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  • Sanel90 - 6 years ago

    I follow sherlock since season 2...i've waited for years...i rewatched the episodes until i can say the lines before the characters. What i saw in this last episode was NOT Sherlock. The atmosphere, the characters, the jokes...everything seemed off to me. At first i hoped in some brilliant twist that would reveal why everything felt so wrong. I've always had so much trust in mofftiss...but i really wonder how they are going to fix this. Very few deductions(and those that we saw were kinda boring), lots of action scenes(and those are really not the best around: action has never been one of sherlock's best features). There were funny jokes, but they sounded weird after all the angst of the last season. The Watsons back together like nothing happened. Mary as the new John...seriously....this show has always been about Sherlock and John, and John was pratically non existent in this episode. And then Mary's death. That's something i really don't understand. The entire episode felt like it was about her because she had to die. It felt forced. I expected her to die at some point, but all this looked like drama for drama's sake. And if they planned of killing her, following the canon, why putting a baby in the story?! And john's reaction to her death...i mean, a suffering martin freeman is always something to watch in appreciation, but...we know how john watson deals with pain...that's NOT it. And i'm not talking about blaming sherlock...that some mean about the immediate reaction. And Molly being almost cruel while reporting john's words? that felt off too...i don't know where to start or to finish with this episode. I felt it neverending...and i am soooo sad to say i don't feel like looking forward to the next...and i consider myself a pretty hardcore fan....i'm very sad.

  • Tyalee - 6 years ago

    There were so many twists in the show with lots of underlying meanings to it that even Sherlock had a hard time following *sometimes* it. Overall, there was so much drama that when the episode was over I was already longing for the next episode. What a way to start series four!

  • Ali - 6 years ago

    Needs more Andrew Scott.

  • Ricardo Sanchez - 6 years ago

    Series Four opener was well done with a few good twists and changes but very angry/heart-broken over what was done to Mary Watson.

  • Nhi - 6 years ago

    This was amazing at the beginning, but the story development just didnt fit the sherlock spirit, and call me a critic, but there were just too many holes in the story, plus the case was not really leaving me going "wow" as usual. Hope it gets better. But, the acting is still marvelous, especially Martin

  • Sue Jeffries - 6 years ago

    I enjoyed the first hour it was fun but as it became darker I found myself dreading what was becoming a sense of doom. After J & S make up ( which they surely will) I hope we get some humour back. Like the orange balloon and ginger nuts.

  • Kayleigh - 6 years ago

    Absolutely heartbreaking but kept me glued to the screen and left me wanting more.

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