What's your favorite month?

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  • Alexis Mann - 1 year ago

    I mean most like November! Not May, November!

  • Alexis Mann - 1 year ago

    May is my birthday month, though most like may.

  • Rose - 2 years ago

    November is the Beautiful Month..I want to ride Reindeer sleigh and Snowdog ride in Alaska,Lapland,and Russia, And America

  • Amy - 2 years ago

    November is Beautiful Month.. Flowers are flowering on the Snow in north Pole Canada, America, Russia and other Countries

  • Romeo - 2 years ago

    November is Very Perfect ..Paradise Many Autumn, Leaves are Fallen Different Sceneries of Snow,Harvesting,Christmas Decoration.In Australia November is Paradise..Very Perfect... Cactus is flowering,visit the Deserts , also have Many Flowers, it starting Summer.... swimming in the Beach with Many Flowers.. It's Starting Summer have Many Flowers in Lake,Mountains, River,and Waterfalls

  • Jonathan - 2 years ago

    November is Most Perfect Month..Snow,Autumn, Using Umbrella in the Rain, Have Beautiful Sunrise and Sunsets, Watching flying Birds in the Snowfall and Rain ,Harvesting,Christmas Decorations,Flowers,and other Places is Going to Beach..In Australia,New Zealand,Chile,South Africa,Argentina November is Very Perfect on Flowers Because November it's maybe Spring or summer..Many Exotic flower trees and Christmasflowertrees ,Many Wildflowers, Many Exotic Flowers Are flowering in November

  • Jonathan - 2 years ago

    November is My Birth month..Both Autumn and Snow..It is the Most Romantic Month ..Many Autumn Leaves are Always Fallen.It's Starting Snow Activities like Snowdog ride,Reindeer sleight , November is Very Popular Month Also Watching Bear,Wolves Reindeers,and red foxes..The Beginning of Christmas Decoration,Harvesting,Many Flowers still Alive..Snow covered Mountain with Many flowers
    November have different landscape on Autumn..Snow covered Autumn Leaves, Autumn Leaves are always falling in the trees,Always Lightsnowfall with Autumn falling in the Streets ..November is the Seasonal in Australia Beginning of Summer in Australia..Many Flowers,Flowertrees are seen in Australia Because November it is maybe Spring or Summer.Its the beginning of Summer Have Many flowers in Mountains, Rivers,Lake,Waterfalls.November in Australia ,New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina,Chile Have Many Exotic flower trees ,also have Christmasflowertrees ,Many Wild Flowers, and Many Exotic flowers

  • Lindsay - 3 years ago

    ???? hilarious that there was an "other" option

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