What should my next blog post be about?
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  • Evy - 5 years ago

    Here is an example.... This summer I enrolled in aqua aerobics, one day I was running late due to the kids. As I arrived at the pool it was a full house, barely any space and the class had started. Nobody was making room by the side stair for me to climb in and the instructor was using the center stair for demonstrations. SO I decide to quietly enter the pool on the far side by squatting to sit and gradually enter... as I go to place my hand down on the pool floor it slides and I sort of flipped... (thank-god nobody noticed) or so I thought.... The lifeguards starts running towards me, (I thought to check if I am ok) the entire class turns to see me laying on the pool deck, the music stops.... The lifeguard starts shouting at me "don't you know that the pool regulations state you must enter and exit the pool from the stairs....what exactly are you doing lady?".... what do you answer... I am Ariel the mermaid laying around with a purple speedo swim cap.... I am demonstrating a new move... Don't yell at me I am old enough to be your mother and get some zit cream for your face a pimply waxed chest and legs... Well I didn't say anything and eloquently slipped in the pool with all the poise I learned from junior high synchronised swimming league, pointed toes, firm body and not a ripple of water as I entered the water....

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