How do you feel about Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling Green Bay Packers games?

Posted 2 years.


  • jack - 2 years ago

    Bunch of cry babies.

  • Jody Davis - 2 years ago

    Aikman consistently sounds worse than a braying donkey, as his whiny voice spews out vomits of self deprecated quips. "I've said it all along.... Just look at the stats that show.... blah blah blah". WHY are you talking? Shut up.
    And Joe Buck? Could they find someone more dumb in football knowledge??? Give me a freaking break with thsee two!
    THIS is why drinking games get invented!
    "Betcha Joe buck sounds confused about where they're gonna mark the ball for a first down. .." "You're ON!" What moron tales that bet?
    They should both go retire somewhere that there's a need for calling a curling match or if they would whisper MAYBE a golf game. But PLEASE for the love of PETE- or at least out of respect of Curly-

  • Tom - 2 years ago

    Aikman is an excellent analyst. Buck is a good enough announcer. Networks want all announcers to keep talking so no dead air.

  • Tim - 2 years ago

    And manuel where you wana meet??? Ill make you cry like a baby you mouthy little punk.... you'll be boo hooing all the way back to your moms house sure complaining just like aikbutt and joe doe...and its not paranoia cant have this many people hear and know the same thing and try to say its paranoia or coincidence ...thats just foolish

  • Tim - 2 years ago

    Everyone i know hears the hater bias they both spew against the Packers!!! Im amazed they make it to the airport to get out of WI honestly. To any who say listen to Wayne Larivee and the Rock Id agree but the time delay is too brutal most of the time or it would be an automatic choice for me! Sincerely everyone i know texts me about them and their negative Packer comments. Its no where close to being even on the 2 teams playing. Its literally like theyre putin lover trump watching a hillary event....yep that bad

  • Manuel - 2 years ago

    Boohoo more crybabies

  • Jon - 2 years ago

    I just think they are morons. Joe suck just reads headlines and babbles about them, and fakeman is about as good of an analyst as Bill Walton. That's why I'm for the ban, Fox has better people

  • steve hudak - 2 years ago

    neither one are any good they both show bias toward a certain team they pick who they like and thats all you hear . if it wasnt for his father buck would be flipping burgers at wendys and aikman would be making the fries

  • Ryan - 2 years ago

    This petition is silly. While I don't really like Troy Aikman as a color analyst he is the guy Fox has as part of their #1 broadcast crew.

    I think if people really don't want to listen to Aikman, maybe they should put the tv on mute and turn the radio on and listen to Wayne Larivee and Larry McCarren.

    Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch will be calling the Atlanta-Seattle game on Saturday. I think Lynch is good. But, the decision is up to Fox, not us.

  • Sydney - 2 years ago

    Biased? Hard to tell as I think these two together and separately are simply not very good ... as NFL TV Commentators ... even worse as Entertainers! Madden+Summeral ... like Lewis+Martin ... Bogey+Bacall -- my critiques will always be tougher. (See below link to Vid for Template.)
    Must note, however, this pairing is definitely not well-matched -- vocally. Joe Buck has too deep a voice for TV commentating. It gets in the way of "watching" the game. Buck has a "demanding" voice, not a "friendly" voice. Aikman is a non-voice.
    Commentating + Entertainment =

  • Willieboy7 - 2 years ago

    I haven't respected the Cowboys organization since Jerry The Marketer Jones took over. Troy and Moose were two of the few classy individuals from those Super Bowl teams of the 90s. Most of the players from those teams were of questionable character and not very intelligent. I have been a Packer fan for over 50 years and don't mind Troy calling Packer games. I am disappointed that Packer fans would even propose such a petition.

  • Don - 2 years ago

    Dosen't matter to me, I hit the mute button when they announce a Packer game.

  • Gary Breniser - 2 years ago

    Are you seriously joking, Aikman is biased against the Cowboys all he does is talk them down for a man that wants to bust on people for doing drugs in the Cowboys organization should think twice before he opens his mouth considering his three Super Bowls had nothing but drug guys on it okay well not all of them but seriously he is so biased against the Cowboys

  • Rob - 2 years ago

    I'm all for the ban. But not because they are anti-Packers. Aikman is biased against the Cowboys if anything. He absolutely hates Jerry. His relationship with Jerry went sour after he and Switzer let the inmates run the team and hung Aikman out to dry. I hate hearing Aikman commentate on Cowboys games for this reason. Jerry was probably the 2nd to sign this petition.

  • Lynn K - 2 years ago

    I don't hear any bias and I am a cheesehead born and bred. Not being a Packer fan but having no choice but having to watch them because my team is not a Wisconsin team I think they do just as good as anybody else. Troy has great insight into how the game is played and gives praise where and when it is deserved. Not everything revolves around Aaron Rodgers and the rest of them. I remember a certain #4 that was treated like crap after everything he did for them, short memories and shame on them.

  • Sheri - 2 years ago

    I can't really agree with bias...I just think they talk too much about things that aren't relevant. Maybe I prefer Chris Collinsworth...And I do. Buck and Aikman are the worst part of the game. I would rather listen to the Barney song over and over again.....OK, no I wouldn't but please, have Buck and Aikman listen to themselves....I am sure they can critique themselves and make some changes. How were my beloved Packers assigned this duo anyway? They don't seem to care for the Packers.....Must be our beer, brats and cheese.

  • Sheri - 2 years ago

    I can't really agree with bias...I just think they talk too much about things that aren't relevant. Maybe I prefer Chris Collinearity...And I do. Buck and Aikman are the worst part of the game. I would rather listen to the Barney song over and over again.....OK, no I wouldn't but please, have Buck and Aikman listen to themselves....I am sure they can critique themselves and make some changes. How were my beloved Packers assigned this duo anyway? They don't seem to care for the Packers.....Must be our beer, brats and cheese.

