Do you agree with President-elect Donald Trump's tactics to keep business in the United States?


  • Meme - 6 years ago

    He's conned and lied his way into a job that he has no idea how to do. He's a spoiled little man who shows how immature and petty he is on a daily basis. He's an embarrassment to this country.

  • Delaware voter with Her - 6 years ago

    Needs more transparency and thought than can be expressed via twitter. I don't trust Trump- no taxes released, conflicts of interest out the wazoo, no press conferences, tells lies and then lies about lying. No way would I support anything he says without public discussion and scrutiny.

  • Margaret Smith - 6 years ago

    I believe the President Elect takes credit for business deals that were set up before he got involved and business deals that benefit him personally. We need to see his taxes and investigate his ties to Russia.

  • Juan Gomez - 6 years ago


    Looking forward to a promising future.

  • delaware voter - 6 years ago

    Trump has an agenda. Everything he does has one purpose - to inflate his ego. He is going to BULLY his way through. Use scare tactics - hey it's worked so far for him - look at all the R's running scared. Pathetic. Our country voted in a bully - dictator. Let's see how that works out.

  • Frank - 6 years ago

    Yes. That and better relations with Russia are probably the ONLY things I agree with him on.

  • Jay - 6 years ago

    I'm always amazed at those LOW INFO people who bother to take polls and state "I DON'T KNOW" !!!

    They are so useless........Obama and Crooked Hillary voters !!

  • David Anderson - 6 years ago

    The U. S. finally has an advocate. The past 60 years have been based upon policies which use trade to achieve other foreign policy objectives. It is not free trade, but trade tilted against the American working class. Those jobs were being traded for global stability. In the end, we lost the jobs and didn't get the global alliances.

  • Jim Sample - 6 years ago

    Globalization is the wave of the future. Trump offers a "Luddite" response. A "Great Nation" will adapt to globalization.

  • john brown - 6 years ago


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