Do you think violent crime is an increasing problem in Dover?

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  • Lori Osborne - 3 years ago

    From what I read in the news journal daily it appears that Dover is a bit overrun with criminal activity starting with shootings to drug busts. But because I'm reading about it, I believe law enforcement are doing a good job at catching the criminals. A stronger focus on troubled areas does help to reduce crime and also tells these law breakers elsewhere. So bottom line is if you disturb their norm they either get caught or move on to another area. Its actually kind of sad because Dover used to be a GOOD place to visit with the children and now we stay clear of it!!!

  • Todd - 3 years ago

    How is it that criminals with convictions in the double digits walk the streets? Put them away and bring back the death penalty.

  • John Culver - 3 years ago

    Anywhere there is a concentration of African negros there is an increasing violent crime problem.... anywhere on the planet Violence and psychopathic dysfunction is what they do.

  • Jason - 3 years ago

    I have lived in Dover for 10 years now. When I first moved into my town home there we a lot of military families in my development. Little did I know at the time that base housing was being redone. Now they have all moved back onto or near the base and my development has gone down hill. My car has been broken into several times. Even the spare tire on the back of my jeep was stolen. I am now looking to move out of Dover as I don't feel safe anymore.

  • Diane Partridge - 3 years ago

    We have a significant criminal element and the system as it stands can't manage it.

  • c. joseph di sabatino - 3 years ago

    It seems to me, by reading the news journal daily that Dover, de. Has become worse than Wilmington or Chester, Pa. ....!!! Every day someone gets shot, stabbed or busted...? Dover was so quaint 30 years ago...such a shame.

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