Which of these changes should NASCAR make for 2017?

  • David Jordan - 5 years ago

    France and Helton should not only be run out of NASCAR, the should be run out of Daytona Beach altogether!! These two clowns think that NASCAR has to be like all the stick and ball sports and all they're doing with that thought is destroying the sport! HALFTIME?!?! HEAT RACES?!? SET CAUTIONS?!? Give me a frigging break! It's bad enough that this bull has taken hold in the lower tiers of the sport. If STUPIDITY such as this is allowed to continue it's movement into the top levels of racing, the "right sizing" that's going on at some tracks now, will only be the tip of the iceberg compared to what will happen. I've been a fan of NASCAR since the sixties, listening to Mr. Barney Hall talk about "throwing a blanket over the top three cars". But thanks to the Chase (crap), phantom cautions, the CoT, just to name a few, the past few years, I haven't watched a race "flag to flag", let alone been to a race, at all. What is being called "Racing" now is nothing but rolling billboards with the billboard that spreads enough money around in the right place getting to go to victory lane. Instead of adding more stupid BS changes that will finish ruining the sport, things like the chase, the constant screwing around with aerodynamics, qualifying in packs, etc should be gotten RID of and get back to letting teams build cars that don't need super computers or laser alignment tools that measure in the tens of thousands of an inch or more engineers than NASA had for the Space Shuttle just to be able to compete.

  • Ned - 5 years ago

    NASCAR is losing fans because of the changes Brian France put into play. I've been a fan since 1979 a loyal fan! Loyal fans won't stay and certainly won't buy NASCAR related items if NASCAR continues to kick the loyal fan in the teeth. The vote majority so far says leave it alone...just wait and see what stupid change they make anyways.

    Any of the suggested changes are for new fans, so I'll be going to something else once NASCAR makes the change. NO Monster energy drink, NO Coca-Cola, NO Sunoco, nothing that sponsors NASCAR!


  • Charlie Bean - 5 years ago

    I would like to see a format of four 10-lap heat races with the top 5 in each moving to the "A" feature; a 50 lap "B" feature with the top four moving on to a 100-lap "A" feature. Too many cautions. Don't need to throw out the yellow every time somebody spins out, and then don't have to have pit stops with every caution. Get the debris picked up and get 'em back to racing. Drop the Chase.

  • Mark - 5 years ago

    I've been going to races since 1984. I used to watch every race, every lap. Now I record almost all of them and fast forward through half the race. It's almost unwatchable. The changes suggested in this poll are ridiculous. If you're going to make changes, I would suggest removing some of the changes that have been implemented in recent years. Remember when the cars on the track actually resembled the showroom car? When the manufacturer had to sell "X" number of actual production cars matching the car on the track? Find me a 2-door Camry or Charger. Can't be done. Ever since Nascar introduced the "Car of Tomorrow" (CoT) the racing has gotten progressively worse. Get rid of the lucky dog. Remember when you had to actually pass the leader or use strategy to get back onto the lead lap? I'd say bring back racing back to the yellow flag. And, OMG, please stop with the yellow flags because somebody slapped the wall or spun out! OMG! Unless they've left debris on the track, let 'em race! If you've spun out because you suck, too bad, sucks to be you. But don't halt the race. One suggestion I would make is let 'em run down pit road at full speed under green flag conditions. I understand the safety concerns under caution, keep the speed limit under caution. I miss Rockingham! Taking The Rock off the schedule was one of the biggest mistakes Nascar has ever made. Nascar has GOT to make the racing more competitive! I went to the first 10 Brickyards. I went back to the 2016 race, the race nobody saw. That was brutal. Not one, single pass for the lead under green flag conditions. That's not racing, that's a parade. And put Nascar back on the over-the-air channels! Putting on the pay-for-view channels was another one of the biggest bonehead moves Nascar has ever made. Nascar put racing on pay-per-view (cable), rating have been in a steady decline, and at-track attendance continues to dwindle. Am I the only one that sees a correlation there? Nascar has the racing so screwed up at the moment it's going to take years to fix it. All I can say as somebody who's been going to races for 30+ years is I'm just about done with it. And, more specifically to NBC, please get rid of Steve LeTarte!!! OMG, that dude is BRUTAL! Now, having said all this, I know it's just venting because NBC, Fox, and Nascar couldn't care less.

  • Douglas - 5 years ago

    Get rid of the lucky dog rule. You go a lap down, you stay a lap down! You get your lap back only when you pass the leader.