  • Just a comment - 2 years ago

    I don't think they should do any games. It's like listening to dumb and dumber. Buck is just a joke and awful and Aikman - wrong job for him.

  • Cam M - 2 years ago

    First of all you got to be kidding? They're commentators that's all they arefor a TV network. And in fact they're two of the best in the entire game TV football is for entertainment for entertainment. Green Bay gets no more bias against them than any other team in football this entire petition is absolutely ridiculous. In fact I never laughed so hard when I found this article. Why don't you ask how Cleveland fans feel or Buccaneer fans or Buffalo fans? Drop the stupidity and the complete ignorance of this petition. Problem with Green Bayfans is they have nothing else to cheer for so they take things personal Wake up people it's just a football game.

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    I think their announcing is incompetent. I would have liked some commentary on how the Packers adjusted their defense to go from being sieve-like to lights out during the first half. The camera angles during the live plays don't help us on things like that out here in TV-land. So we depend on the announcers to talk about it and for replays to show us. I'm not so sure about their being biased, but the survey questions don't give us another choice if we don't like their announcing. I can't understand why they're Fox's premier announcing team. They're monotonous and don't provide any expertise on football.

  • Steven - 2 years ago

    I don't buy into this their so biased garbage. I'm a die hard packer fan. I think these people just want someone like John Madden who gushed all over Farve. Let's just leave it alone .If it bothers you so much turn down the volume and listen to Wayne and Larry. You will get all the Packers rah rah stuff you want.

  • Josie's mom - 2 years ago

    They are skilled and knowledgeable about football but depending on who the Packers are playing -especially evident Sunday against the Giants-they made enthusiastic comments about Eli and the Giants and. other than Aaron's performance, they had made very tepid comments about great Packer plays and players.

  • Barb - 2 years ago

    Stop drinking the green & gold kool aid whiners. Not all fans dislike Buck & Aikman OR like Rodgers.
    Fire Ted bring back Favre!!

  • Ron - 2 years ago

    Sick and tired of all these whiny Packer fans!

  • Brad - 2 years ago

    The worst in all sports and biased towards the pack. the way...the packers won by a yacht

  • Derek - 2 years ago

    I know it's not an option, but can we add cris collinsworth to this list....And I don't mean just packer games...ALL GAMES!!!!

  • Gregory Johnson - 2 years ago

    Theses two are the most professional of them all. The guys on CBS wish they were this good. Our radio guys are strictly Homers as they should be.

  • Hector Garcia - 2 years ago

    Troy Aikman is the biggest culprit of this biased reporting against Packers. I wonder what he is going to say after The Pack beats Jerry's boys on Sunday.

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    They are biased towards every team. It isn't their job to give love to your team. If you want that listen to the radio. Oh wait, Wayne L tells it like it is as well. This is but one market they are trying to reach. They don't care that everyone has unrealistic "Homer" views about Green Bay. They tell it like they see it.

  • Randy - 2 years ago

    As a Green Bay Packer's fanI believe the FOX crew of Buck and Aikman have done a very credible job of calling all of their games regardless of the teams involved. The notion that their play-by-play interpretation of the Packers is biased is "hogwash."
    I'm sure we all have a sports announcer(s) that we find more or less appealing for one reason or another.
    When I look at Aikman and Buck all I see are two professionals who are competent at what they do.

  • Julie - 2 years ago

    I used to think NOT too... then I kept an open mind. and yes sorry, but these guys are about as failing at the NFL is becoming, BAD hits that are not called, coaches arrested for hitting police officers and commenters that are SO IMMATURE like little boy ole Troy and tiny Buck, Kick them off the air. I hope the Green Bay Packer family can get them off commentating at these games. Its so small minded that they do that.

  • Rich - 2 years ago

    Rob must be another loser Bear fan why don't u hibernate like the Bears do every year only just stay in your den with your team it doesn't pay to come out Hey Bears fans shhhhhhh go away your not in the playoffs let alone a div race enjoy last place for awhile

  • Rob - 2 years ago

    Packers fans are the biggest cry babies

  • Rich - 2 years ago

    Apparently those that think Aikmans not biased u might want to go back and watch the previous Pack Cowboys game he had nothing good to say about Rodgers all game underthrowing passes timing off blah blah blah once a homer always a homer Buck I believe is fair I like his commentary

  • Jared Matuszewski - 2 years ago

    Look, I'm a die hard, loyal GBP fan. I've herd this before and I don't hear it either. In fact I'd rather have that duo callin GB games over any other guys. Troy even stays away from the topic of being a successful Cowboy. I think they do a great job and and remain unbiased in how they call games.

  • Sally Sue - 2 years ago

    When they are calling the game, I mute the tv and turn on WTMJ to listen to them. They are much more interesting.

  • Sue - 2 years ago

    Every Packer fan I know despises these two for their negativity. No matter who they play. I can't stand to listen to them. I would rather listen the radio!

  • Chang moua - 2 years ago

    Why every one the packer alway say negative about packer.

  • Robbie - 2 years ago

    This gets old and tired. I'm also a Packers fan and have heard friends say they think Buck roots against the team. I just don't hear it. I just listened to the hail mary pass from Sunday again and it sounds like he's about to jump out of the press box. Let's find something else to be unhappy about.

  • Jeff - 2 years ago

    Buck and Aikman are not biased in how they deal with the Packers as apposed to other teams. I've heard this complaint before, and it's just not true. This is coming from someone who has watched and rooted for Packers my whole life. Actually I think they do a good job, and are one of the better play by play color guys out there. It's obvious Aikman has worked hard on his second profession. There seems to be a rampant paranoia about these two in Packerland. Hard to figure.

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