Bigg Boss 10: Who should be kicked out of the show now?

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  • Haseeb khan - 3 years ago

    lopamudra should be eliminated this week bcz she dont deserve to be here a filthy women

  • Rat - 3 years ago

    Fucking bani should be out....

  • anu - 3 years ago

    lopa sould be evicted after call center vala task.... its strange watching salman taking lopa's side..... BE fair salman khan,.,,,,BANI SHOULD WIN.......
    I BELIEVE IT NOW.....!

  • Tejal - 3 years ago

    It has been confirmed

    Nitibha has been evicted from the house.

  • liya - 3 years ago

    lopa....lopa...flopppa...she thinks she's still in the ramp...don't have any character..I support bani and rohan

  • Farhan - 3 years ago

    Time to kick Asshole Bani J out of the house least deserving contestant of Bigg boss 10.
    People who are supporting Bani J are also Chutiya . Don't know what people have saw Bani J . She is totally jealous and mean don't even do tasks and some chutiya people are blindly supporting her...

  • priya - 3 years ago

    monalisa has to out

  • Ganesh - 3 years ago

    congratulations... manveer u r first finalist... rohan k safe karo fans kitne b rohan k fans hai plz vote for rohan u deserved to finalist in the big boss 10 and u will to win big boss 10 rohan... gud luck we happy

  • Manjula - 3 years ago

    Bani J you always wabt ecerytgunf ubder yiur cobtrol yoy eabt nire eggs fiidrtc. You have a sorcial clausr fir ebtering bb!!! Very selfush. You think if linkung yoy with gauhar will get u finalist? U have strange and slfish attitude. are hurting your popularity! You dint respect salman.. Always getting irritated. Giving manipulative answers. How can u compare you withgauhar? You are fit for the roadies kind of show where your original nature won't be shown.youcabt eeven tolerate anything!! You want everything at ur inconvenience... The fizzycaller rightly pointed out. You just want to hang out with someone ucan dominate.. You mipersonality. But now that the cameras are trained on you 24 by 7, we see the REAL Bani–self-centric, irritating and timid. Beneath the veneer of toughness and irreverence lies an insecure gal who gets on our nerves with her repellent behaviour. Nothing proved this point more than what unfolded in Bigg Boss 10 episode last night. When Bigg Boss asked the fellow contestants to rate themselve,s Bani J quickly assumed the much prized number 2 position. She is a self-proclaimed winner. But hey! honestly speaking, Bani has neither impressed us with her so called strength nor has she fetched our vote for whatever she has projected herself as in the glass-walled house.
    She is selfish. And doesn’t give damn about what others think of her. While the first quality is a big no no in the house since this is a team game, the other attribute (I-don’t-give-a-damn) does not work especially when Bigg Boss asked for a consensus. Bani has come across in the show as utter fake. Her cool attitude has not charmed us either for it shows duality of her selfish persona. Above all, she is a liar and wants to be passed off as someone who really cares for others. In reality, she doesn’t give a damn

  • Godbless - 3 years ago

    I think this week Mona should leave this house.. as she does nothing.. all time behind Mannu.. Niti nowadays playing good... she deserves to stay more..

  • Tejal - 3 years ago

    I feel bigg boss is totally disregarding rohan. I know he can win and he will win. God and the promo for tomorrow. I hate manu. The way he called rohan worse than priyanka for speaking the truth . He should be evicted because he is manipulative,unfair,unloyal and cruel.

  • khadijah - 3 years ago

    rohann can and rohan will winnn....plz put nitiba mona mannu out of the show

  • Ankita - 3 years ago

    Bani is the best. She should win. She knows where to play

  • Liza - 3 years ago

    Mona such a waste contestant...Should kick her out long time ago.. Manu...wasted creature... Lopa & Nibitha..drama queen.... Bani & Rohan...can be considered to go for final...Manveer...cant decide..anything without stupid Manu....Such a brainless contestant..

  • akanksha gupta - 3 years ago

    We loves u winner will be manveer

  • Shyamol - 3 years ago

    Right fron the begining of the show I found Bani J as most inactive non-participant & whimsical member of Bigboss house, and it's time she is kicked out without any delay.

  • Mingma sherpa - 3 years ago

    M crazy about the show, as its coming to end am feeling bad.

  • Sid - 3 years ago

    BANI should be eliminated. She is just useless. Sick of her over acting and drama.

  • Abhit pandey - 3 years ago

    maa ki chut lopa mudra ko bahar karo phir bani j ko aur phir randi nithibha ko.
    sali lopa mudra mein sorry bolne ki aukaat nahi kinner ki chori hijede ki ludiya nangi chod.

  • amit - 3 years ago

    kicked off manu and manveer cheapest from show

  • Kush - 3 years ago

    Kick out d ovr attitude so called *celeb*

  • cvm - 3 years ago

    God please save Rohan and Lopa...Guys this is the time to focus on the game..rather than fighting with each other .it does not look idea how to transmit my message to them...

    All the best...stay calm and stay together...

  • mani - 3 years ago

    Without any doubt is same with or with out her

  • bb - 3 years ago


  • mona - 3 years ago

    bani j should be eliminated this weak bcs she don't deserve to be here she is not even doing anything not performing any task

  • ajit sabnani - 3 years ago

    mona has no self image she is back or in hands of manu. as manu is playing full game with all others.

  • zainab - 3 years ago

    please kicked out ths mother fucker bani ,,,I don't knw wat she is doing in big boss ,doing nothing and everytime begging her fans to do ths fr me and do that ,,somebody tell her that this is not roadies,she is too rude nd want to be fuck by some one dats y let her go ,don't u all not hear the only word used by bani in bb10 is ,,,fuck,,,what z her religion by da way ,and big boss don't b unfair,

  • radhika - 3 years ago

    bani j should be eliminated this weak bcs she dont deserve to be here.... and we love manveer gujjar, he will win the show .

  • lukky - 3 years ago

    plz out nithiba. she used immunity and came upto 12th week but mona selected by fans and still she is there.

  • Muni - 3 years ago

    this polling is totally wrong last time gaurav got more votes and he kick out this is not true

  • sp - 3 years ago

    Lopa are winning contestants sabhi ghar baale jealous Ho Rae h

    Manveer n to khud kaha h Ki m manu punjaabi s km deserving Hu to manveer s to public niras h khud pr bharosa rakho

  • sam - 3 years ago

    Guys ple out mona.....coz she is worst than

  • sam - 3 years ago

    Guys ple out mona.....coz she is worst than

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