  • Michael - 5 years ago

    First get rid of the biggest problem and that's B. France. Second, quit trying to win new fans and alienating the older fans that got NASCAR to where it was. Get rid of the chase but since NASCAR won't, at least get rid of the stupid rule that if you win a race you're locked in to chase. all that does is allow teams to test the rest of the year instead of trying to be competitive. Take away the dates from Michigan, Cali and Pocono and add the dates to tracks that are interesting like Darlington and rood courses. I can go on for days like I'm sure many of the older fans could but it's just a waste of time. NASCAR don't listen to us and even if they would it's to late. I haven't watched a full race in several years unless the weather is bad at the house and even then I'm bored out of my mind by the first pit stop. I use to could travel and hear the race anywhere now there is only 1 station that carries the race in our area. The sport will always have the dedicated fans no matter how bad it gets but NASCAR is dying and I think that it's to far gone to bring it back to where it was. I want to close by saying bring back "The Rock". That track was competitive from the drop of the green to the checkered but with all of these rule changes to the cars I'm sure NASCAR has even screwed that up.

  • Badguy - 5 years ago

    I would love to go back to the classic point system that's all ????

  • Ric - 5 years ago

    Go ahead make your changes & lose more fans. Tracks are removing more seats again this winter. Look at Bristol, they cant give tickets away, Change they need to make is go back to what it was. I quit going to cup races a couple of years ago due to there changes. Last year I don't think I watched I whole race. I sooner spend my money supporting local racing, which I've been doing more of last year.

  • Slim Whitman - 5 years ago

    Nascar is a joke. Kenseth should never race again. Harvick as well. Buch of cheaters and losers running around cashing big checks.

  • Chevy4Ever - 5 years ago

    Tom above is a dimwit.

    Heck no we don't want any of this stuff. Na$car is ruined enough as it is. Just a circus now.

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    How about going away with all the formats and making it simple. Winner takes all! No points, no chase, no elimination rounds. You win the most races, you are the champ. If there's a tie? Who finished second the most and so on. If that is what they have to go after they will race their butts off! But this will only happen if the cars can actually race for the lead. Fix the "clean air" problem so fans don't have to sit there and watch millionaires drive around in circles for three hours. Some of this could be corrected if we got rid of the 1 1/2 mile tracks with no souls. Lets get more short tracks back and road courses. I want to see real races with real racers! Sick of seeing pretty haircuts and corporate spokesmen that think they can drive cars. Until then, I will stick to my local non NASCAR affiliated tracks and watch people who really love to drive racecars.

  • Brian - 5 years ago

    The sport is damaged beyond repair. The Charter system is a joke, the technical requirements to field a car is something that only a handfull of shops are even able to build (and teams lease their cars from them). Everything has become about money and sponsors. A TV broadcast for a 3 hour race has one hour worth of commercials and even more if you count all the ads that show on the screen during the race. Until NASCAR decides that they need more teams that can actually compete and have a chance for a top ten and make the rules so that you don't need MILLIONS just to field a car, and make the races affordable for a family, and make it possible for the races to be on the radio and on normal TV then the problems will always be there. NASCAR is making more money now than it ever has by taking advantage of the fans and creating a reward system for that money to support the CHOSEN team owners and race teams and putting money into promoters pockets. Remove the corruption, then worry about the racing.

  • alan - 5 years ago

    all of the people I have talked with have lost interest in the sport including myself I see less fans at the races when the camera shows the stands I would think nascar would step back from changing things

  • tom - 5 years ago

    AT one time yrs past , I watched every single race , every single lap,, not anymore,, they are just too long, and now the brian france is running the show, nascar has tumbled in popularity,, this guy france is a numb skull,, hasn't a clue, and is wrong for the job,,,, this chase deal is stupid,, at any time another can take an enemy out and that's it for the chase,,,ex,,the logano./matt Kenseth deal, logano started it ,and thank God matt finished it,,, love matt for doing what he did to joey... but you see my point,,, the chase is a joke,,brian frnace is a joke,,, long races are a joke,, boring, long races,,, give me a break,, fire brian france.

