Would you commit to "or busting" the Democrats in 2020 in order to foist a progressive into the Executive Branch of government?


  • Jim Rankin - 5 years ago

    I think we need to form an alternative party or movement by forming a coalition of existing progressive 3rd parties that have similar platforms (Green, Progressive, Socialist, Working Families, Peace & Freedom...), progressive movements like this one, Movement for the 99%, the 98%, OurRevolution, Occupy, etc., & progressive Independents (especially Berniecrats), who election after election end up with nobody considered viable to vote for, even after their hopes were raised during the primaries. If done right this coalition should be able to rival the corporatist major parties, & defeat them. I'm sure more people consider themselves progressives than consider themselves corporatists.

  • Tre brown - 5 years ago

    All of y'all are so stupid .... because of you we have Trump.. and don't sit here and tell me you were democrats because you are all liars ...you wait till after the supreme courts picks and the wars we get into and in 4 years you will have to lol yourselves in the mirror... I hope all you assholes that voted green or wrote in or didn't even bother to vote have h happy 4 years with the maniac you helped get into office! Smfh

  • Janet - 5 years ago

    The DNC/RNC what's the difference? I'm a 59 yo woman,I was supposed to vote for hillary. I was supposed to vote for a corrupt war monger, you know, because she should be the first female president. Hillary wrecked havoc all around the world, was a do nothing carpetbagging senator, consistently made decisions that should have led to her termination as Sec. Of State. There was no way, after a lifetime of voting for a Dem. Pres. I could ever vote for her. I just wasn't with her! I'm. With her, worst slogan ever. I was all in for Bernie. Believed in Obama, but he was just more of the same and a huge disappointment. Felt let down by Bernie also, especially after he didn't have Nina Turner's back at the convention. Tulsi and Nina 2 Dems we can trust. I have been trying for months to find out the number of former Dems , that chose to #demexit, can anyone help me with that? I'd appreciate it.

  • Betty - 5 years ago


  • Jane Anne Jeffries - 5 years ago

    Trump went after the states Bernie won, even began using some of Bernie's talking points. That is how he won. Wikileaks gave Bernie voters a chance to validate the DNC cheating and go for Jill Stein. I believe Jill got many more votes than were given to her. That is why she contested the election. Like Bernie, we supported Jill with our money. Hillary stole the primary from Bernie so we got TRUMP. Clinton's fault. Those who voted for Obama twice could not be expected to go for Hillary when we had hoped for from Obama what Bernie had to offer. DNC & Media were definitely for Hillary. Base wanted Bernie; Jill & Ajamu were awesome also. Jill would have stepped aside for Bernie to run Green. I am now Green. I will not return to Democrats.

  • Dıana - 5 years ago


  • Gerard - 5 years ago

    I am a former long time Clinton Television Producer, Broadcast Professional and Long Time now ex-Democrat... I could never support HRC... Why? because she is corrupt & dishonest to the core as well as a bloodthirsty Neocon masquerading as a Liberal Progressive...

    I supported Bernie Sanders & I donated many times to his campaign in the primaries. All with the one hope.... that just maybe with his overwhelming populous support and the huge ground swell that Bernie had.... that we could overcome the inherent deep corruption inside our political systems. (Many people who have worked behind the scenes in TV... know exactly what i am talking about. )

    I was greatly disappointed when when Bernie rolled over to HRC. That act was a great betrayal to all who believed what Bernie had originally told us: "That if you supported him... that he would take our platform to the floor of the convention!!!!! We all witnessed Bernie rolled over like a puppy dog to the feet of Hillary Clinton ! After all that hope and promises.... To only feel that sinking feeling that we had all been tricked & lied to.... We watched As All of Bernie's supporters votes were Hijacked stolen... to support the queen of corruption HRC !

    After 25 years... working in television I personally know How corrupt the political system really is ~ and how very corrupt the our media really is & Corrupt Our Government really is! > I have worked in the "Sausage factory" I have seen how sausage is made, as an ex-sauagage maker! I will never eat sausage again!!! ( I unplugged TV...& now warn everyone to STOP watching and consuming ALL MSM!!! ) "Stop eating the Sausage!!!!" > Google the name "Edward Bernays"..And realize that all our Politics & Media today use Bernays principals.. All with that endgame of controlling the population like cattle... All without the population knowing that they are being controlled.

    Regardless of the overwhelming populous support for Bernie ~ The establishment didn't want someone (like Bernie ) ... they wanted someone like HRC who was a deeply corrupt person who would continue to represent the ongoing wars and ongoing systematic corruption in DC...

