Battle Creek Enquirer High School Basketball Player of the Week: Week 4

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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • Betty Robinson - 3 years ago

    Congratulations to all four of you.,and those who reach this spot in the future.

  • Betty Robinson - 3 years ago

    Sorry I lot my spot in my comments, but I would also like to congratulate Tammera and Juan on their excellence also,I think they all should have a T-Shirt, and I am sure that the Paper could afford that. Honor their performances for their games.

  • Betty Robinson - 3 years ago

    Congrats as always Ronald Jamierson on your accomplishments. I have watched you develop your skills in this game, the community knows your abilities. Just keep growing, As this is your senior year, you should enjoy all that you have worked for to get to this point. This should be a wonderful year for you leading to the next step in your life. You are an athlete of the day, the week , the month ect,to many of the younger players out here. keep on being all that you can be, that goes for all out here.

  • Tamar Brown - 3 years ago

    Go Bearcats congratulations to Juan & Tammy & all the other kids!! Should be one player from each school ( Central lakeview Harper Penfield )

  • Dawn - 3 years ago

    We are PROUD of U!
    Love Ya!

  • Britney smith - 3 years ago

    Keep reaching for the stars. Love you and so very proud of you

  • Tamara - 3 years ago

    I agree,and this is the second time that two Panrhers have been on the ballot!!!

  • Mark lake - 3 years ago

    Well said Mrs. Jamierson. I feel the same way towards Alicia. Both are great athletes and have bright futures.!!! Go Panthers

  • Tamara Jamierson - 3 years ago

    No matter how the votes turn out Ro, you are a dedicated student athlete, a hard worker and I think all of your teachers would attest to that!! Stay focused!! Great things are in store for you!! Mom!!

  • Jessica McPeake - 3 years ago

    She's a strong player. Way to go, Alicia!!!

  • Sheila Hanker - 3 years ago

    Alicia Lake you are an awesome player - and an awesome all around team player. Awesome game playing Harper Creek - it was such a great team play and you hit that winning basket - the best thing I have watched over the years !!

  • Malik Ford - 3 years ago

    Alicia Lake and Ronald Jamierson like them both

  • Tonia - 3 years ago

    Felt so much energy and excitement courtside when you were playing. Keep up the hard work and keep improving yourself!

  • Renee Lake - 3 years ago

    Alicia Lake I love to watch you play. Reach for the stars!!!!!!

  • coach Rick - 3 years ago

    Alicia lake is a leader and im very proud of her.. as a 10th grader she showed courage and unselfishness and played a huge role in her teams victory..great job young lady!!

  • char mapes - 3 years ago

    Way to go Alicia. So very proud of u. Love u

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