  • tom - 5 years ago

    all these suggestions are stupid,,, a half time break? LOL,, give me a break,, this is racing,, and heat races, no way....the only thing that works for me is to shorten the races, way too long especially the six hundred miler... no one watches all that race, no one.. the beginning and the end... and many others could be shortened and made extremely more exciting,,, many of the drivers admit to just putting in laps on lots of these races,,, nascar just hasn't a clue,,,that's one reason they're taking out seats a many tracks so the camera can't see so many empty ones... MAKE THE RACES EXCITING AGAIN, SHORTEN THEM AND MAKE EVERY SINGLE LAP COUNT,,, AND SOMEHOW REDUCE PIT STOPS,, WHO CARES ABOUT THEM , IT AIN'T RACIN, I WANT TO SEE RACING LAPS, NOT PITS STOPS, OR LONG RACES,

  • Harrold Townsend - 5 years ago

    I think, like many other forms of racing, NASCAR & ARCA need to run more Road Courses and a few less Ovals.
    By the way, does the 24 hours of Daytona have a half way break?
    No breaks. Road courses are more interesting. Harder to pass, more strategic and more driver input. Plus a better chance to run in the rain. People are bored of circle racing. Too much of a good thing sometimes needs a little change. Also, change Watkins Glenn to use the full course and maybe 5-10 less laps.
    If NASCAR drives are the best in the world, they NASCAR should act like it.

    The only other major form of racing that doesn't use a road course is NHRA.

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    The racing product is OK, but no one is getting to see it. Over half of the races last season were on some kind of cable channel! Make your TV partners put more races on "free" TV. NASCAR has the product they need, make some demands!
    The only race feature I don't like is the so-called pole position. The beginning of the race should be started on the pole (inside) The choice later makes some sense, but not on the first lap.

  • Bob Gilray - 5 years ago

    NASCAR racing is NOT. The higher-ups of NASCAR needs to look back at racing in the 60's and early 70's. Stop putting what looks like cars on the track and get them from the dealers like it used to be. Racing has become too expensive for everyone (racers, owners, spectators, etc). Need to find a way to get the costs down so more personnel (teams and spectators) can get involved. The CHASE is good but not great. There are too many big money teams which makes the racing very boring as the same drivers and teams are always winning. When you have extra money more can be done to get ahead. This puts the small teams out of the business. I, like others, used to be a great NASCAR fan, but since since racing has gotten BORING I have picked selected races to watch and this includes all series of NASCAR. Money is going to kill NASCAR, if it hasn't started to already. One more thing: Get rid of the cookie cutter tracks. The middle sized tracks are all the same and makes the racing even more boring.

  • David Landrum - 5 years ago

    Put it back like it used to be when fans filled the stands. Real men in real cars. Racers ran because they loved to race and not to make a fortune at the expense of the fans.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    Reset all rules back to 2003. End the Chase.

  • ROBERT - 5 years ago

    Halftime Break- No.

    Caution At Particular Times- No, would be more logical to have a caution clock.

    Heat Races- No, barely a full field shows up so just a waste of time.

    Timed Races- Monster Energy Supercross started the timed races, which can make sense. You calculate how long it should take to run xxx laps and thats the timer. So still can be a 334 laps but with a 4 hour timer.

    Pay leader at halfway- Can be a incentive to run harder, small teams can take advantage of in a case of rain delay caution, stay out on a caution at half way.

    None- There are many other issues that should be addressed first before these, or simply NASCAR fans can't accept changes as they love to live in 1990's.

  • Ronnie Clark - 5 years ago

    I use to watch all of the races. With all of the changes that Brian France has done with the racing it's not fun to watch anymore. Something needs to be done to get fans back in the seats and watching tv again. The ratings are down and I don't like to see the same drivers winning all of the races. Give some other drives a chance. Need to go back to the old way of racing.

  • Rich - 5 years ago

    If it aint broke , don't fix it. Let the drivers bump & spin another out, if need be. Go back to Racing, not this watered down sponsor bullshit that you have now. People would remember a sponsored car ( which one it was ) that got wrecked by another driver. Such as the Viagra car sent the cheerios car into the wall, because he kept cutting him off.. or whatever.. Let the drivers race Stock Cars the way they used to. Bump & spin.
    That's what got the Fans there to begin with, what built NASCAR into what it is today. People go to see wrecks, a race without good wrecks is boring as hel..

  • Ed Philips - 5 years ago

    My change would turn Indy into a road race and be added to the chase.

  • gerard - 5 years ago

    shorter races and shorter cautions pickup the water bottle and drop the green flag don't give 10 laps to clean the track they were racing before the water bottle was there if drivers want to pit that is their choice.

  • mark rainaud - 5 years ago

    you are ruining the sport with the chase , look at the attendance it sucks. i cant even watch a single race anymore and i used to hold season tix. you blew it 10 years ago.

  • Rock - 5 years ago

    Get rid of lucky dog, The green white checker finish, Phantom cautions, Caution laps counting with 10 to go, Freeze the field inside of ten laps to go and only count green flag laps! Qualify the same day as the race and no changes after that and the amount of tires per car would help teams with less money! Most people came to see racing not all that pre-race crap, making drivers ride around in trucks that you could barely see anyway! Welcome back to the fly overs that are last president took away! Make the USA what it was before! A place people where proud to call home!

