Bigg Boss 10: Who should be evicted from the show?

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Posted 2 years.


  • ganesh - 2 years ago

    rohan is deserved in the show winner title big boss season 10... mai top 5 mai dekhna jata hu name is... 1. bani 2. manveer 3. lopamudra 4. rohan 5. nitibha... this contestants to grand finale...

  • aju - 2 years ago

    fucking shits rohan mehra z an immatured guy.. y r u ppl voting him?

  • ajmal curz - 2 years ago

    The most deserving contestant in this bigg boss 10 season was gaurav chopra... crazy people.. monalisa is fucking women who should be eliminated in the first week itslf.. by seeing all dese tingz.. i can very well phrase that evryting is pre planned.. but as far now bani shld win it.. and fit for top 5 are -
    1. BANI
    2. LOPA
    3. MANU
    4. MANVEER
    5. NITIBHA
    and evry1 else should be thrown back.. Gaurav z d most lovable person.. bt you ppl doesnt hve anyting in ur mind.. yu jus need sme bullshit should happen in d house like dat bitch monalisa shld go on flirting wid manu and yu need to c dose fucking bullshits.. shit on you guys who voted monalisa.. try to be matured..

  • Sophie - 2 years ago

    I like bani j for what she is
    i guess every one should act mature rather manuplating others in house like manu and manveer
    and also there are very worthless people like monalisa and nitibha as they never take part in any task as well as they never take intiative to be a captain of the house
    so my vote is for bani j
    love u bani

  • shrirang - 2 years ago

    bani is very slefish, she can earn money from anywhere..but what abt other guys. she should have waited for more to release by jailer. baba ne agar ye karnama nahi kiya hota aur mannu ko on behlaf khelne deta to chaltat..bani nominate ho jati...bani is like last season kishwar

  • Monica Charan - 2 years ago

    Finally Om Swami is evicted...Now the contestants inside can play safely...
    Manu Punjabi is manipulating and very cunning...he is not worth to be the final contender
    Manveer doesn't think from his brains, we believes Manu and acts according to him for which he will loose
    Nithiba is arguing very cunning and manipulative...
    Monalisa is very lazy and deos not take part in any tasks always behind manu and manveer, manu is not liking monalisa these days due some fear after he came back from his moms death...
    Now Lopa, Bani and Rohan will be one of the finalist....
    So the winner should be Rohan....


  • arti - 2 years ago

    manveer is fully deserve to be as winner in big boss 10 .all celeb are fake .rohan and bani are fake ,irritating ,and work less people .

  • ayesha Tahir masood - 2 years ago

    Salmaan Khan is the classiest man.
    it is due to him BB is worth watching...for me.

    This SWAMI has demonstrated low life characteristics from the word go.
    I feel the credibility of the show - Big Boss has been put at stake by allowing him to go un punished.
    Priyanka was a wretched personality too.

    But the swami takes thing to another level of low.
    Request ...please keep show classy.
    as salman khan is the classiest of them all.
    love and respect for salman khan.
    ayesha - from karachi pakistan

  • Gautam - 2 years ago

    Swami om ko rahako or bani ko bahar nikalo

  • Gautam - 2 years ago

    Swami om ko rakho or bani ko latt maro

  • Shubham - 2 years ago

    I am a big supporter of Rohan now.
    He definitely deserves the winner title.
    He is a fighter.
    Even big boss is being partial with him.

  • Nina - 2 years ago

    Swami Om should have been evicted even before Karan Mehra he is a shame that big boss10 think that he is getting TRPs for big boss10 on the other hand he is a disgrace to India and all the Indians who are settled abroad

  • Rajiv - 2 years ago

    Bani should have to leave from house...for her shamefully attitude.

  • Disha - 2 years ago

    I hope d winner shuld be lopa and rohan shuld be eliminated from d show

  • Krish - 2 years ago

    Baba ko laat maro.....aur rohan ko safe kro....

  • ARVIND PAL - 2 years ago

    plz salman sir rohan save karo or baba ko nikal is show se bahut irrigate krte rohan deserved krta hai is show ko big boss 10 ka winner

  • Godbless - 2 years ago

    Nitibha playing very well now a days...she should save...

  • sorav - 2 years ago

    Lopa play well

    Bigg boss scripted h jabrdasti nitibha or om ko rakhe h

  • Bhagyashree - 2 years ago

    Nitibha jitegi...

  • Bridal Lehenga - 2 years ago

    I support Bani, Lopa, Rohan

  • Arvind pal - 2 years ago

    Rohan is deserved in show big boss 10 winner

  • sp - 2 years ago

    Lopa is winning contestants agar fare game hoga to lopa bigg boss 10 ka title jitegi

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