Active noise reduction, if they had that would be a no brainer.

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