    The DNC is a puppet show controlled by big Money just like the GOP is controlled. The DNC establishment Look down their noses at their constituents. The DNC think their only role is to heard the flock ~ like sheep!!! The DNC felt with HRC it was just business as usual and corruption is good ~ if you can get away with it! It look good on paper!!!! But all their criminal plotting & corruption was exposed for all to see in those emails... and in the end it destroyed them and also heart & soul of the Democratic Party!!!!
    WHO IS TO BLAME??? It all the Fault of the DNS & HRC & the Neocons.. .AND NOT THE MESSENGER!!!! Wikileaks, Julian Assange or The Russians or, Putin = 100% of the blame lies with the corruption inside the DNC, HRC & Neocon funded establishment... They created the lying puppet show to the American People!

    Where the DNC stands today...The DNC and establishment including Obama are ALL in 1000% denial !!! The Fact that they complete betrayal of the heart and soul of the Democratic party. And threw the majority of their party & progressives under the bus!!! All to try continue their corrupt wars and Corrupt Global Hegemony Empire.
    (1) And now with only a few weeks Left in Obama's Term.... Obama chooses to escalate US Military tensions on the Ground in Poland at the border with Russia!!!
    (2) And then expels Russian Diplomats again continuing to escalate hostilities with a Nuclear Power & continue the "FAKE NEWS" LIES & DISTRACTIONS: that... Russia caused The Democrats from winning the White House.... Obama is CORRUPT & Living the Lie = By, Shoot the Messenger. The ist is 1000% clear the substance of the documents exposed ongoing Criminal Activity that DNC & HRC were committing by cheating and

  • Barbara Adams - 5 years ago

    If Bernie had run against Trump, Trump would not have won. It was Hillary who gave the victory to Trump, by forcing Bernie out of the running. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is still the best tactic. No need for vitriol and obscenities.

  • I.B. Yerfie - 5 years ago

    I too dumped the democratic party the same day they dumped me, and I know I will never return even IF Bernie Sanders were to run again. All this noise about who's fault it is that everyone went to other parties or chose Trump makes me sick, lets start with the blocking of mainstream media to report what "they" wanted, not the facts showing Bernie enialating Hillary from the beginning. Or the sickening fact that my sign for Bernie was forcibly removed from my hands at the DNC convention to show tv cameras that there were no Bernie supporters and all Hillary.... bad choice to screw us so openly, we all have a brain, hopefully most did what I did and ran from you lying cheating manipulating Democrats. I feel I even one up'd you pricks by voting for Trump and perhaps opening the door to the end of the two party system with new parties who represent the people not the money. I can't wait to see what you fools do with our food.....

  • Mitch Stillman - 5 years ago

    Agree with previous comments - went Green and will continue to do so. Fact is the 1% and the DNC would rather have Trump than Bernie because Bernie would have broken up the banks. Screw them. Left the party after 33 years!!!

  • I won't be voting for democrats again - 5 years ago

    This shit show of an election proved one thing to me once and for all - voting is a complete waste of time, energy and resources.

    I'm proud that the hard work to keep Clinton out of the White House, first by working for Bernie and then by working against Clinton, worked. Democrats are a no go for me in perpetuity. And now, this sore loser Russians interfered in the election scare/ploy is just one more thing that shows democrats are beyond repugnant. If only we had Bernie.....Others can "try" again in 2020, I'll just opt out of any email list sharing. I wash my hands of the whole process.

  • Mark Ortiz - 5 years ago

    There is only one thing more hopeless than trying to build a new party and that is trying to take over the Democratic Party. The only hope in terms of electoral strategies is to build a party that can win pluralities in 3 way and 4 way races. The Dems are good for one thing and one thing only: splitting the corporatist vote. I say abandon them to those who already control them and let them do that.

    Research the People's Party (often called the Populist Party) of 1892, the most electorally successful alternative party since the Civil War. They were unambiguously anti-plutocracy. They were only a force in 1892, but that year they carried five states, and elected three governors and some members of Congress. They died by choosing to endorse the Democratic nominee in 1896 to avoid being spoilers. The Dem lost anyway and the People's Party was never heard from again.

  • Jeremiah - 5 years ago

    I am through with corporate democrats, and since that pretty much encompasses the vast majority of the party, I guess I'm done with the (un)democratic party. Our system is a sham. Until we get paper ballots and a trustworthy auditing system in place, I'm afraid our voices have been silenced. Bernie would have beaten Trump easily. The more they tried to shove Clinton on me, the further they drove me from the party. I was barely staying with them to begin with. Especially after President Obama wooed us with a bunch of wonderful progressive ideals, but duped us and gave us more republican lite bologna. It's not a matter of them learning, they simply don't care. They are chasing money, not votes. We the people are nothing but a means of production and tax dollars.

