Was your first tarantula a "Beginner Species"

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  • Robert Cameron - 3 years ago

    H.Lividum or w/e the genus is now. I definitely made a mistake. I hate that cantankerous little thing.

  • Roman - 3 years ago

    I started the hobby with a H. Incei. Not a beginner T because of its speed and skittis nature. But, handle with care and a beginner should have no problems

  • Jane - 3 years ago

    Our first was a tiny Nhandu chromatus,not really a beginner species,but since it was so tiny,it was ok

  • Clive winter - 3 years ago

    My first T was a A Genticulata I brought it a year ago and it's doing great my second was a B smithi and that one died after 4 months no idea why

  • Jesse Thibodeau - 3 years ago

    My first 2 Tarantulas which I bought at the same time were a Gooty Sapphire, and a T. Stirmi, I loved them so much that literally a week later I bought a cobalt blue, and an obt....It's been crazy ever since lol

  • Mark Walker - 3 years ago

    I started with 2 SAF's, an A genticulata and a L parahybana. 4 dozen tarantulas later and my collection continues to grow.

  • Patience - 3 years ago

    I started with Bumba cabocla shortly followed by a Tapinaichenius sp Colombia

  • dan - 3 years ago

    My first was a pet shop G. porteri. Second adult was an A. chalcodes I ordered 2 months later (along with 4 slings..3 brachys and an LP).

  • Craig - 3 years ago

    B. Albo shortly followed by a B. Smithi

  • Georgia Skinner - 3 years ago

    My first T was a Phlogius Crassipes

  • Jay Adams - 3 years ago

    I started with two at once. B albopilosum and L parahybana.

  • Erin Armstrong - 3 years ago

    My first T was A. seemani.

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