  • scott - 5 years ago

    Get rid of NASCAR leadership from France to Helton they have ruined Nascar an and the attendance shows it !!! it will die a slow death under their leadership

  • Kevin - 5 years ago

    You want to change something, reconfigure some tracks. Our track Chicagoland is terribly boring. Although quite expensive it's also an investment for future.

  • Victor Moore - 5 years ago

    We Nascar fans like Infinity and craftsman truck races also but I lost interest in them when some of the Nextel driver dominate the lower cup races. Who wants to watch a race when you already no who is going to win. What I would do is if you won a race in a class higher up than you are racing, you should not be able to drop down. If you race in a certain class you should get an automatic 5 race lock in that class and no moving up unless you have never won in the class above to the top. Nascar needs to react on this quickly because it is ruining the whole system. Sure Roger Pence, Rick Hendricks, Joe Gibbs can build better cars @trucks than Joe Nemechex and put championship drivers in them but at the sometime its killing Nascar ratings. React Nascar before its to late, I'm just hanging on by a thread because I'm a diehard Nascar fan but I have friends who have quit nascar

  • victor moore - 5 years ago

    Stop these drivers from intentionally causing wrecks. I seen Greg Piffle put Jimmie Johnson out at Phoenix by braking in the corner, it would had been one of the greatest watching 48 win from the rear same race Kyle Bush tried to wreak 88 so he says but I really didn't he cared who he put out as long as he got in the chase, someone quoted him saying he did not care as long as he got in, also said wasn't that pretty Mr. Bush I thought it lowered your rating alots, you will be replayed what go around comes around. Start the new fantasy # game 1not good 43 you believe they will win, football has it and it's fun. Please EMAIL ME and tell me what you think of comments I have lots more that would help Nascar get back where it used to be

  • AUGI34 - 5 years ago


  • victor moore - 5 years ago

    Fix this caution deal that is putting half or all but a few cars down a lap. Let's try something new, Larry Mack says racing on mon note no but you can go back to the dirt track ways at short tracks. What is wrong with testing some heat qualifying races at some short tracks. The cars are very nice but only the fabulous 5 usually win, I would try to find away to stop them from dominating all classes. At the end of the season cut those guys more points if they decide to go for a Sunday evening ride. I loved Talledega when it had that road course leg in it. I also seen some of the best dirt track racing ever when Nascar had a hand in Talledega Short Track and I don't believe I will see any as good again

  • Victor Moore - 5 years ago

    We Nascar fans like Infinity and craftsman truck races also but I lost interest in them when some of the Nextel driver dominate the lower cup races. Who wants to watch a race when you already no who is going to win. What I would do is if you won a race in a class higher up than you are racing, you should not be able to drop down. If you race in a certain class you should get an automatic 5 race lock in that class and no moving up unless you have never won in the class above to the top. Nascar needs to react on this quickly because it is ruining the whole system. Sure Roger Pence, Rick Hendricks, Joe Gibbs can build better cars @trucks than Joe Nemechex and put championship drivers in them but at the sometime its killing Nascar ratings. React Nascar before its to late, I'm just hanging on by a thread because I'm a diehard Nascar fan but I have friends who have quit nascar

  • Rovert - 5 years ago

    I know NASCAR won't get rid of the Chase anytime soon, but they could re-work it so it makes sense for all 40 drivers.
    - Top 10 make the Chase and you don't get locked in if you win a race. So no laying back after Daytona.
    - No elimination rounds
    - The top 10 get points based on their finish based on the other 9 drivers. (i.e. if the 2nd best chase driver finishes 5th overall, they would still receive 2nd place Chase points)
    - The points leader after 26 races gets a points bonus over the other 9 drivers as a reward for finishing 1st up to that point.
    - However the top 10 finish after race 26 will be how they line up starting the Chase with 2 point differences between (i.e. second would have 40 points, third would have 38, etc.)
    - Non-Chase drivers get a large cash bonus if they win a chase race, or something worth racing for, otherwise why do they race?
    - Halftime break? NO
    - Cautions at particular times? NO. The Truck series has the Caution clock and its stupid.
    - Heat races? NO. The Busch / Xfinity series has those and they are also stupid.
    - Timed races? NO!!! I understand if the IndyCar series does that when they're on a street course but again, stupid!
    - Pay leader at halfway a cash bonus? Sure, they used to do that, but will that really change the overall racing? No.