  • S DeKay - 5 years ago

    I hope those who wrote in Bernie actually had that vote counted. I know in California it would not although the rest of the ballot would. So of course I voted for Jill Stein.

    I have no sympathy for the Democrats. While Hillary got more pledged delegates than Bernie those Hillary pledged delegates were less than a majority. It was the superdelegates who put her over, as the only candidate who could lose to Trump because she was also disliked by a majority of the electorate and did lose. They thought no one could lose to Trump. Actually Bernie would have been the strongest candidate against Trump because he also appealed to working class voters and because his stand on trade was so similar that he would have neutralized one of Trump's few issues. He also would have increased turnout among millennials and independents and would not have experienced the record Republican turnout because of Republican hatred of Hillary. As a result he would have had more coattails for Democratic House and Senate candidates.

  • Cheryl - 5 years ago

    The corruption in politics and our voting process is discouraging, if not outright criminal, and until a drastic change to both is done, it won't matter who the citizens vote for. I am 60 and have always supported and voted Democrat until 2016 election in which I voted Stein. I no longer identify with the Democratic party and will not chase them....they left me...I didn't leave them. They are too far to the right for me.

  • Steve Robertson - 5 years ago

    "The Bernie or bust movement cannot claim responsibility for Clinton’s defeat (or accept blame for President Trump). "

    Actually, I think that statement is wrong. Dave Lindorff posits that Clinton lost only because she blew off Sanders' voters. http://thiscantbehappening.net/node/3395
    I didn't vote for Trump, but I'll gladly accept the "blame" because what that means is that, you (the blamer) recognize that your going to have to give me a more progressive candidate to get my vote. And apparently you're going to need my vote to avoid 2020 turning out just like 2016.

  • Like I'm giving my name to polldaddy - 5 years ago

    If the Democrats field a hypothetical best candidate that exists in a race, then sure I'll vote for them. But otherwise I'm through with the Democrats. Where a Green/Socialist Alternative/Socialist Equality candidate exists, they'll be getting preference from me from now on.

    Sanders is getting pretty old and I really don't see anyone up-and-coming in the Democrats that would be nearly as good as him in 2020. Elizabeth Warren can certainly rot in hell.

    The important thing that Bernie did in this election was activate a ton of people (including myself) who had never been politically active before. Let's try and use that awareness to build the pro-worker alternative party that we really need now instead of funneling it into the Democratic Party where movements go to die.

  • Johnnye Denman - 5 years ago

    I am 73 years old, a registered Democrat since my first vote in the '50s, but I am FINISHED with the corrupt, corporate-owned National Democratic Party. Bernie has returned to his Independent status in Congress, and the only other Democratic politician I trust in the slightest is Tulsi Gabbard. I will vote Green until or unless a progressive Social Democrat party is developed by the Americans of all ages who supported Bernie Sanders. I was deeply dismayed that 46.9% of eligible American voters sat at home on their butts and did not vote because they did not trust Clinton or Trump. Had those people voted for Jill Stein, it could have made a difference in the election outcome. Of course, getting third-party candidates allowed in the presidential debates is of top priority. I will do what I can--sign petitions, share on social media, etc., but I am a disabled senior citizen retiree who does freelance work just to pay my bills. I donated to Bernie's campaign fund numerous times, which I could not afford, only to be cheated as he was. I am struggling not to lose my home, so I can't donate to any cause at the moment, but will later choose carefully to which ones I can contribute small amounts. Good luck!

  • Pamela Wilcox - 5 years ago

    We can phone bank, march, donate and everything else it takes to have another "Bernie-like" movement, but NOTHING will be accomplished once we go to the voting booths.

    Our primaries are rigged and our elections are rigged.

    We need to DEMAND Paper Ballots with audits, DEMAND a BAN on the Hackable Voting Machines, Open the Primaries, get rid of SUPERDELEGATES and OPEN THE DEBATES.


  • sue - 5 years ago

    I am all for supporting candidates who are Independent or Green Party members. But as far as Dem's go...unless they stand out as being on the far left, I won't support them. I didn't vote for the Dem's in my state, which is a Dem. state because of their "anointment" of Hillary.

  • Kathy Gray - 5 years ago

    The DNC Mafia have completely destroyed the Party, and American democracy. They have given up their integrity and at this point have reached the point where it would take decades to redeem themselves. Thanks to them we all lost out on the Greatest President since FDR. And instead are stuck with that turd blossom trump.

    And after 45 years in the Democratic Party, I dumped them the very same day that they dumped me when they gave the nomination to that war monger bitch, instead of the candidate who would have beat the pants off of trump and by a landslide and when he did he would have gained numerous seats in both the House and Senate and even governorships. Nice goin Assholes.

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