    Also, if we're taking about fixes, fix the tracks. Bristol is the perfect example of "If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it" since they went from 50 years of sellout crowds, to this progressive banking BS that ruined the best track on the circuit. Let the drivers fight, let them beat n bang, let them be what we as fans want.

  • Glenn Robertson - 5 years ago

    Leave Nascar the way it is. Who in the hell ever heard of timed racing, half way bonuses, or even planned yellow flags. One reason the Chase appeals to me is because it does give the single car team or the team that struggles with funding a chance to score a champion ship. One unexpected win and you have that chance. There is for or five power house teams that have the funds and sources to have the best the sport offers. So I kind of have mixed feelings about the Chase. The old point system just seemed to have the same teams winning the big one. If someone can cup up wth a better way I am all for it. On another note, I do think there should be a road course race in the Chase.

  • John Schulte - 5 years ago

    Get rid of the CHASE. The Championship should be based on the results of the entire season not one last race between four drivers. The current CHASE setup is not a fair test for all the drivers and teams. It is a concession to the almighty dollar and is a loss of the original NASCAR sport.

  • Jeff Stairs - 5 years ago

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! NO halftime breaks, NO mandatory cautions and NO timed races!!! PLEASE leave it alone! My god it's already changed so much it's barely recognizable! Enough already! We still love going to races and camping at the tracks and meeting new people and seeing a great race. To me that's what it's all about. Somehow all those things have survived all the butchering that's been done to the sport lately. PLEASE STOP!!!

  • Bill Cline - 5 years ago

    need to turn the clock back 30 years, real cars, if its rear wheel drive or front wheel drive thats the way it should be on track, if its Ford it better have a Ford Eng in it.. let the car start out from the show room floor and build it from there, NASCAR has become a sport for the rich, and cry babys..Use to be you ran hard to win now its who has the money, you are not building a car to race, your buying it from NASCAR and putting stickers on it to look like a car..you might buy I never seen a 2 door Fusion on the road all 4 doors...you have a race for 500 miles its 500 miles, no time outs for rest or some rain you race in it...NASCAR is now a Pu$$y sport..like he bent my finder and that caused me to not win the race, use to be if the car was running you raced it, even if part of it was missing you still ran..1st place got the money now its the name that gets the money...I seen some make more money finishing 10th than the guy who finished 5th...take the plates off and let them run...thats raceing and you take your chance, even watching a race... let get the balls back into raceing, you race in heat cold rain on race day if you cant you dont need to be there

  • GRACE SHOCKLEY - 5 years ago


  • ray bolton - 5 years ago

    I like the 20 minute clock in the truck series except make it 30 minutes. i hate to see long runs with only 2 cars on the lead lap. gets boring and you find something else to watch. Also i wish somehow there could be a plate of some kind to make all the cars more equal at all the tracks.

  • mark - 5 years ago

    The best change that NASCAR could implement would be to get Brian France out of the business. A steady decline in attendance over the last 5 years would tell anyone except the village idiot that The Chase stinks, heat races for qualifying sucks, and the announcing crews on television look like clowns as they spew drivel. Big Bill and Bill France Jr are turning in their graves over this fiasco that they built into a racing empire.

  • Ronald Pring - 5 years ago

    Please leave it alone. I got my first NASCAR license in 1969. I believe today’s corporate influence and some of the current changes (and Price) is the reason the old NASCAR fans are gone. Today, you’re not in a hurry to purchase your ticket. For most events there’s tickets available. So Please stop making more tickets available.

  • Alan - 5 years ago

    Im sick of sports trying to find new ways to bring in more fans, Love the fans you have. If someone wants to be a fan they will become a fan. Quit gimmicking things that ruin the history of what made your sport great to begin with

  • John Williams - 5 years ago

    Leave it alone , your already not selling out races anymore, why don't you lower the prices, cheaper food , give the fans free stuff , but you can't have breaks in races, stop changing the NASCAR ,

  • Stephen - 5 years ago

    The other sports don't reset the score for periods or halftime. In racing your "points lead" is the lead you amass against the field. If a car goes out and dominates the first half to build up a 3-4 second lead on the rest of field, only to have it negated by some mandatory caution...........why even run the 1st half of the race at all?

  • Charles Carr - 5 years ago

    NASCAR is NOT Football ! It's NOT hockey ! Why do the (supposed) leaders in the sport insist on comparing racing to stick and ball (or puck) sports! If NASCAR trends toward doing things just because that's what football does, I'll do what I did with football. I'll quit going to races and watching them on tv. A halftime in a race? Give me a break, no pun intended! Leave it alone, for Christ's sake!

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